Rhonda Gedling Mid- Season Finale

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Ashford City, California

His eyes
His face
Were pressed up against the window screen. Pressing hard into it as he punched and head-butted it. Blood splattered as his head hit.
“Oh god!” Elaine cried
Another one came from the side. Smashed the window with its fist. The crazed woman lent in and grabbed my mom, who tried to move away, by the hair. Machine guns going off everywhere.
One here
The other
It was a war zone and we. In the car. was near to the middle.
“Mom!” Elaine bellowed
Mom took out a gun. Shot the woman straight in the head and looked as if nothing happened. She was soaked in blood.
Her blouse
Her face
She looked like one of them. The dead woman must’ve took a chunk of her hair because the woman’s hand had lots of it. She aimed the gun my way this time and shot the man on the window screen. Now dead.
The car rocked
People crashing into it. People fighting all around us. Running in desperation, trying to get away. Some people cried next to loved ones who’ve been taken.
“Go!” Mom told
I put my foot on the gas and we took off. The rocking of the car made the body slip away.
“Jesus!” Mom said, “there’s one chasing us!”
She aimed the gun out with a perfect shot. She was dead. She wasn’t chasing us no more.
“I knew this would come in handy,” she said
“Where’d you get that from?” I asked
“Stole it years ago from a friend”
“One of your clients don’t you mean?” I said
“I’m out of it now,” she told, “I don’t do that no more”
We dodged people who had ran a long way. Away from the turmoil.
Away from the catastrophe
It was a mess back there. What I saw chilled me to the bone. We had just been in that. We had gotten out of it. If it weren’t for my mom and her crazy ways we would’ve been dead and buried like the rest. We saw it disappear in the distance.

A long road. Nothing but the recent past blasting our minds with dreaded thoughts. Dreaded thoughts of people being torn to pieces. Torn to pieces by other people. People crying next to others. Loved ones.
All freezing our hearts. Sending chills up our spines. Utter silence grabbed the atmosphere. we couldn’t speak, we didn’t say a word. Just the wind coming through the shattered glass. It lasted for awhile and finally.
“What a day,” mom said
“We could’ve died,” I told
“But we’re still here,” she said
“I don’t feel too good,” Elaine spoke
I looked in the mirror. She had changed colour dramatically.
“Are you ok?”
“Stop I’m going to be sick”
I stopped. She opened the door and the sound of her throwing her guts up made me churn. Mom rubbed her back like she was a kid again. Her face looking concerned.
Deep down inside I had a feeling. A feeling that she didn’t actually give a crap. Maybe it was just the bad taste I had in my mind.
The past
The experiences of my childhood
And then there she was right behind me. The woman that had caused the bad taste in my mouth for all those years
Rescued by me
Rescued by Elaine
By both of us
Who’d thought? I didn’t.
“It’s been along time Rhonda,” she spoke
I looked in the mirror and saw her gaze. Her eyes looking right at me. Full of sorrow.
“Ten years to be exact,” I said
“Wow, a decade”
It was uncomfortable. I didn’t want to feel like I was talking to a friend. I wanted to keep that distance. I had nothing to say to her. No words chilling in the fridge just for her.
“I’m sorry”
“Don’t,” I said, “don’t start, don’t you dare”
“Give me a chance to explain”-
“You had your chance”
“Then why are you here?” She asked
“Because I didn’t want my sister to go alone, I didn’t want my sister to be in danger for some one like you”
It was getting heated. The temperature had risen in the car.
All around us
In my head
In my heart
My blood boiled
“I deserve that, I deserve for you to be angry with me after what I put you through”
“Shut the fuck up,” I told
Elaine came back into the car.
Looking spent
“Let’s not argue,” she pleaded, “please, we’re a family”
I looked at her. I tried to tape my mouth together. I didn’t want to upset her anymore.
“I love you two, you’re my daughters, I didn’t mean to do what I did”
I got out the car and walked onto the barren ground. The sun hit me. I felt it, but I didn’t. I was numb from the day. I didn’t need it. All I wanted was for everything to be back to normal.
Back to my jobs
Back to my home
Things were changing too quick. I couldn’t handle it.
A hand touched my shoulder, “Rhonda,” it was her, “I understand why you’d wish to hurt me”
I let her talk. I couldn’t talk at that moment. I was being weighed down by it all.
“I deserve everything that you feel toward me, but I love you, I was a horrible mom, I don’t deserve kids… when your brother died I went into a deep depression and turned to drugs, it was foolish of me, I lost my job, I lost our home and I turned to selling my body, I got desperate and I abandoned you two”
“Is that it,” I turned to face her, I smiled at her with a tear running down my cheek, “are you done with your pathetic sob story”
A car then came speeding down the road. It was all over the place.
Something was terribly wrong. It flipped over in the end. I was reluctant at first, but I decided to run over and see if I could help. Running in the scorching sun made me feel fatigued easily. I had to keep running. I had to see if they were ok.
I opened the door and saw a man panting with emotion, “I’m so sorry”
He was still in his seatbelt. Sitting there with blood on his face.
I looked over and saw a dead woman. I looked at the back and saw a child.
Both dead.
I put my hand to my mouth and felt the tears once again stream from my eyes
He looked at me with pleading eyes, “help us… please”
I tried to help
I tried so hard
And all of a sudden. Out of nowhere. The woman woke up beside him. Grabbed hold of him and chewed into his shoulder. He bellowed a large bellow. I fell back and hit my head on the door and fell to the floor. I watched it unfold in front of me in horror. He struggled. Tried to get her off.
“Get back Rhonda!” Mom shouted
She opened fire on her and him. Both shot clean in the heads. Blood sprayed all over.
“What’re you doing?!” I demanded
“It was for the best, trust me, you get infected and you turn into one of those things, I’ve seen it happen”
“Get away from me you sick bitch!”
I went back to the car and slammed my fists into the steering wheel.
Was this my life now?
Was this it for me?


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