Teddy Baker Episode Seven

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Gatewick, outside WalesGetting to sleep was never easy.
Never would be
Easiness had ended
The problem was I wanted to go to sleep. I wanted to visit dream world and think about the past lives that were in my life. But, it would’ve just turned out to be me staring at the god damn ceiling.
Heavily blinking
Tossing and turning
Then getting up to go to the toilet and thinking fuck it. This isn’t going to happen. I might as well stay up and stare at my kids as they slept and that’s what I did. A bunk bed they slept in. Lianne on the bottom and Jack on the top. Their light snores made my ears listen with love.
So innocent
I loved them dearly and I was willing to do anything for them. They had no idea. This new world that was rapidly beckoning.
They needed their insane father.
I couldn’t help but gaze at them. Like a parent who was leaving the next day to fight in battle.
In a war
That’s how I felt. That’s how I was always going to feel. And, there was nothing that was going to change that.
“I love you kids”
I kissed Lianne on her cheek. She twitched when doing so and turned to face the wall.
Not me
Jack, I just pretended to stroke his hair like I always did before all the shit sprung from the sewers. I snuck away from their bed. Looked out of the window at the back garden and the other gardens and houses that surrounded us. A beautiful country side was laid across the backdrop.
I just stared at it
And remembered all of the past days where my mum and dad used to take me on long walks. I looked back at them. Stayed strong and held back the tears. Walked out and made my way down the stairs. Each step I took. A new flashback was screened right in front of my eyes
Me growing up
Year by year
I walked tiredly into the livingroom. I sat down. Turned on the TV and it was the same thing. The news
As always
Grabbed my spine and snapped it in half. That was the fear it generated.
The pain
The unwanted hope. Belief. That the world which was soon to be was going to destroy my family and I.
It was showing China, Japan, Russia, France, Germany, parts of south America and Africa. It was getting out of hand. I closed my eyes and listened to the words of the reporter.
She soon said, “parts of London have been quarantined, the underground has also been shut down”
She stood outside one of the quarantined areas.
The police
Men and women who wore hazmat suits coming in and out of the picture.
It was mayhem
Moments here and there you heard some kind of gun go off. You heard shouting
“The hell is happening?” I said
A scream from upstairs came. It was Lianne.
My princess.
It pearced my ears and sent my heart racing. I sprinted upstairs. Into the bedroom. Her eyes were wide with fright.
“Daddy’s here,” I said
Jack was already there. Next to her. A look of disgust was sent my way.
“She doesn’t need you,” he told
He wasn’t letting me near her.
“Son, we’re a family”
“We don’t need you!” He said
“I’m scared,” Lianne told
“What was your nightmare about?” Jack asked
“Mummy,” she sobbed, “I want mum”
Tears fell from her eyes. Onto her young cheeks. This nightmare was stripping her from her innocence. I wanted to blind her from the nightmare.
I couldn’t
There was no way in doing that. It was spreading, it was spreading fast.
My dad walked through, “What’s happening?”
“She had a nightmare,” I told
“About what?” He asked
I didn’t want him to know. If he found out then it’d be my ass. I knew Jack wanted to destroy me, so telling him wasn’t a problem for him.
“It doesn’t matter”
“Of course it matters,” he told, he walked over to her and sat down beside her.
Jack still gazed at me. Hatred at one
hundred and million percent.
“What’s the matter?” My dad asked her, “tell grandad”
Jack was waiting for the right moment. I knew it.
My son
Who hated me
Was grasping for my heart. To clench it and break it. I looked at him and shook my head. Asking him please don’t. I was fighting through a forest of my son’s faces. All staring at me. All wishing me dead.
“I want my mummy,” she said, she was panting, “I want my mummy!”
I walked over to her. Sat beside the bed.
Beside my father. I grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes.
“Honey, listen to me”-
“I want mum,” she sobbed, staring into my eyes
Jack sat on the bed. Next to her. Facing me. Facing grandad. He was waiting.
“Daddy will protect you,” I said
“We’re here for you sweet heart,” Dad told, “tell us what your dream was about”
“Mummy,” she said
“What about her?” He asked
Jack smiled.
“She’s dead,” she told
“That’s not true,” he told, “mummy’s still alive, your daddy said, mummy and daddy are just going through a bad time”
“She’s gone,” Jack finally spoke, completing the scene, the tention, I shook my head at him
“What’s going on?” Dad asked
“She’s dead,” Jack told
He was beginning to not believe it.
Fighting it
I could see it.
Sense it
“Teddy?” He asked
I shook my head, “He’s just saying that”
“You killed her,” Jack told, “you killed mum, you killed grandma, with a knife and you watched them bleed”
My father stared at me.
Pleading for me to prove that it wasn’t true
“Why are they saying this son?”
His face was a picture of a thousand negative words.
I searched for words.
They didn’t come

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