Rhonda Gedling’s Season Finale

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, 26/07/2016, Motel Liz, outside Colorado

I stared into his changed eyes. Even his eyes looked like they had changed colour.
Like himself
His emotions
Everything about him had changed
And now I was left there standing with a man who I once
Was a nice guy. Now held a knife to my stomach.
“Go on,” I said, “do it”
His eyes flickered.
His face flinched
Deep down inside, I knew, he had realised he had run down the wrong road.
A dead end
Now he was the bad guy.
“You really want me to?”
“Do I have a choice?” I asked
“You could’ve meant something to me,” he said
“Do you fall easily for people?” 
“No, just people that I have a connection with,” he answered
“Now you’re going to kill me?”
A door then opened
My mom then appeared from out of the room. She looked panic stricken
A little love was shown
She was worried for me
She walked back inside and came back out with her gun. She lifted it
“Get your hands off my daughter”
His eyes widened and at that same moment, the woman with her young daughter came walking out of theirs. The shape had suddenly changed from a square to a circle
No corners
No exits
Somebody was going to get hurt.
Somebody was going to be left with blood on their hands. I looked to my right and saw the mother take her daughter back inside their room. A few seconds looking through a window of violence had penetrated the poor girls mind.
He looked around and saw the gun, “you going to shoot me?”
“I will if you don’t get your hands off her”
He grabbed me
Stood behind me
And marched me toward the room where his mom was.
“Your mom has a weapon, so do I”
“Don’t do this, you’ll regret it”
“My mom will die in her own time, nobody else’s,” he said, “Eddie!”
He appeared from outside, “yes brother”
“Take that gun away”
With no questions asked.
No fear
No emotions
He walked straight toward my mom. She looked shocked. She didn’t know what to do.
Should she shoot?
Should she run?
Should she just let it be?
“I swear to god I will shoot,” she told
The door slammed shut
He locked it
And it was just me, him and…
Somehow, I was slightly worried about the crack whore. Inside I feared the worst, but my sister was out there also.
Which made things a million times worse
“Elaine!” I shouted
I listened closely. Trying to get passed the sound of my drumming heart. I heard a thump.
“Sit down,” he told
I stayed standing and he forced me to sit down on the bed. He walked over to his mom and sat down next to her
Near to her
She squirmed
And hissed
She tried reaching out to grab him but she couldn’t go far. He just stared at her. Gazing into her bloody eyes. She was a mess. Her hair looked dry. Some of it was on her shoulders and floor and the skin on her face was grotesque.
“She was a great woman,” he said, “nothing in this world could bring her down, it didn’t matter what anybody said to her, or did to her, she came back stronger… until now”
I looked at him staring at his mother. He looked into her soul, if she had one left. I watched every move. I listened out. Tried to get a read on what’s happening on the other side of the door.
I broke the silence “What’re you trying to do?”
“I’m just trying to save what little I have left”
He didn’t stop gazing at his mom, like he was looking into his past. His mom was the key to all the happy memories.
The birthdays
The Christmases
Just time with her in general
But the tide had changed. The tide wasn’t bringing in love anymore. It was bringing in blood.
“And you think this is going to save it?”
“It’ll save her,” he said, “the only person who should do it… is me”
“So why haven’t you done it already?”
“Because it’s my mother”
I heard a bang then a scream.
A shout
“Get off me!”
It sounded hugely familiar.
I got up and walked toward him and let the fear be replaced by drive.
“Let me out,” I told
“I can’t do that”
“Let me out now”
“Sit down, or I release her”
“Then release her, she will go for you first”
“She might, she might not, who cares right?”
A shot then sounded. I looked him dead in the eye.
“Let me the fuck out”
He got up and gripped the knife tight. I had to think fast.
“Rhonda!” Mom shouted
“We’ll get you out””
“What have you done?!” He shouted, “where’s my brother?!”
“At hell’s gate, if you don’t let my daughter out”
I could see in his eyes that he was concerned. He was thinking about it. His brother was hurt. His mother was dear to him. He was stuck between two loved ones.
“Let me out, Ricky”
“I don’t trust you”
“My mom will do it, then who will you have?”
The next moments were tense. What will he do?
He gripped his knife once more and came toward me. I didn’t back down
Eye to eye
Nose to nose
I looked down and the knife wasn’t that far away.
“Let me out, Ricky”
His look was of frustration. He breathed heavily in and out as he looked on it anger.
He unlocked the door and Elaine and my mom were standing waiting, I fell into Elaine’s arms and mom put her arms around me also.
We all cried
One thing was wrong. One thing that would sweep the carpet from under us.
Was laid out
In the centre of the lobby…
On his front
He noticed and ran over to him, “Eddie, answer me!”
I looked at mom, “What have you done?”
“I had too,” she told, “he would’ve killed us”
“You’re going to fucking pay for this you bitch!”
He grabbed his knife and pointed it at mom, “you!”
Elaine stepped into the middle of the chaos. Waving her arms up in the air.
“Just stop!” She pleaded
She was in the way. The crack whore couldn’t get a clear shot of him. She shouted get out of the way but Elaine stood her ground.
She pleaded
“Please, no more!”
In one dying second
I would realise
The killer blow that would open a trap door from underneath my feet. A blow that would knock every wall around me down and make me realise
My sister
Was going to be no more
The sound of the knife piercing my sisters stomach sent me into darkness.
The rage
Of a loved one being badly hurt
Was now with me. She screamed in shattering pain and collapsed.
In a heap
Mom shouted “You fucker!”
She fired multiple times and he fell to the floor with a huge thud. She walked up to him and looked down with the gun clenched and shot him in the head. I closed my eyes and listened to the blasts.

Not only did I just listen.
I froze in the blackened world filled with suffering bellows.
I opened them
Felt tears stream on to my cheeks and came back into my reality.
Mom held her tight. The woman and the man came out of the wood work. The young girl watched on in horror against her door. Elaine’s face was a picture of forever words.
I looked behind me and the rage overflowed. I saw the thing that had caused it all
His mother
I whimpered with hate
Stormed over to her and released everything on to her.
She was defenceless against my blows. Every hit put her out of her misery. Every punch opened up new wounds and sooner or later.
She was gone…
I looked around and saw the woman on her phone. Pacing up and down. The man still doing all he could to cover the wound. Mom holding her up, hugging and kissing her, telling her everything was going to be ok
“Stay with me,” she pleaded
I could see she was fading
Her movements were limiting
The grip on her mom’s hand weakening. I looked on in horror. Walked over and knelt down and cried every inch of what I had left on the ground.
And in a blink
It was the end…
Of her


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