Cal Moore Mid Season Premiere

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

It was a memory.
The shock
The running
The near to death experience.
Being chased by those things sent a tremor down our spines.
That was all over. We were back behind the fences. Oh we had missed those fences. The fences
As we once called it. We now realised it was there for a reason.
To protect us
To keep us whole
To keep us living…

The day had started hot and it continued to be hot throughout the day. The streets had a few people on them.
Walking around aimlessly. Looking around. Nothing to say. Nothing to do and that’s the way I felt. We had a new guessed though and that was Hannah and her little brother Zach. They were staying in my house. It was awkward at first.
You know
You don’t know somebody and they could be anyone, so you’re deffinately not gonna have them stay.
This was a different world of course so the level of humanity was sky high. People helped each other.
Survived with each other
Cared for each other
Behind the fences we were
Not seperate
They stayed in the spare room. Both looking tired like they had been on the go for a long period.
Since the outbreak of the virus they had lost everything
Their family
Not one, they assumed, were still alive. I walked into the kitchen and saw my dad standing there drinking some juice. Standing next to the fridge looking to the ground.
No noise
Just his solitary breathing. He looked up and looked back down. I could sense that he was still angry at me.
Very angry
Of course I couldn’t blame him. I’d be foolish to. I hadn’t come downstairs all day since my mom and dad went crazy at me the day before. A dad’s wrath is something that all kids want to avoid.
   “Don’t you dare think about going out,” he said
My dad wasn’t the biggest of men. He wasn’t the tallest either, but his temper was like popcorn. He was always dressed smart and he looked after himself, but not since the world around us turned into crap. Being a hard working business owner
I guess
Made it hard for him, like me, to be behind a fence. I could sense his frustration.
Like me
   “I’m grounded remember”
   “And for a good reason,” he said
   “I made a mistake, cut me some slack”
I walked away and…
   “Get your ass back here!”
I closed my eyes and breathed heavily. My heart sprinted to the finish line now like a desperate world number two who had never tasted a trophy.
Regretting what I had said. I knew how angry he was.
   “Who do you think you’re?” He asked
   “I’m sorry”
   “Apologies at the moment are nothing but a peice of shit on the side of the street, you left me and your mom worried sick when you decided to go on a little trip when you already knew what’s out there”
   “It’s these fences”
   “These fences protect us! Then you go and bring two people into the house who we don’t even know”
   “Mum said it was ok”
   “Your mum’s too soft, that boy could be infected”
   “They said he wasn’t”
   “I don’t believe them”
Hannah then arrived at the kitchen. Looking awkward. Like she felt she didn’t belong there.
   “Sorry, my brother is hungry, could I get something for him?”
Dad motioned to her. Saying yes and she walked cautiously to the fridge. Looking at the ground as if she was scared. She had heard everything that had been said
I knew it
I felt bad, even though I wasn’t the one who had said it. I still felt bad. She was nearly out of the kitchen
She turned and faced my dad.
   “I know you’re worried but you have nothing to be worried about”
   “Oh really, didn’t your brother get bit”
   “No, he was scratched”
   “Still contact”
   “They said he was ok, you were there”
   “I don’t believe them, he could still turn into one of those things!”
His anger could be heard from outside the house.
I could tell
People were looking in.
The walls were no match for him. I looked out of the kitchen window that overlooked the street. Mom was coming back. Looking concerned.
She opened the front door and walked through to the kitchen. Smiled at Hannah and I. Walked up to me, hugged me and did the same to Hannah who hid her emotions pretty well.
   She looked at us both lovingly “Are you two ok?”
We nodded and acted.
She could sense the tention. My mom was a stern but fair woman. She was classy and beautiful. Her and dad matched each other to the bone.
   “What’s happened?” She asked
She looked dad’s way. His eyes showed his frustration. Looking straight at Hannah.
Wide eyed
   “It’s fine, what did they say?” He asked
   “I want to know what’s happened, Jeffrey”
He leaned back on the counter. Folded his arms and breathed heavily.
   “I’m concerned, Pam”
   “About what?”
   “Her brother”
She looked over her shoulder at Hannah then looked back at dad. Heights equal.
Both strong minded
   “They said he was fine”
   “I don’t believe them”
   “Why will they put us at risk?” She asked, she looked our way, “guys, go upstairs please”
Hannah and I walked up the stairs. I could sense Hannah’s worry. If my dad had his way she wouldn’t be there along with her brother. We walked across to the bedrooms. I walked with her to hers and stopped at the door when she opened it. I saw her brother reading a book.
No computer
No electricity
Just silence
With candals for the night unlit
   “Your dad don’t want us here,” she said
   “My mum will bring him round”
   “No she won’t, I saw hate in his eyes, he doesn’t want us here”
   “He just needs time”
   “I need to be alone,” she said
   “Ok, I’ll leave you to it”
   She smiled a weak smile, “thanks”
She closed the door. I turned and walked toward my door.
Opened it
Closed it
And fell onto my bed. Stared up at the ceiling and wondered and fell asleep. Ignoring the arguing from downstairs.

I woke up. Candles were lit in my room. I got up and walked to the window. Darkness spread across the land on the outside that was once dominated by street lights. Nothing but darkness with hints of torches and headlights from the army on the outside of the fences.
Emergency lights were brought in thankfully by the army, so I could see everything within the fences.
The civilians being told to get back in their homes and my dad
My dad
Talking to a soldier. My dad held his hand out and I saw the man pass him a gun. My dad looked around and took the gun away from him and turned and walked toward the house. I ducked down just incase and waited for the right moment. I wondered what he was up to.
What did he have planned?
Was it about Hannah and Zach?

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