Cal Moore Episode One

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashworth City, California

A place for everything boring. But I had to do it. I had to sit there and listen to somebody who was smarter than me
Cleverer than me
Talk about things that you weren’t or
Would be interested in. One of them being Maths. That’s the
I was in. The class was noisy as per. Voices. Being thrown in every direction.
of laughter penatrating every ear. Including my own. I was sitting at the back with my best pal Mason.
Same age
Same ways
Same neighbourhood
It was a dream being his friend. I was getting irritated by the noise. I just wanted the class to end so I could go home. Chill and hang with him. We did everything together and what I felt.
He felt
“I wish maths didn’t exist,” I said, face in palms
My head pounded. Thumping my skull.
“So do I,” he told
We were both fedup.
Tired of all the talking. Tired of all the learning. We just wanted to do what we loved. Mess around and have fun. Be kids basically. Non of this nonsense.
I heard somebody moaning. Ellie her name was.
Ellie Franklin
It wasn’t the kind of moan where she was winging about the class or anything. It was a moan, like..  a painful moan.
“I feel awful,” she said
She looked in a right mess. Sweat. Was dripping off her whilst everybody looked on concerned.
“It must be that bug that’s been going around,” said Mason, “my uncle has it”
“Is it dangerous?” I asked
“He’s in hospital, so yeah”
The teacher, MR Kezme, walked in. Tall, solid and serious looking. His face then changed from serious to baffled.
Not a great way to start the class. He rushed over and tried to help her off the chair.
“I feel like crap,” she said
“You shouldn’t of come in Ellie,” the teacher said, his hard face now looking soft, “you need to get home and call the doctor”
She was then sick. All over him and it wasn’t just a small one. It was huge and it kept coming until it had her on her knees.
“Great,” the teacher said, “I’ll get the
He was a mess. His shirt and trousers were covered. But, she wasn’t stopping. It kept coming and coming. Nobody knew what to do.
“Ellie!” her best- friend Rachel said, rushing over to her
She didn’t answer. She just kept puking. Blood was coming out now and everybody leant back and screamed.
“Holy crap,” Mason said
The teacher and nurse ran in.
Full pelt
Toward Ellie
Who wasn’t responding to anything.
NO response
NO movement
Just silence. Like the whole class. Nobody knew what they were witnessing. No ideas to what had happened. The nurse even looked shocked along with Mr Kezme.
“Is she dead?” Rachel asked, “What’s happened to her?!”
The nurse didn’t answer. Just looked on.
Like everybody else.

We were moved out of the class and into another until it was dealt with. Again we learnt, listened and fought to stay awake.
“What’re you doing?” I heard a whisper from the table next to us, Donny and Jessy, brother and Sister, twins, Donny was asking the question, “Sis…What is that?”
“Shhh,” she told
The class was big so the teacher would’ve found it hard to hear us. Especially from the back. We kept the noise down to a minimum. I was curious and got a peep at what they were doing. It was a video.
“Show me,” I whispered, “Jess, show me”
She lifted the phone up. Her face. Apprehensive.
“What’s happening? Is he, is… is he”
I couldn’t get my words out.
“What?” Mason said, he looked also
“He’s eating him,” she said
A bang was then heard and the alarms began to ring.
Police and a few army men ran to where Ellie was.
“Noo, leave my baby alone!”
I scurried into the corridor along with everybody else. What I saw was her.
Being held by her mother. Her mom then screamed out in pain. Ellie was hitting her. Scratching her. Biting her. Being sick on her. Spitting blood at her. She was covered in it. In emotion, in…
She fought Ellie back, but Ellie seemed to be too strong. I got a look and her mom’s sleeve was soaked in blood.
“Shoot,” an army man called out
Ellie’s mother called out NO again.
She watched her own daughter fall. In front of her own eyes. Gunned down with one shot to the leg. A few men held her down by the arms and legs.
“Ellie!” She cried, “Get off her!”

We were escorted out of the school. My mom, Pamela, had come to pick Mason and I up.
“You’re coming with us, Mason,” she said, “your mom’s on her way home”
“Ok, thanks Pamela,” he said
The car went quiet. Both of us were swimming in fear. In what we had just seen. Playing it back over and over and over again in our bleak minds.
“What happened in there boys?” Mom asked
“Ellie Franklin got shot,” said Mason
“What?” She turned and the car swerved, she turned back round again, “Who by?”
“The army”
“Oh my god,” she said
She turned the radio on. Talking, she knew, wasn’t an option at the moment. We wanted music but all we got was the news.
“I was told that the girl, fourteen year old Ellie Franklin, attacked her mother, but she didn’t just hit her, she spat blood at her, bit her and vomited on her, until the authorities decided to take action,” the reporter announced
“Is that the school?” Mom asked
“Yes… Ellie” Mason answered
“Dear god,” mom said
I stared out of the window. Losing myself. Trying to escape the dreadful thoughts. Something then caught my eye. A homeless man who wore everything baggy. He held up a sign. I couldn’t take my eyes off it…
Off him


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