Cal Moore Episode Four

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashworth City, California

I ran. Ran as fast as I could. As I ever would. They were behind me, screaming after me.
My movement, my whole body shivered with apprehension as I tried.
To get away. I bolted through the mall with tears absailing down my cheeks. Nothing was as important than what was in front of me.
Which direction was I going to take next?
The stairs?
The door?
The next coridoor?
But I just kept running. The whole place was flooded mainly by the sound of rushing feet. No silence anymore. Just a frightened fourteen year old boy who wanted nothing but mercy from these creatures. My heart battered my chest with fright and my mind raced like a speed rally.
Formula 1
Where was Mason?
Did he leave me?
Was he dead?
Did one of those things get him?
I would’ve heard him surely?
I wanted to live, to stay alive, to
My body oozed fear as I pushed my body to new heights. To new limits. A split second decision. I barged a door open and slammed it shut and hoped
That I had picked the right door. Somewhere that would lead me away from all of this and back home.
But still
Where was Mason?
   “You haven’t left me?” I questioned
I turned and feared the worst that the wrong door had been chosen.
It was the opposite of right.
A wall was in front of me
To my left
To my right
And then there was the door that I had just came through. The door that would lead back out into the feeding grounds and on to their menu once again.
But it was the only way out. Even if it weren’t.
“Shit,” I quivered
I had no choice. I had to go for it. I tried to go back out and sprint away. As I opened the door. They were right
What a stupid move. A dumb move that I thought was going to send my life into the sewer.
   “No!’ I begged, “No!”
I focused all my strength and tried. Tried to keep my life moving forward. Their faces were of unlimited amounts and they just kept appearing. They were horrific.
Their skin looked lifeless. Hung from their faces and arms as they tried to push the door open to get to me. Their clothes were torn with dried blood and their eyes shot fear straight into my heart and mind.
This was it
This was it for me
A shot of a gun. The majority turned and ran toward the sound, but a few were still there begging for my flesh, but the distraction just gave me that split second of a window. I climbed through. Took the chance and slammed the door closed.
Just me
With their bodies crashing against the door. I whimpered with emotion. I didn’t know what the shot was.
Were they going to rescue me?
The army maybe?
Who were they?
Were they trying to get away themselves?
   “Mason,” I said, “where the hell are you?”

I was in there for awhile. Talking to myself in the emptiness I had been devoured by. I didn’t know how long I had been in there for. I had no phone, no watch, no nothing. My mind had took the wrong turning like myself and was suddenly thinking bad thoughts. I was scared to open the door. They were still out there. Still slamming against the door.
Nobody knew where I was
Not my parents
Not my best pal Mason
Not the army
Even if Mason was still alive. Did he leave me? Was he dead? Chills ran through my body and stretched my emotions.
   “Well, you had a good run”

Time passed and shots were fired once again, but this time it was closer. Right outside the door. I jumped up and prepared myself.
For rescue
For anything
   “Help!” I shouted, “I’m in here!”
And waited for the door to open.
Would it open?
It went quiet all of a sudden and the door opened.
   “Cal, it’s me”
I saw two figures. One was Mason and the other was a girl. Probably a little older than us or alot more.
   “Where the hell did you go?” I asked
   “She took me hostage and threatened to kill me if I didn’t get her to our safezone, but I told her not without you”
My eyes widened. I looked at her and frowned.
   “Ok,” I said
   She put her hand out, “the names Hannah”
   “Are you going to kill us? I asked
   “Not if you don’t take me and my brother to your safezone”
   “You and your brother?” Mason said
   “Yes,” she told, “we need to go back for him, he’s safe, but we need to go back for him now if we stand any chance of getting out of here”
Hannah was tall. Attractive I must say, but I had no chance with her and the way Mason was looking at her. He had the hots for her too. Her hair was brown and tied back into a long ponytail. She was badass, like a super spy or something. Strong minded with a strong looking body.
She could’ve kicked anybodies butt.
   “How old are you?” I asked
   “Damn, I don’t have a chance then?” Mason said
   “Sorry little boy, just because you have pubes doesn’t mean you can have any woman you want”
Masons face said it all. It had dropped to the floor. He breathed in heavy and breathed out heavier. Knowing she wouldn’t go for him. I sniggered, he looked my way and I smiled back.
   “It was funny,” I said

We followed her. Each footstep was quiet. We watched. Stayed back when she told us to whilst she checked each corner.
Each staircase
Moments later we had reached the room her brother was in that said staff room. She pulled out a key and unlocked it. A large room with a pool table, nice leather sofas and a big screen TV became visible to our eyes.
   “Wow, this is amazing,” I said
   “We’ve been in here for a few days,” she said, “so I don’t want to be in here any longer”
Her brother was asleep on the sofa. Young he looked. Say around seven. He was small and he wore a superman shirt. The bottle he held in his hand had toppled over so what ever it was that was inside of it had spilled on to the carpet and made a stain.
   She closed the door, locked it and walked up to her brother, “Zach,” she softly pushed his shoulder, “Zach, wake up, it’s time to go”
   “Hey, what happened there?” I asked
I had spotted something. Something I didn’t like and had to ask about.
   “He got scratched by one of those things and he hasn’t been the same since, that’s why I need a safezone, to get him better”
   “Is there a cure?” I asked
She shot a stare my way. I took a step back.
   “There has to be,” she said
He woke up in time. He stood up with her help. He looked dazed, but he soon perked up when we got moving. He had to.
   “We’re getting out of here right now, keep your eyes open, stick together and we’ll be fine, got it?”
   “Got it,” I said
We walked slowly forward. Hopefully to the light.

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