Graham Jackson Episode Eight

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

I puked all down the seat. The car was all over the place. I couldn’t really see over the dashboard because I was too weak.
Getting my strength back, but I needed help. I needed seeing to as I drifted in and out. My vision was blurred and all I could hear were the words of Evelyn shooting toward me
But they were silenced
Silenced by my head that was in cloundland
The car was stationed and suddenly she was getting out of the car and rushing over to my side.
“Stay,” she told, “come on dad”
I wasn’t in control at all. My body was like a cement block.
“Somebody help me!’ She shouted
What I made out was a large room with plenty of people around. I couldn’t look at the light. Footsteps rushed to me. My sight was distorted. Becoming darker and darker and then…

“Daddy,” a sweet voice said
I opened my eyes and a little girl was at my side. An open field. An empty playground. The same as before. A picnic laid out with her opposite. She smiled my way and I felt my heart skip a beat.
“Evelyn?” I said
“Yes daddy?”
“Don’t ever leave me”
“Of course I won’t daddy”
No outside noises. Just our voices crossing paths. Making each other feel wanted and loved in a world that didn’t feel real. The grass blew with no- sounded- wind along with her hair. I bit into a delicious looking cake with no taste. I pressed my hands down on the grass
I didn’t feel a thing. I looked up. Got up and began walking toward her. Each step leaving a foot print on the green grass which blew in the wind that I couldn’t feel.
One step
Two steps
A multitude
I wasn’t getting any closer to her. I tried calling her name
“Evelyn, Evelyn… baby?”
She couldn’t hear me, but how could that be? She was so near
So close
Yet so far
I tried reaching for her
My vision suddenly darkened. No longer could I see her
“I will never leave you daddy,” she said
Then I awakened

I woke up in a bed. I looked to my right and saw Evelyn seated beside me. She noticed that I had woken up and stoop up
And walked toward me
“Hey old man,” she said
I smiled a weak smile, “hey, how long have I been out?”
“You didn’t have to stay here”
“I saw the kids, they’re great, the city’s still normal”
“That’s great news,” I said
I tried sitting up but I felt woozy when trying
“Take it easy, Graham,” the nurse said
“Can you help me please?” I asked
She came and helped me sit up. I saw the rest of the room when she did. The room was quite large. It had a lot of space. The window to my right had a decent view of practically nothing.
It was something I suppose
A long road with a load of cars with buildings scattered around. Not much really, but it had to do.
My stay there wasn’t for long.
“When is he aloud out?” Evelyn asked
“Tonight, we will send him home or where ever you’re staying with instructions, you need a lot of rest”
“Thanks,” she said
The nurse smiled
And walked out of the room. Eveyln looked my way. She looked relieved
“Sorry if I worried you,” I said
“Forget about it, it’s fine, we’re all ok and that’s all that matters”
“It was nasty back there, I nearly lost you,” I took hold of her hand, “that will never happen again, we will stay where it’s safe”
“It’s fine here dad, the cities on alert, but it’s fine, it’s normal out there, what ever that thing is hasn’t reached here yet”
“How’re the kids?”
“Great,” she said
“And the other kids?”
She smiled, “they’re fine too dad”
I was exhausted. My legs felt unmovable. I laid there staring up at the ceiling.
Feeling old
Like a father who thought he couldn’t protect his daughter. The moment where the hand of that fiery body grabbed her shoulder.
Her scream
Her face
Stayed with me. If it weren’t for Bruno taking it down I would’ve lost her right there and then.
“Dad?” She said
“I’m never going to forget about it”
“About what?”
“That monster, that… that thing, it was right behind you, it grabbed your shoulder and”-
She took my hand, “and I’m still here”
“It’ll never leave me,” I looked at her dead in the eyes, “I will always protect you”
“Dad, let’s just enjoy being alive, we’re still her, I’m still here, ok”
I nodded, but still I wasn’t sure.“I just want to get out of here and see my grandkids”
“And you will,” she said
I was silent for a short time. The air felt dense in that period. Thoughts were thrown around.
I had to tell her something.
“I had a dream about you”
She frowned and smiled after.
“Let me guess, I died”
“No, it was a strange dream”
I told her everything and her face was just like mine when I had woken up from it
Not sure what to think or do. The dream was dark and it was a dream I had twice now with a different outcome.
“You will never lose me dad, never”
She stared into my soul when she said it.
I just couldn’t grasp it

Night came and I was finally discharged. I walked down the corridor with her next to me. We both smiled with delight as we took a step closer toward the exit.
“Let’s go see the kids,” she said
A light in the coridoor flickered


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