Teddy Baker Episode Four

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, outside London

Up in flames
Slowly burning
Was this the world now? Was this how it was all going to end? I had stopped there over night, but still wide awake. I hadn’t slept at all. Not one bit. I didn’t think I ever would sleep the same, not after a night of fire.
I watched the news. Everybody I assumed did. It was all happening.
It was spreading
Strangling the world and turning the one we knew into nothing but a piece of dirt on the side of hell’s road.
“After nine days of the breakout of this virus in Ashford city, California, the virus has now tended to spread to countries around the world, we can now report that there’s been cases here in the UK, in Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh,” the reporter said
She stood outside a hospital in Newcastle where the patient or patients were.
“And so it begins, the end of the world”
I really believed that. I really believed that it was the end of the world. The end of the world where the real down under would rise and burn us all.
I sat on the couch with my arms spread out. Where my kids were supposed to have been.
But they weren’t.
“Jack, Lianne?”
I got up and walked out of the living room. Looked to my right and saw them both standing what used to be their mother. I walked over. Grabbed her by the arms and dragged the corpse away from them.
“I should’ve buried this along time ago,” I said, “sorry kids”
I stepped over another body.
Her throat was sliced.
She was no more. I never liked the old hag anyway. Always telling Julie that I wasn’t the right one for her. That there was something about me she didn’t trust.
“Glad you’re gone?” I whispered
Looking forward. The looks on my kids faces said it all. It was too much for them. For their minds. All in all I had plans. They were now my responsible, I got what I wanted and that was that. Like I said before. She wasn’t taking the kids away from me.
“Let’s go for a little ride shall we, Julie,” I said, “a ride down to hell”

I buried the shovel in as far as I could, chunks of earth came out.
“You’re going to love your new home, Jules ,” I said, “it’s not like our home, it could do with a little decorating and probably an extention,” I bent down, facing her souless face, “I loved you, you should know that”
The garden was gigantic and the house looked big from behind. It was big inside also. Her mum was successful at what she’d done.
I never knew what that was. It didn’t matter now though did it. She was fucking dead.
“Your mum will be here after, so you can talk and bitch about me like the old days”

The grave was complete and I had them both side- by- side. Ready to be shown their new home.
“Here it is guys,” I grinned, “hope you like it”
I shoved them in with my feet and watched them fall.
Fall away from me
From my kids
From the world
It was a special day for me because I had a new chapter in front of me
I was holding the pen. You might not see that as a good thing, but I truly believed, deep down in my gut, that the world was going to hell.
I had the mind for it
The craziness
The insanity
To protect my kids. Julie on the other hand was too much of a good person. Too bright. Not a spot of blackness inside of her. Therefore it should’ve been me to protect them.
Teach them
Hold them
Caress them
“I’m here for them now my dear sweet Jules,” I told
I stood there for some time and thought to myself.
You did it

Time passed on and the next second to pass had a surprise for me. A bump in the road that felt eleven and a half feet tall. It was my son, screaming
I exploded inside. Through the house and onto the front garden. My son had stopped a car, but not any old car, a police car and an old, quite large man stood at his car door. He pointed my way. My son nodded and the man looked my way again.
“Excuse me,” he said
I didn’t say a word. I walked over. My breathing and mind as one. Each thought was of a film that’d been quickly made. The plan was simple.
Kill the old fuck.
I was in front of him, he looked me in the eyes, “these your kids?”
“They say you killed their mum and grandma”
I smiled. He barged passed me and my kids followed. Where was he going? Surely he wasn’t stupid enough to stick his nose in. He had nothing to do with it
“I wouldn’t do that,” I said
“The back garden you said?” He asked my son
Jack nodded.
“Jack, what’re you doing?”
I followed them through the house and into the backyard. The plan now was to get the man out of sight
The backyard
And put him out of his misery there.
“You shouldn’t really be here,” I said
“Two little kids shouting help on the side of the road, what would you do?” He asked
“Daddy, why did you kill mummy” my sweet little angel asked
Her teddy bear drooped in her arms. Signs of a low mood.
“The floors moving,” the man said
I looked
And watched the floor move around.
We heard their screams
Was it them?
How could this be?
What was happening?

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