Cal Moore Episode Nine

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

The sound was massacring to the ears. It erupted into the whole house and shattered our hearts
My mom’s
All we could do was watch as the gun went off. Clinched in Hannah’s hands.
   “No!” Mom shouted
It wasn’t real. None of it was real surely. All of it had to be a dream. The deranged people that had caught some kind of disease that made them run wild and beat the living daylights out of innocent people.
Eating them
Feasting on them…
Now I had witnessed my dad being held at gunpoint. And now he was a possible
dead man.

She held the gun in her clenched hand and stood over my dad.
Was still knelt down. Crying for his life. Panting out energy that we didn’t think he’d have in those moments.
His life
We thought
Was going to be taken away from us, but he was there. Right in front of us. Still breathing whilst he cried a way the life inside of him. She could’ve killed him
Destroyed him
Destroyed us
My family…
But she didn’t.
   He dropped to the floor and sobbed, “Jesus christ”
Mom cried
I cried
I ran over to dad and so did mom. We hugged him tight as Hannah stood over us. Looking our way with tears shedding. I kept an eye on her. She walked toward her little brother
Her family
Brought him to his feet and began walking out of the room. I knew what she was doing and I had to stop her.
   I chased after her, “Hannah”
   “Leave me alone” she said
   “Hannah please”
She turned to face me. Her little brother stood behind her.
   “What do you want?”
   “You can’t go back out there”
   “Strangely, I felt more safe out there than I did in here”
I looked at Zach who was once again wrapped in his own little world. He looked at the wall.
Staring at it
Like he was watching an imaginary TV
   “What about him?” I asked
   “It’s none of your concern and it shouldn’t be, all of this was a mistake, I shouldn’t have ever come here or forced you into taking me here”
   “You can’t leave, you will die out there”
   “And I will in here, your dad wants us dead, if that means going back out there then there’s nothing else to say”
She shoved me to one side, but I didn’t give up. I scurried down the stairs after her and blocked the way once again.
I didn’t want to let her passed. It wasn’t safer out there and I knew that and so did she. She needed to be with us. I wanted to give it another shot.
Another go…
   “You saved my dad’s life,” I said, “he’s going to be greatful for that”
   “He will be, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try it again, now get out of my way”
She scurried toward the door. She was so close, but I caught her up and stood right in front of it. No way was I letting her out there.
   “I can’t let you leave”
   “I will shoot you, now move”
She held the gun to my head, but, like her, I didn’t move and pressed against it. I held my ground.
   “You’re going to have to kill me, because I’m not going to let you leave”
   “Please, move”
I looked at her and shook my head hastily.
It was a stand off. The gun was pressed against my head for what felt like a long time. The longer she stood there the more I knew she wasn’t going to do it.
There was one occasion where I thought that I’d have my head blown off of my shoulders, but she held it back. I could see her fighting the stabbing need to shoot me
To end me
I looked around and saw mom and dad walking down the stairs.
My dad’s face was a picture
A changed picture
Instead of black and white it was now colour
She looked around also then looked back at me. Her face shook with overpowering emotions. Seeing my dad wasn’t going to make anything any easier. Especially when she was still holding the gun.
   “Hannah,” Dad said
   “Stay away from me,” she said, “tell your son to move”
My mom joined me by my side and we formed a barrier. My dad stayed back. He was still frightened I could tell. He walked toward her and put his hand on her shoulder. She quickly turned and grabbed him by his neck and forced him back. Slamming him into the wall.
   “Keep your hands off me,” she told
   He had his hands up, “I’m sorry, Hannah”
   “You think this is going to work?” She said
   “I was wrong,” she nudged the gun into his throat and he winced, “we want you to stay, I, want you to stay, you saved my life and I thank you for that, you could’ve killed me right there and then, but you didn’t and that proves I can trust you”
   “It doesn’t mean that you won’t still go after my brother, I’m sorry… I can’t stay”
She walked toward me again, but her brother didn’t go with her this time. He stayed standing in the middle of everything.
Of all of us
   “Zach, come on, we’re going”
And then…
   “I want to stay,” he told, his voice robotic, no emotion, “we’re safe here”
She was torn now. I could see her fighting once again with her own head. She was confused. It was something that she could’ve never have predicted.
   She began to crumble, “Zach, please”
   “Your brother wants to stay, Hannah,” mom said
   “I promise, you will be safe here,” Dad told, “What’s ours is yours”
Mom walked toward her and held out her hand. She wanted the gun. She wanted her to give it to her.
   “You can trust us, Hannah”
The time lasted then finally. She handed over the gun. Mom put her arms around her and Hannah fell into the embrace. I smiled and I knew.
Things were going to be ok…

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