Cal Moore Mid- Season Finale

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashworth city, California

   “This way!” Mason shouted
We ran as fast as we could. Many of them were behind us. Roaring after us. Sending bolts of fear down into our bones. We hadn’t stopped since exiting the city mall and now all of a sudden. We were running for our lives once again. Away from the predators seeking our blood.
   “Don’t look back!” Hannah cried
I ran at the side of Hannah and Zach, who looked like hell. She was managing to drag him along. Supporting him whilst we all darted across the sun- painted- floor.
   “How far?!” She asked
   “Just keep up!” Mason answered
My heart felt like a beating drum. Everybody of course felt the same. The day was like a candle that was near to its end. Just like our lives.
How were we going to keep out running these monsters?
How long will it last, this chase?
One of us were eventually going to buckle.
   “Stay with me!” Mason told
I had noticed something. A horror closing in.
   “Mason!” I shouted
He was too focused on the task. On getting us back to safety. My fears were boiling over.
“Oh no, Mason,” I said
There was one coming to his side.
Not now
It couldn’t be
Not after the hell we’d just been through to get to where we were. We were so close. It was getting closer. My heart was getting quicker. Not my friend.
Not my best pal.
   “Mason, look out! Hannah shouted
We all shouted after him. He screamed out. He had finally noticed.
It was too late. It had hold of him. It was all over him, trying to get to his face. Mason kicked and punched. Did all he could to get it off of him. Hannah took out her gun and shot, but she missed.
   “Get it off of him!” I cried
   “I’m trying!”
Another shot.
She got it clean in the head. It was now laid across the floor at the side of him Who seemed to be too stunned to move.
   “We’ve gotta go!” I told, “Mason, get up!”

Hannah and I dragged him to his feet, but it felt like we were out of time. The area of the street we were on was soon going to be filled of these monsters.
These savages
Screaming for us.
After us
   “Leave us alone!” Hannah shouted
She fired her gun. Hitting only a minority. They were closing down the space.
Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock
What to do?
Where to go?
Carry on running toward the far- away- light or shut ourselves away in one of the buildings to our side?
And then it came to me.
   “Quick, in there!” I said
We bolted toward the tall office building and slammed the door shut, but not without a test of our combined strength.
   “Pull!” Mason told
We all powered through and the door slammed shut. The slamming and screams came after. The bellows were loud from the other side.
   “We need to get to your safezone, we can’t stay here,” she said
   “What do you have us do?” Mason asked, “go out there again and face those things?”
   “Well we can’t stay here,” she said, “my brother needs help”
   “Well it’s tough,” Mason told
   I butted in, “Hey, cut her some slack alright, if it weren’t for her we wouldn’t be here and she’s right, we can’t stay here, we need to get back”
   “I nearly died out there”
   “Yes I know, but it was your decision to come out here in the first place, so don’t blame her, you should be thanking her”
I looked around and saw Hannah moving on. Mason and I quickly followed. She was looking for something. Probably for a way out. Some part of me wanted to stay inside, but the other, which I agreed with, wanted to get home.
   “There should be a way out of here, a back exit or something,” she said
   “You guys can go, I’m staying inside”
   “Don’t be stupid,” I told, “you’re coming with us whether you like it or not”
   “Fuck you bro, this is suicide”
I was beginning to get frustrated. I held it together and continued searching for an exit. Somewhere
Where we wouldn’t be spotted by those things.
   “What was that?” I said
   “It came from upstairs,” she told
She looked panicked for a second and regained focus when she realised she hadn’t lost Zach. He was right beside her. It was just a little too dark to see everything.
   “What do we do?” Mason said
“It’s either them or us,” Hannah told, “Zach, stay behind me”
   “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” moaned Mason
There was no room for moaning. She was already gone. Climbing the unlit stairs with one quick step at a time. It was a large business building. Each vast floor was filled with long desks with computers not so far away from each other. Each floor eerie. It happened again. We stopped
Gazed into the blackness
And saw a figure move. It moved quick, but not toward us…
Away from us.
   “That’s not one of them,” she said, “hey, stop! We aren’t going to hurt you!”
   “Stop shouting, they might here us,” Mason told
She ignored him and pelted after the figure.
   “Zach, come!”
Before we got left behind. Mason and I scurried after them. Leaving the blinks of the seconds gone behind. Every minute was a rush of adrenaline. Weaving in and out of desks that were once filled with busy bodies.
   “Please stop!” I heard
Who ever they were they weren’t stopping. We chased them, but they just continued to avoid us.
Across more vast floors
More coridoors
It lasted awhile until the body slammed a door shut. Leaving us behind in a long- lifeless- coridoor.
   “Please, we aren’t going to hurt you,” she said
It was quiet, but we heard rustling behind the door. A note was then slipped under the door. Hannah picked it up. She gazed upon it. Her face looked confused.
It said.
   “We live, we die, we live”
We didn’t have time to stare and wonder. Who ever was behind that door wasn’t coming out. We had to take off. Leave the place behind and get back home.
We hurried
Scurried back down and quickly looked for a way out. The same clattering we heard on the same door. We ran through rooms that we’d ignored in the past and by chance we managed to find a way out.
   “Fire exit!” I said
We tried opening it but it wouldn’t open. A frightful sound of a window smashing in the next room sounded.
   “They’ve got in!” Mason said
I picked up a helicopter sound and so did the others. We exchanged looks and hurried the pace.
   “The window!” Hannah shouted
She picked up a monitor and through it against it.
First try
Second try
Didn’t work
   “Quickly!” I told
Third time
We climbed through. Trying to avoid the sharp bits on the side. The helicopter flew close. We jumped up and down waving our hands as we ran toward open ground.
   “Get us out of here!” Mason begged
From out of nowhere
Pulled up and dashed out of their humvees.
   “Get in!” One shouted
All side by side. Ready and waiting for the savages to come rushing out. They did and they were all gunned down within a second. It was wrapped up.
They were no more and we made our way back home. We all sat in the Humvee. Exchanging looks of shock. We knew what each other were thinking.
   The radio, a panicked voice, “we need help on thirteenth street, there’s fucking loads of them!”
Guns fired.
The speed picked up.

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