Graham Jackson Episode Seven

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Billington, North of England

My head pounded
My skull pounded
My head was banging with drums. I was weak. Useless for the time being.
My strength
My body
Calling for emergency rations as I saw my angel swimming in deep waters of fear. What I looked at was nothing short of a life ending puzzle. It only needed one peice.
For him to pull the trigger.
The kid with the gun stood there shouting words that I couldn’t hear with a burning house to his right. I couldn’t see much else of him, but I had to do something. Call on my emergency fuel and try and dig us out of the, what could be, a bloody whole. The three stooges barked in rage. Banging the seats from behind trying to get out in some way.
They were scared
Like their owner. Evelyn was flooded in fear. I had to do something.
I did something crazy
Foolish maybe
I got out of the car, “Dad, what’re doing!”
“Stay in the car,” I weakly tempted
The fire was blinding. His face was invisible because of the brightness of the fire. Just the outlines of his body.
“Don’t do anything stupid old man!” he said
His voice was shaky. Which gave me confidence that I could have a way in. A way into him. To try and talk to him. To get my angel and I to refuge.
“Put down the gun,” I asked
My ears buzzed. Blood rushed to my head. A blink away from a place where I didn’t want to be.
Leaving my daughter at this man’s hands.
His mercy
“Shut up and give me the car,” he told
I could only just make it out.
What he said. The threat was major. It made my heart attempt to jump out of my mouth.
“No,” I said, “we have to be somewhere, for someone”
“Give me your fucking car!”
His glance was taken away from me. He focused on something. That something was walking out of the house.
On fire
“Leave me alone!” He shouted
He shot their way, but missed. More began to come out. Some tall, some small like children
“What the fuck,” I said
He was more apprehensive than ever. He was more focused on them than me. They were getting closer.
In the same boat now
Wanted to get away from these things. As far as possible.
“Please, just give me your car!”“Come with us, you don’t have to do this!”
One began to run.
Began to scream
It’s fiery body closing down the once large gap.
“Behind you!” I said
“Dad, no!” He said
He couldn’t shoot. His hands shook with emotion. I took the gun off him. Knowing if I didn’t it’d be lights out for all of us.
“Don’t shoot him!” He begged
He grabbed the gun. I used the strength I had and pushed him away. Giving me enough time. I shot the running monster clean in the head. It was a close shot. One I had to make. He fell in a heap. The young man speared me to the ground. I hit my head and I found myself looking through a spinning sight.
I couldn’t move. I looked to my right. He wasn’t focused on me anymore. He was focused on the car. He marched to the car with the gun aimed at the window.
“Get out the car!”
Evelyn got out the car with her hands up in the air.
She begged, “please don’t do this!”
The blaze was blinding. It had illuminated everything in an orangey glow. No other houses in sight.
We were alone in this
The bodies were painted black. The closer they got. The more visible they became.
Slowly coming toward us. I couldn’t do a thing. I couldn’t move. My body was in shock.
“Leave her alone,” I said
Nearly beaten
I tried my best to crawl, but even that was difficult. To try my absolute best to reach them in time was all I could do. I watched in desperation as he went to grab her.
Before he could. She lifted the back seat up and the dogs jumped out and began ripping him to shreds. Bellowing in pain.
His arms
His legs
His face
All fell victim to my dogs.
My protectors
He opened fire, but nobody was harmed.
He had missed
Hit nothing
But the nothingness that was changing dramatically. Changing into a living horror film. The darkness that shrouded us.
Was going to be life.
She ran over to me. Her face in front of mine. Drowning, but courage holding her together.
“You need to get up,” she told
A hand grabbed her from behind. She screamed, but it was soon taken out by one of my dogs. I looked and it was Bruno. Tearing into the body.
“Dad, get up!”
All my strength. My strength that was crawling.
Gasping for air itself
Fighting like myself. I managed to roll to one side and drag myself up with the help of my angel. I stood now. Looked forward and we began moving toward the car. I felt their presence. They were closer than ever before. Probably touching distance.
Evelyn looked behind her and whistled, “Bruno!”
Bruno was by our side once again. Joining Jesse and Elvis who had taken care of the young man. The young man that could’ve ended us. We reached the car and I crashed into the seat. The dogs joined us and Evelyn rushed into the car.
Breathing heavily
Our hearts fighting their way out of our chests. The dogs barked crazily at the oncoming figures.
A bang on the back window
They had closed us down
The car wouldn’t start
Evelyn tried to focus. Turning the key. Again and again and again.
The engine revved into life and we ploughed our way through the three that were in front of us.
“Let’s get out here,” she said, “Dad, you alright?”
She grabbed my hand and quickly looked my way.
“Yeah, just get us out of here,” I said
We turned the corner quickly and continued into the unknown.


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