Cal Moore Episode Three

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashworth City, California

My breath was heavy
Was heavy. We were out. Out of the prison. As we called it. I knew it was for protection, but we couldn’t do anything. We were bored. Bored of everything. Two curious teenage boys who wanted nothing but adventure. Mason wanted to get out and now, I realised, I wanted too. I don’t know how we managed it, but we did. There was nobody around.
No soldiers to where we walked to, to make our escape.
We were out
Mason had cut through the fence with one of his dad’s tools
Then we were out of there
And on our way to the unknown. To craziness.
What were we going to see?
What was out there?
The beaming sun shone on our inquisitive minds. Nothing left now but to keep walking, keep breathing and walk through the nightmare and face it head on.
   “This shit is insane,” I said
   “I know man, but I had to get out of there, I was going to kill myself otherwise”
   “If you don’t do it, these things will”
“Come on, don’t tell me you’re not excited just a little bit?”
I paused
Took a thought
And delve deep. Ok, this was one of those things where you either live or you die. But, in some completely screwed up way. I was actually gaining a little bit of excitement.
   “Maybe,” I said
He slammed his hand on my shoulder and I looked at his smile.
   “There you go,” he said, “That’s the spirit”

The roads were eery.
No sign of life. No sign of anything. Cars were driverless and passengerless.
Huge cars. People carriers that we passed made me think. Every vehicle we walked passed made me ponder.
Did they make it?
Were they behind fences too?
I looked around and gasped in the honesty of the environment we walked in.
   “This is bad?” I said, “look at all of this”
   “Fucked up isn’t it”
It was strange hearing Mason swear. Being that his parents were quite strict in that way, but I wasn’t bothered one bit.
Not at all.
   “I wonder what caused all this?” I asked
   He looked my way, “Do you think Mcdonalds will be open?”
   “Yeah, let’s see if we’ll get served shall we”
   “We’ll just cook them ourselves”
   “Do you even know how to?” I asked
   “Yeah, who do you think helps out with the barbecues?”
   “You?” I said
   “That’s why I got food poisoning then?”
He shot a deadly look my way.
   “Very funny arsehole”
We walked further. We walked on huge roads that were normally busy at that time of day. Any day really. You could’ve threw a coin a mile away at a wall and you’d still here it. That’s how quiet it was.
   “Did you hear that?” I said
   “Hear what?”
I was sure I heard something. 

A smaller road we walked down.


No body insight, but things didn’t seem right. Was it my mind playing tricks on me? Was it fear gaining on me? Getting bigger? Larger?
Did I actually hear something?
   “What did it sound like?”
   “Like, like a door closing or something”
   “Your just hearing things, come on”
Maybe he was right. Maybe I was. Or maybe I wasn’t, all I knew is that we were walking in a land that was a no- go- zone.
But, the longer the walk went on for, the more I thought I was less scared. Nothing was happening. All those body bags. Was that a hint that maybe.
Just maybe
It was over and slowly, but surely, things were going to be back to normal? Things were going to ease off and soon
The cars
The people
And everything else was going to come out from the shadows.
We shall see.
   “Yeah, I probably am hearing things” I said

We walked into a huge shopping mall.
The Ashford mall. A gigantic complex that was full of everything. It had been done up not so long ago. Everything looked futuristic.
Touch screens
Glass panels
All of it fancy
We had walked and walked for a long time and still, we had seen and heard nothing.
   “What’s everyone so afraid of,” Mason said, “there’s fuck all here”
The mall was Desolate
A barron
Dead inside like the roads we had just walked on. But, again, we had seen nothing.
   “There it is!” He shouted
   “Shhh,” I said
   “No way man, I’m hungry”
He ran up the unmoving escalators and I followed. I was unsure about all the noise we were making
Like him I was feeling a little hungry. We passed shops. Men’s wear. Women’s wear. Sports shops. The lot. Every single shop we passed was a place that would’ve been filled, but they weren’t. We reached Mcdonalds and I sensed his eagerness.
   “Hey, what do you want man?”
He walked behind the counter.
   “Cheeseburger, Big Mac?” He asked
   “I’m not bothered, whatever you’re having”
   “Alright, I’m having a chicken delux sandwich bruv,” he said
   “I’m down with that”
He disappeared and I heard him rustling around. I sat down and chilled
Tried to
And waited for him to finish.
   “Do you think they’re looking for us?” I asked, “our parents I mean”
   “Of course,” he said
   “Aren’t you bothered?”
   “Not really, we’ll be alright, there’s nothing to worry about, we haven’t seen anything scary”
I agreed. That’s all I could do. He was right. We hadn’t seen anything at all to be worried about. Not like I was dissapointed or anything, but you know.

   “Won’t be long now bro!” He told
   “Take as long as you need”
I walked out and stared at the vast emptiness. It was then I heard a bang and a scream. A scream that stiffened my bones
My muscles
My mind
Suddenly. The reason we were behind the fences were now exploding towards us. Running up the escalators that we had ran up. There were many of them.
Blaring after me.
   “Mason!” I shouted
I ran back into find him.
He wasn’t there
He was…

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