Cal Moore’s Season Finale

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

The sun beamed down its raise once more and in a way. The raise matched the change in the mood. The mood that was fighting off the bad.
A good mood
A welcomed mood
A mood that had me smile from time to time. After all the bad that had happened.
All the ups and downs
Mostly downs
But we had stepped on some kind of ladder. Took a few steps away from the dirt that was mixed in with the blood.
The ladder had a banana skin on it at some point.
Maybe we would slip
Maybe not
But we were going to enjoy the good change whilst it lasted

Hannah sat in the sun with her brother. She layed down looking up at the blue skies with her hair spread out. I sat and watched her from Mason’s bedroom. A bedroom that in the not- so- distant- past I was always in.
Playing on video games
Watching DVD’s
Obviously we couldn’t do that anymore, so all I did was gawk at the beauty that was Hannah all the time.
Most of the time I didn’t even know I was doing it. It started off as gazing into the distance at the grounds Mason and I used to hang out on.
Far away from home
Walking as far as we could
We knew the area of course, but now…
The area had become a stranger that wasn’t to be trusted.
   “Hey bro,” Mason spoke, “bro!”
   “I know she’s hot, but even hot girls get freaked out by a gawker”
I realised that I’d been staring and snapped myself out of it. Luckily enough
She had no idea I had been glearing at her. I hoped.

   “I was looking down there,” I said
   “Don’t bullshit me,” he said, “I do it to, she’s hot, there’s nothing wrong with it”
I imagined myself in her shoes.
Everything she’s been through
The losses
The bravery
The fighting
Staying hidden
Keeping her brother alive
It made her that extra little more interesting. I tried putting myself in her shoes and realised I wouldn’t of stood a chance. I walked over to his bed and fell flat out on to it.
I stared up at the ceiling
Mason sat on the side
Both bored out of our minds
   “She’s out of our league bro”
   “It’s not that, it’s… I look at her and think about what she’s been through and how she managed to get through it”
   “Really?” He said, “Wow, you think a lot”
   “Well, what do you think about?”
He smiled and winked
   “Let me guess… naked?”
   “I bet she’s got one hell of a body underneath those clothes”
   “Say no more, I’ve seen the magazine”
   He looked at me, like he didn’t know   what I was talking about, “magazine?”
   “Don’t look at me like that”
   “Like what?” He said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about”
He knew
He obviously didn’t want to admit it.
   “Really? Well they must be the persons that lives in the basement then”
An awkward silence. He knew I knew he was lying. It was a stupid thing to do.
After all
It was just lying there. You would’ve thought he’d hidden it.
   “I nicked them from my cousin’s, ok”
   “You could’ve just hid it”
   “I did”
   “Umm, no you didn’t, it was next to your TV”
He looked gobsmacked.
Anyone could’ve seen it and I mean…
His mom. His dad.
It had occurred to him and clobbered him right in the face. A huge knock on the brain that would knock anybody back into the now.
   He looked embarrassed, “Ah shit, hopefully nobody saw it”
   “Yeah, you don’t want anybody to think you’re a horney little teenager”
   “Oh ha ha, like you don’t”
   “Don’t what?”
   “Nothing, it doesn’t matter”
Time felt like forever as we sat around bored. Days were a lot longer and nights were even more. Getting to sleep and even waking up seemed impossible.
Not being able to go anywhere
Do anything at all
Lays heavily on ones mind
Especially a teenagers
And that’s exactly how I felt
   “I wish we could just do the things we used to do, like walk around freely, go to the mall, buy some stuff and come back and just play on video games,” I said
   “So do I bruh, but we can’t, no way are we going back out there again”
I got up and walked to the window once more.
I looked at Hannah and smiled. The love she showed to her brother.
The passion
The care
It made me think how lucky I was to still have my parents.
It made me smile
   “We may be bored,” I said, “but at least we can still talk to our mom’s and dad’s”
I looked at him and he nodded. He understood what it meant to still have a family in a fucked up world
We both did…

Night had fallen. Darkness had surrounded us once again with hint of lights that had been put there by the army.
A few were scattered around
With army vehicles passing by from time to time.
Once again I found myself staring up at the ceiling.
   “Can’t it all just… end?” I muttered
The feeling of tiredness finally buried me. I closed my eyes and I let it take me. The candle fire that was close by was nothing but a blur

A shot was fired. I sprung up from dream world and felt the blood rush to my head.
Darkness still ruled the land
   “What the hell?”
Another shot was fired.
This time
A scream echoed around. I rushed to the window and saw Donna, a woman that lived across the road, being chased by her husband. Two army guys rushed in and shot him clean in the head.
He dropped with a heavy thump.
Donna cried on the floor.
   “Have you been bit?” One asked
She didn’t answer
   “Maam, have you been bit?”
She didn’t answer again. One man noticed something.
Knelt down next to her
She looked hopeless
The man lifted up her sleeve and a bite was shown.
   “Holy christ,” one spoke
The other got up and with a huge bang. He shot her in the head. I breathed in heavily and took a step back in shock.
   “What the fuck was that?” The other said
   “Why the fuck do you care? We’re out of here soon anyway, you heard what they said, there’s no cure for this shit, never has been, never will be, the whole world is fucked, governments are losing control all over the place, I just want to go back to base and see my family”
   “We’re just going to give up?” The other asked

   “Looks that way doesn’t it, this cities overrun, I’m surprise this place is still standing”
More shooting was suddenly heard.
More crying
More screaming
The soldiers were on guard once more.
   “There’s too many of them!” The radio sounded
Hannah rushed into my room suddenly and stood right next to me.
Next to the window
   “Did you see that?” She muttered
   “I did”
   “The man on the radio just said there’s too many of them”
“I heard that too,” I told
The radio was going crazy, but what was heard on the radio could be heard close to home. The soldiers were suddenly rushing away with many cars appearing from around the fence and driving into the dark
It was crazy
My heart pounded
It was like a warzone
More firing came.
Hannah rushed back to Zach and mom and dad came into my room
   “Son, are you ok?” Dad asked
   “I’m fine”
   “The hell’s happening?” Mom asked
We all looked out of the window.
Focused on the darkness in front of us.
The firing echoed
   “Is that it?” Dad said, “thank god”
We thought it was over. We thought we were going to watch the soldiers come back.
All that we saw was a lone figure appeare. It wore all black.
A hood
We couldn’t see it’s face as it stood next to the lights
It turned it’s back on us and a saying written in blood appeared

We live, we die, we LIVE

It began handcuffing it’s hands to the fence. It then fired two shots into the sky. Then complete silence came after with echoes of the shot dying.
   “The hell is this?” Dad said
He got up and began to walk out.
   “Wait, dad!” I shouted
Growls were heard
Bellows in the distance
Then in seconds
A horde of the monsters ran out of the darkness toward the hooded figure and ripped it to shreds.
It was a gonner
They stopped
Utter silence and focused on the fences and soon, they began bashing at them.
   “Shit, where are they?!” Dad asked,          “What do we do?!”
I looked on
This couldn’t be the end for us…
Could it?

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