Cal Moore Episode Two

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashworth City, California

We were behind the fences now. It just happened in a flash.
One blink
We were all going about our normal business. Our daily lives. Coming home from school. Work. College. The table hadn’t just turned. It was burnt until it was
Suddenly we were being rushed into cars and busses and evacuated from school. Confusion with questions that were not being answered could only lead to one thing.
The news. Social media. Erupting into a craze with photos and videos being put up on display of what or who was causing the craze. The world had changed and now one question remained…
Would it ever return to normality?

The streets in the safezone were different from the outside. Outside of the fences were nothing but body bags which were being burnt by the army in the distance. I stood there and watched the men in uniform standing guard close by. I listened to what they were saying.
“Did you hear about Fin?” One said
“I was there,” the other answered
“You were, What happened?”
“They surrounded him, we were doing our rounds, we went into this house to see if there were any in there and we got ambushed, most of us managed to get out but he was already up the stairs and they had blocked him from coming back down”
“Wow, I’m sorry man”
“I saw it happen, I wanted to save him, I did, but they were just too many, Jack grabbed me and took me away… they tore him to pieces, all I heard were his screams”
My eyes. Widened with fear and I felt my heart esculate like a trainer telling their boxer to up their level on the punch bag.

It was a hot summers day but it wasn’t the same as it was before. Nobody was sunbathing or anything. No barbecues.
No children running around with water guns. No adults drinking beers and laughing their day away. No convertibles coming passed with music blasting.
It was strange.
Very strange…
I walked around a little more on the empty road. The safezone was quite big, so I could wander a little longer. But the fences were still noticeable and the soldiers were still spotted strolling around.
I passed my best friends house and I saw him at his window, “Mason!” I said
“Hey Cal”
“You coming out for a bit”
“Yeah why not, bored shitless in here”
We never led boring lives. We never led lives where we wanted to be stuck in all day.
Ever since the disease.
This thing came in and wiped a lot of people out. We were limited to how far we could wander. We missed those times. Mason and I always loved to go on long walks around and stuff. Usually get into trouble, but not in deep trouble. They were adventures and being fourteen that’s what we wanted. We wanted the adventures. But now… we couldn’t.
Or could we?
“What’re we going to do?” He asked
“We’ll figure something out,” I said
We wandered off and examined the surroundings.
The fences
The soldiers
The body bags being burnt until there was nothing but earth and bits of bag left. We spoke about the what ifs and what could’ve beens and what we would do if it came to it. We had only seen snippets of the diseased and what we saw was nothing short of a nightmare. On the news. On YouTube… everywhere! BUT…
Never in person.
The further we walked the stranger it got. What normally would’ve been people getting in there cars and driving off for a lovely weekend away somewhere out of the way. There wasn’t any of that. People just looked concerned, cautious, as if anything could happen at any second. It was horrible waiting around for any news. However, we knew, there probably wasn’t any news at all.
“I’m bored stiff being here,” he said
“Well what can we do?”
He gave me a look that meant only one thing…
I expected it after knowing him since day one.
He flashed his eyebrows
“No,” I said
“You didn’t even know what I was going to say”
I did. I deffinately did and what it was meant trouble, but somehow, it was slightly tempting.
“I do”
“What was I going to say then?”
“Sneak out”
He grinned and laughed as if he couldn’t believe I even said it and then.
A silence with the words floating in the atmosphere and I was trying to catch a glimpse and put them in order.
“So?” I asked
“Well, there’s nothing worth getting excited about in here”
“We have no idea what’s out there”
“We have been in here for weeks behind these fences, getting told what to do and told what time to go in our homes”
“It keeps us alive doesn’t it”
He then walked away and headed toward the gate. He didn’t even look back. He wasn’t kidding. I tried to fight the urge and the sense of adventure. I wanted to get out. Deep down inside. I was curious, but I was frightened.
Very frightened
He on the other hand…
“You going alone?” I said
“No, you’re coming with me”
I took a deep breath that took forever to be exhaled. The beautiful summers day in Ashworth City California didn’t show the same mood of life itself. We were in darkness and I was about to follow Mason into it.
Just great…

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