Graham Jackson Mid- Season finale

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Glasgow City, Scotland

The car skidded to a halt.
Quick pace
In the early morning
I rushed, along with my dogs, into the house. Broken glass
The front door was smashed in. A fucked up trail of blood and little bits of glass here and there along with things that had been knocked over along the way.
I looked behind me and saw my friend,  concerned, “thanks Ray for taking me in short notice, if you need anything in the future, just say”
“I’m always here for you Gray, you should know that, we’ve known each other for fourty years”
I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder, “You don’t have to stay, go back to your family”
He was the gentle giant. If people thought I was tall.
He was at least six three. A big guy with broad shoulders
That could carry the world
And a big heart. We called him the caveman years back. He cared, he loved and he’d do anything for his friends, but this was something I needed to do alone. The world wasn’t right.
Nothing was right
Families needed to be protected and I wanted him to go back and protect his.
“No man, I’m staying here,” he told
I nodded
Accepted what he wanted to do. He wasn’t a man to force, so I just let it be. The TV was still on. We walked through to the living room and looked
At what we were seeing. Doesn’t matter how many times you saw the shit happening.
Around the world
In your own country
It still had the same affect. It’d never die. Africa, Asia, it had now spread to all of those continents and scientists were now being shown. Sharing their theories along with religous folk.
Side by side on different teams. They spoke about
How it could be happening?
Why it could be happening?
But I didn’t have time to listen.
A crash from upstairs.
I jolted.
The dogs ran with me upstairs. Ray followed. His weight pranging into the floor. I looked on the barrister and spotted blood all over.
On the walls
On the floor
My heart hastened.
Shit. There she was. Thank god she was alright
Was she? I looked to my left at the top of the stairs and spotted the cause of the crashing. A man stood there.
Kicking the door
Blood splats on the wall led to where he stood. Now blood painted the door with his slamming fists. The man turned and his look made me take a step back.
“Fuck,” said Ray
The man looked like he’d been in a war. His clothes were ripped to shreds. His skin was bloody. Cut up like a piece of meat and his face was frazzled. He fired toward us. Sprinting like there was no tomorrow.
Jesse went first
Then Elvis
Then Bruno
They jumped on him. Dragged him down by his arms and leg. The man was going insane. His eyes were pearcing.
Soul grabbing
Crying out to us. Deafening my ears. My dogs tore into him.
Protecting me
Their master
I watched on
Shook up. Then came too. I exploded toward the red- stained- door. Leaving the dogs to their lunch. I barged the door open.
Into the bedroom
Along with Ray at my side.
Another body suddenly came flying toward us. Slamming me into the wall. He screamed right in front of my eyes. Spitting blood onto my shirt. Ray roared into him. Sending him flying across the bed. Taking lamps off the cabinets. I realised who it was.
Her.. husband.
He jumped back up and dived at us once more. We teamed up on him. Held him off. We all crashed into wall, Ray fell over into the wardrobe next to him. Ray used his strength. Holding him off with his arm.
“Ray!” I said
I ran over. Kicked David straight in the face sending him to the floor. Ray let out a moan. David got up once more. I saw red.
With rage
I pounced. All over him. Hitting him until his face was no more. He wasn’t moving. Blood dripped from my hands as I sat on top of him looking down. I inhaled deeply. Looking down at what I had done.
“Ray,” I said
“I’m alright”
He held his arm, but I didn’t take much notice.
I ran to the on suite door and ripped it open. She sat there. In the corner, rocking back and fourth.
She got up and ran to me. I held my arms out and I squeezed her tight.
“Where’re the kids?” I asked
“With David’s mum”
“In Nottingham?” I asked
She nodded and I hoped that they’d be safe. Her face told it all. She didn’t have to say anything.
I looked round, “Ray?”
He looked dazed. Pain stricken. He screamed and fell to his knees and began heaving. Blood poured out of his mouth.
He looked up, “help me”
His eyes were changing colour as we made eye contact. He held his arm tight which blood dripped from. His mouth was like a river of the stuff and his eyes began dripping blood also. Evelyn bellowed and hid behind me.
“This is what happened to David,” she whimpered
“Get in the bathroom,” I told
“Get in the bathroom”
Ray laid on the floor. His breathing quick. He was quiet. I was confused. I stepped toward him.
The big man grabbed my feet and yanked me down. Looking into his eyes and hearing his screams froze me. I was close, so close. I could’ve gone right there.
Jesse and the rest came bolting through the door and tore into him like the other. It was sickening to watch. It happened right in front of me.
My bestfriend
Now gone…
My angel hugged me tight as I cried. Cried for my closest friend.
“Ray,” I sobbed, “I’m sorry”


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