Cal Moore Episode Eight

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

Tears of sorrow
Or were they?
Came out of my dad’s eyes. The gun. Still in his hand as he pointed it toward Hannah.
She stood there standing her ground.
Still stood there. Standing up for Hannah and her brother.
My mom
Still stood there
Near to him
We all begged him
That he’d put down the gun and snap back into reality. Snap back into the place where we needed him. He was in a world where there was no turning back if he arrived.
   “Dad, put down the gun”
   “Move aside son, this is the right thing to do”
   “Put down the fucking gun, Jeffrey!” Mom shouted
He lowered the gun and looked around,        “shut the fuck up!”
Hannah moved forward. Hoping he wouldn’t see her but he did. The gun was risen again but he stepped closer to her.
   “If you were in my shoes you’d do the same,” he said
   “He’s not infected, please, don’t do this,” Hannah begged
   “We don’t know that, the only thing we have is their word”
   “He was tested, he’s fine,” Mom told
It was three against one
He wasn’t backing down. It was a stand off of giant preportions. I saw his hand clenching then going soft around the trigger. If he was going to do it he would’ve done it already.
That’s what I thought
That’s what I hoped
Begging it to be true
   “I just want to keep my family safe”
   “So do I,” she told, “if you kill him, I will tear you apart limb from limb”
I winced. She wasn’t in any position to be making threats. She stared my dad dead in the eyes whilst she said it
The words
I could tell
Made my dad think twice, but the gun was still pointing.
The gun was still aiming
A life could still be ended
   “Maybe I’ll take you out first,” he said
   “Jeffrey, this isn’t you, you’re not meant for this, what you’re doing is going to end badly,” Mom told
   “It will end badly if I don’t do something”
   “He’s not infected!” I piped up, “Why aren’t you listening?”
The heart
The noise
A million heartbeats were happening around the room.
One million miles an hour
Two million miles an hour
The room was hard to breathe in.
   “We don’t know nothing!” He said, “them out there no everything! They could be lying to us and we wouldn’t even know it!”
   “They aren’t lying!”
   “We know nothing!” He said
It was getting closer. Something was going to happen and it was going to happen soon. The conclusion was near to this crazy scene.
A game of cards
Who held the better set?
   “You’re not going to do it,” Hannah said, “put the gun down”
I looked at mom. She breathed heavily. Her eyes wide with fear. Fear of the unknown. Her husband was either going to be a killer or something close to it. Either way it was something that was going to scare her.
The gun clicked and he was one step closer to pulling the trigger
She through herself into the deep end.
Mom was trying to wrestle the gun off of him.
   I found myself doing the same thing.
“Drop the gun dad!”
A son
A father
A wife…
A family
All living in a world that was driving people into doing things they would’ve never had done before.
   “Jeffrey, drop the gun!”
He was too strong to contain and all of a sudden.
He pushed me to the floor and mom also and again he stood there
He had the gun pointing
To my shock
Had come crumbling down in my eyes. She walked straight up to him
To the gun
And pressed her head toward it. A tear came down her eye
   “Go on, do it,” she said, “you said you wanted to get rid of me as well, here’s your chance”
   “Don’t do it, Jeffrey,” mom said
Then a turn of the tables. A quick hook that knocked us all backwards. The gun was abruptly out of my dad’s hands and into her’s. It all just happened so quickly. My dad had his hands up. The shoe was now on the other foot.
What to do?
How to do it?
When to do it?
Should it be risked?
Her eyes looked deadly. The gun was one touch away from an ending.
I didn’t want it
Mom didn’t want it
She didn’t want it
   “Hannah,” I said
   “Shut up,” she said, “just keep it shut”
   “You don’t want to do this, we can figure this out,” my Mom said
   “How, when he wants to kill us?”
She walked to my dad.
Face to face
Eyes to eyes
What was to come next, nobody knew. All that my mom and I could do was look on in fear. Fear of something that wouldn’t be able to be undone.
A page turner
With blood stained words
   “Get down on your knees,” she said, dad didn’t move, “down on your knees!”
I looked at Zach who now watched on. The badness had got to him. The tention was too strong for him to ignore.
My dad knelt down. He clenched his eyes.
   “I was wrong,” he said
   She shook her head,” its too late for that”
She pulled the trigger
   “No!” Mom shouted

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