Rhonda Gedling Episode Seven

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling,
Motel Liz, outside Colorado

The voices spoke. The wind blew and the theme darkened. We were in a quilt cover. One that had covered us and surrounded us with fakeness. The world inside was different to one that was outside.
Hiding around the corner. It was only a matter of time. I enjoyed the moment while it lasted. The news was on and it was the same old story.
The disease
The virus
What ever it was that had created such a monstrosity.
Of course
Had suddenly risen, but for the time being. We weren’t near the hole where the things were crawling out of.

Myself, Elaine and my crack whore mother were basically the only ones there. A few others were around but that was it.
No more
We sat in the small area at the front of the motel with the crappy little telly on the wall. The reception wasn’t great, but it kept us informed. I heard a familiar name mentioned in the list of the cities that had been infected.
It chilled me
Baked my heart
“New York, ” the reporter said
“No work for you then”
The person who said that was the man who I had met that morning, Ricky. The handsome fellow who called me beautiful.
Never had I been called that before.
“I wasn’t in no rush anyway, I like it here”
“It’s getting worse out there, hell, we might not even be here tomorrow”
“Don’t say that,” I said, “you sound like my sister”
“Sorry, it’s hard to stay positive you know”
Staying positive, we had to. There was no way I was going to be dragged any lower like my sister and mom. They both thought it was the end of the world.
Things were bad
Very bad
But I wasn’t going to let that drag me down that one mile more where I’d find it impossible to get out. The bad thoughts were dwindling yes, but not all the time.
I could still smile.
Crack a joke
I wanted to keep smiling
Or I would never smile
“Keep smiling,” I told, “we have to”
“You’re very brave,” he said, “I can see it, you’ve been through a lot?”
“Something I don’t talk about to just anyone”
“Me too,” he said, “where I came from, you had no choice”
“We have a story to tell then,” I said
“Sounds like we do”
I got up and walked away. I was tired, but a fire
A hunger
A sensation
Burned my insides and it needed putting out. He was a sexy guy with a seducing smile. Fucking him was suddenly on my list.
I had no idea what came over me.
I turned to him, “you aren’t married are you?”
“I was”
I grabbed his hand. He got up and he followed me.
“Am I in trouble?”
“No, I’m just horny”
“Do I have a say in this?”
“When’s the last time you had sex?” I asked
“Wow,” he looked shocked, “a little personal”
“Just answer the question”
He looked to the ceiling and thought hard, “say around, five months… you?”
“Over a year”
I took him into my room. It was empty. Mom and sis were somewhere else. I Slammed the door and locked it. Turned to face him. Dragged him close
And began kissing him. There was something about him that I couldn’t resist. I tore at his shirt and went wild. I pushed him on to the bed. We were all over each other.
His shirt
My shirt
His pants
My pants
Was off. On the floor and his smooth skin was felt with my touch. My breath connected with his. Our eyes making contact with each deep kiss.
“If I knew this was going to happen,” he breathed deep, “I would’ve prepared”
“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” I laughed
“Yeah I get like that”
“Shut up and kiss me”
We were lost. In our own little world’s. Our world’s now connected.
Our bodies
He swung me around. Now he was on top. His brown eyes looking into my blue. We stared it out.
And he began to take them down, softly, my black underwear. I’m not one for colours, but if I knew this was going to happen, I would’ve brought a sexier pair.
Maybe not…
He lent in. Thrust his hips hard. He took my breath away.
“Hello there,” I said
“Not the first time a woman’s said that,” he grinned
“Shut up and fuck me”
I licked my lips and he moved his hips in and out in and out.
“Oh my god,” I said
His hips were powerful. His slim frame pounded into mine with heavy smacking sounds. His breath
Connecting with mine along with his eyes. We kissed deeply for quite sometime. Letting go into another stare.
I flipped him over and began riding him hard. I grabbed hold of his chest and moved in and out. I looked up and smiled as I felt his hand grab my breast.
His breath drew deeper and deeper and that was that.
It was finished
I laid next to him, his arm around me, “You didn’t last long”
“I did say it’s been awhile, it happens”
“You didn’t disappoint,” I told
“Good to know,” he smiled, “you want a drink, coffee, tea?”
“Make it a coffee”
“Coming right up”
I watched him get out of bed. His cute little behind stared at me whilst he clothed himself.
“Don’t be long,” I said
He looked back and smiled
“Be a minute”

I had fallen asleep. I woke up with the sun shining it’s gaze through my window. Sis was asleep next to me. Mom was on the other. I looked around and jittered. A man stood over me.
It wasn’t him.
It wasn’t Ricky
The man smiled a sinister smile
“Who the fuck are you?” I demanded

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