Cal Moore Episode Seven

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

We swapped stories. Of her childhood.
Of my past
Was all we could do really Hannah and I. Her brother just sat there on the floor, quiet, reading a book whilst we spoke. Boredom hadn’t seeped in yet for him. He was a subdued character.
In a way I guess. He was a good kid and I could see how much she loved him with every look she gave him. Darkness still quilted the land outside with no sign of Lightness just yet from the sky. It was early morning and the image of my dad with the gun sat there
In my head
Running circles around it. Sculpturing me into a confused figure. It could be for something else?
Someone else?
I hoped so anyway, but as I sat there with her. The bad feeling of the gun being for her grew bigger and bigger.
   “You’ve gone quiet,” she said
   “Oh, sorry, just got alot on my mind”
   “Don’t we all,” she said
   “Not much to do, I have a PS4, but we can’t play on it”
“Not into computers, but Zach is”
I looked his way. He was still zoned out. Buried in his own little world. I breathed heavily and laid down on the bed. Looked up at the ceiling and felt her weight release from the bed as she got up.
   “It’s so dark out there,” she said
   “I used to stare out the window and stare at the lights,” I told
   “We lived upon a hill like this, in an apartement, not the best of areas though, nothing like this”
   “Where did you live?” I asked
   “Bakewell, with my mum and dad”
She gulped with emotion. A tear rolled down her cheek. It was her parents. Talking about them was obviously hard for her.
I mean
Here was me with mine and she didn’t have any, so I assumed. Why else would she be crying? I walked to the window where she stood. Stood next to her and stared out of the window with her.
Nothing but the evilness of the dark staring right at us behind the fences.
   “I was at home, upstairs in my room and I heard shouting, I didn’t think, because they had been having arguments regularly, they weren’t really getting along, but,” she took a breath, calmed herself and continued, “something didn’t feel right, it felt different. I went downstairs to see and it was my mom on the phone, she was crying…” she wiped a tear away, “I asked her what’s wrong, but she didn’t answer, she said she was fine but I knew she wasn’t. She then got up and left, told me to look after my brother… she never came back, then this happened”
She walked over to her brother and sat beside him. He never talked. He never looked at us. He just sat there reading his book. In his own little world.
   “It’s like he has no idea what’s happening,” she said, “but I know deep down he does”
She kissed him on his cheek and told him she loved him and looked my way.
   “I’m going to get some shut eye,” she told
   I began to make my way to the door, “I’ll leave you to it”
I turned at the door. She smiled and hugged me.
   “Thanks Cal,” she said
   “For what?”
   “For this, for taking me in, I know your dad don’t want me here, but if it weren’t for you and your mom, I wouldn’t be, I’d still be out there fighting”
   “It’s fine, my dad won’t kick you out, I won’t let him and my mom deffinately won’t let him”
I said goodnight and she closed the door. I walked down the hall and heard something odd coming from my room. I walked in with a frown.
Later on
I noticed small stones being thrown at the window. I walked over and noticed Mason standing outside. He was about to throw another until he realised I was there.
He waved
I opened the window.
   He whispered, “you tired?”
   “Not really,” I said, “What’re you doing?”
   “Bored shitless,” he said, “I couldn’t get to sleep”
   “What do you want me to do, sing you a lullaby?”
   “Come on out,” he said, “we’ll do something”
   “Like what?”
“I don’t know, anything, anything that doesn’t involve doing nothing”
I walked out and joined him on the street.
   “Are you crazy?” I said, “we aren’t supposed to be out”
   “Fuck it, what’s the worse they’ll do?”
We walked to the back of the house. Away from a possible seeing eye. We were close to the fence. The darkness behind the fences could nearly touch us. I couldn’t help but think of the things that could be out there.
   “They could be close,” he said, “I can’t go to sleep because I think that they’re just going to burst through my door”
   “That won’t happen, they’ll stop them”
   “You saw how many they were and there could be more”
   “Nothings going to happen ok bro, nothing, you must believe that”
Shouting then came from the house.
A shock to the system
A shock to the spine
Something was happening inside of my house
My sanctuary
I had to get in there. Mason was a sudden shadow. It was like he was never even there. I turned and ran. Opened the door and ran up the stairs. Skipping three steps at a time.
   My mom shouting, “What’re you doing?!”
   My dad shouting, “I’m doing what needs to be done!”
Both at Hannah’s door
I was beside them. Barged passed my dad
The I saw it.
The gun.
Pointing straight at Hannah…

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