Graham Jackson Episode Three

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Edinburgh, Scotland, THE DOG WALKER

A car horn beeped loud. My head pounded and my mind raced. Raced with questions that I was unable to answer at that moment.
Where was I?
What was that noise?
Why is it so loud?
Then… nothing. I looked around with blurred vision. My neck was stiff so I couldn’t manage much of a turn. I groaned at the pain and caught a glimpse of something.
A figure
Two figures
“Pete?” I said
No answer. I tried to lift myself up and get a better look. Vision, was still blurred. My head, still all over the place.
“Pete… Peter are you ok?”
Still no answer. I gathered all my strength and saw it. Something that would change my perspective on life.
“Holy crap,” I said
Pete was dead, but he didn’t die just by anything. He was dead by his own daughter. She was on top of him. Hammering away at his face and then. She began to eat him. All I heard were the sounds of tearing skin. I didn’t want to look anymore, but I didn’t know what to do. It felt like my whole body had been through a war. I felt wrecked.
Done for
I looked up and saw the smashed window screen and in front of me was another car that was also smashed in. My heart raced even more. I didn’t think that would’ve been possible, but it happened.
I was worried for them
About everything
Were they still alive?
What was this thing behind me?
I felt my head and blood dripped onto my fingers. I was in shock. In tatters. I moved once again and tried to aim for the door. I needed to get out. Away from all of this.
From it
From the horrific sound of tearing skin. The pain was excruciating as I tried to move. I reached for the door.
My hand weak
Everything weak
I put all my strength I had into it, but to no prevail.
I tried again and this time the desperation was greater. A deafening bellow. The sickening chewing stopped. It had heard me. Sensed me and now it was in front of me. What I saw was nothing short of something from a horror film. It grabbed at my spine and paralysed me with fear. I couldn’t move.
The only thing that was blocking her from getting to me were the seats. I was on my back. Looking up at her.
At the nightmare. At the monster that was burning a hole right through me with her crazed eyes. Her eyes were colourless and they were dripping with blood. Her skin was revolting.
It looked dead
Just like her eyes
I panicked, “holy fuck”
I tried trying the door again. Each breath took something out of me along with each push.
Each one being sucked away. I couldn’t be in that car any longer. She was slowly getting closer and sooner or later I would’ve been like Pete. I had to get out!
“You ugly bitch,” I said
Finally. After so long in waiting. The door opened and the crisp- early- morning- air raced through me. I slammed the door shut and heard the shriek. The car began to shake and bellows were getting louder and louder.
Her hands
Banged on the window and with many more hits after. The window cracked. I tried to stand, but I couldn’t. I tried to crawl, but only just.
“Crap,” I said, “come on you old fool, you can do this, get up, get the fuck up”
I could sense it, feel it… visualise it. She was coming for me. She wanted me. Unfortunately not in that way because she was one hot peice of ass.
Being the main word there.
Suddenly the window smashed and the shattered glass dropped close to me. She began to crawl through and the leftover glass sliced her whilst she crawled through the hole in the window. Her stomach bled now.
“Jesus,” I said
I got to my feet. My balance sucked. I walked over to the other car that was smashed to hell. I tried my best to rush, but I couldn’t. I reached it, looked through the window only to see four dead bodies. A whole family… killed. The mum and dad were pressed up against the staring wheel and dashboard whilst the two… two babies…
“Oh… oh man,” I said
My focus was lost till some lights appeared in the distance.
“Come on, hurry,” I said
I was getting ready. Getting ready to jump in the middle of the road to get their attention. I looked round back at my car and what I saw sickened me more. She was crawling. Bleeding out all over the floor with her guts coming out.
“What the fuck are you?” I said, “What’re you?!”
My stomach churned at the sight. At this horrific figure, screaming at me whilst bleeding from the mouth and eyes. She was getting closer. I had to get out of there.
I heard movement in the other car. I looked in with shocked eyes.
A fist cracked the window. They were alive.
“Oh my god”
There skin was lifeless. Just like the girl that was slowly crawling toward me. I looked and begged the vehicle in the distance to hurry.
I wondered
Would it reach me on time?


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