Graham Jackson Episode Two

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Edinburgh, Scotland, THE DOG WALKER

The one I had seen was playing over and over and over again in my mind. Whilst watching it I could hear the shudder in my angels voice. The misfiring of myself trying to stay calm. Trying to keep my Evelyn calm. It was a gruesome sight. A sight where you wouldn’t believe it was real.
It was part of a movie trailer or something
Some sick joke that had been created
Surely that had to be the case. But, it wasn’t.
No way it wasn’t. If it was it would’ve took some fucked- up- minded arsehole to create such a beast. I would’ve preferred the latter. The replays in my head had me living inside of the nightmare.
People eating each other. Being shot to death.
But they were still managing to move and run toward the firing forces. What were these things? The only positive was that it was all the way over in California. Some virus had broken out that had turned everybody insane. Every bit of information had been released on YouTube and every other video site, blog site and many more.
But suddenly… gone. None of the videos were there anymore. They had Vanished.  I didn’t mind that though one bit. It had to be that way. I couldn’t watch that video again, so I was glad it had been destroyed.
It was in America. It would be under control and I was damn sure it would stay over there.
No questions asked
No nothing
That was that. I was certain. That was the only exit that I could’ve taken. A lie? MAYBE
But, it was a lie that I had to say to myself and to my circle.
To my family

It was late evening. In the living room relaxing, but, in a way, I wasn’t. My mind was still racing. Still wondering about the video. My three stooges by my side as I read a book I had been reading ever since I got it. I did nothing. Work was done and the only thing I wanted to do was relax with my dogs and bury my head into the fictional world and try and forget the horror.
Jessie let out a humongous bark that catapulted me out of the book world. I was there, in reality, once again. I shook my head and gave her the eye.
“What the fuck, Jess?”
She was at the window. A loud bark once again came from her and it set the others off too. Bruno was in the hallway and Elvis stayed seated but still alert.
“What is it?”
I moved toward the window and opened the curtains a little, but no one was there.
“All that for nothing?” I said, “fucking
I went to sit back down and she barked again. This time. I sensed something too. I went to the door and there was a knock.
Like a panic knock
A quick knock
I opened it. Not expecting any visitors or anything I wasn’t really in the mood. It was my neighbour, Pete, and he looked very shaken.
A small man
A sensitive man
A vulnerable man
“I’m sorry Gray, I was going to knock sooner,” he said
“Then why didn’t you?”
“I dunno”
“What’s wrong Pete?”
Something didn’t feel right at all. He was a bloke that was prone to panic sometimes. Even in the smallest of situations. He was older than me by two years. Like I said earlier. A skittish feller. But, he had never been like this before. Jessie’s head shoved my leg to one side and she barked at Pete making him jump. He was already nervous and that didn’t make him any better.
“Hey Jessie,” he said
“Pete, what’s wrong?”
“It’s my daughter, she’s… she isn’t well”
“And?” I said, “not to be harsh Pete, but, your the dad, what do you want me to do?”
“She isn’t well, she’s really sick”
“Pete, what do you want me to do that you, as a father, hasn’t already done?”
“She needs to go to the hospital, I can’t drive”
“How bad is she?”
“She keeps throwing up, ever since she came back from California she just hasn’t been well”
“California?” I asked
“Haven’t you been watching the news?”I asked
“I don’t want the news much”
Holy crap. I had a bad feeling.
What I had saw on the news. I now thought it was next door.
“Jesus christ, Pete”
“I’m sorry Gray, I don’t really talk to anybody else, your the only one really”
“You need to ring the ambulance, I don’t know how bad this is”
“Please, the ambulance will take too long, please, she’s really bad”
I saw the look in his eyes. The look. That was beamed my way made my heart and my head fight tooth and nail. On the other hand you had me catching this thing and everything else going wrong. And, on the other hand, you had nothing going wrong with me just doing a good deed.
I had made my mind up.
I was going to do it.
I was going to drive them both to the hospital.

One step at a time. I closed the door and heard the barks of Bruno and Jessie. Elvis didn’t seem bothered that I was suddenly going out.
But Bruno
He never liked it.
We made our way up his garden path to the front door. He opened it. I waited and he motioned me in.
“She’s upstairs, she’s not making any noise so she must be asleep”
A noise


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