Teddy Baker Episode Two

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Bricksford, London

It was just one of those days.
You know
Painful. Boring. Not giving a crap what anyone thought of you. I worked in a warehouse and the way it was sometimes. It just dragged. You get the jobs done and you piss around with your friends.
If you had any friends
I didn’t.
I used to. But, for some reason things changed. Ever since I flipped out and hit somebody straight in the face and knocked him on his back side
Let me just say
People tended to avoid me and not get on the wrong side of me after that. I had a tendency to flip out.
Only on days when things weren’t going my way. I had a rough night that night and all I got was hassle. Luckily, the bloke didn’t press charges so I was still able to work in that shit hole.

Tired. Hungry. I just wanted to go home and stuff my face full of crap. You know. Sausage rolls. Pork pies. They were my favourite. The thing about it was. I never put on weight, so I could eat as much shit as I wanted.
Any time
Any day
After delivering everything I needed to on the shop floor I was back in the warehouse.
Shit hole
Nobody liked me in there and I didn’t like them. Too fucking bad. I was there to stay. To pay bills, to live life and to feed oneself. I walked passed the guy who’s nose I had broken some time back. He gave me a dirty look.
I waved
And carried on walking. It wasn’t just anything he’d said. I don’t just hit anyone. He was a bully. A big fucking bully who liked to pick on the little guy.
I’m not small in height. I’m skinny, weak looking if you like, so he thought he could take advantage of that and he did for a long period.
I decided NO MORE and knocked the fucker out during my fag break. Let me play it out for you

He came up to me.
I was relaxed
Wasn’t bothering nobody. Keeping myself to myself outside in the evening air at the back of the building. As you do. Then he came, took my ciggerette out of my mouth and stamped on it. Looked me square in the eye and said.
“I feel sorry for your kids, you’re fucking pathetic”
Months and months and months of dealing with his shit. I just lost it and took it into my own hands.
“Your fucking dead,” he shouted
He was on the floor. Nobody around, just me and him, one on one, mono e mono and he had lost.
Against moi.
“You’ve had it, you hear me!”
I walked over with a twisted smile. Bent down next to him. He was scared.
And it felt frigging great. His own medicine was being shoved down his throat and he didn’t like the taste one bit.
“You tell anyone Dwayne, I will tell everyone that you fucked the managers husband”
“Let’s just say, not everyone can be trusted with secrets, especially when they’re off their heads on drugs”
“Cain,” he said
“Sorry pal, but he just blurted it out, I don’t think she’ll be very happy when she finds out her husband cheating on her with an ugly prick like yourself”
I walked away with my head held high. What I had done
What I had accomplished
It was worth living over and over and over again and it just got better.
“Please!” he said
I walked back with my hand to my ear, “sorry… say that again”
“Please don’t tell, I’ll do anything, please, I need this job, I need this job I can’t lose my job, please, please, I’ll do anything”
I thought about it. I thought about it long and hard.
“Hmm, you suck cock right?”
I saw his throat fill with gulp.
He nodded
“Are you any good?” I asked
“I don’t know”
“Come on big guy, have some confidents in yourself”
He was lost for words
“Did Page’s husband like it?” I asked
“I, I, I”
“Tell you what, if you suck my cock, i’ll let it slide”
He nodded
“Good man, but not here, tonight, after work, I want you to come round my house in a dress and I want you suck my fucking cock”
“Why a dress?”
“Because I said so”
He nodded again. This time, it was quicker.
“But if you don’t, tell the job bye bye, because I know how much you need it to look after your disabled mum and dad, thank god for your sexy little sister who looks after them when you’re at work”
“How’d you know all this?” He asked
I went close. Close to his ear and heard him shudder.
With fear
With regret
“Let me just say, when somebody gets on the wrong side of me, I wait, I make a plan and I wait”
I walked off but nothing else was said this time. Nothing else was left to be said.
Just him
And my cock

Let me just say it did happen. It happened good.
Great. He was awesome. He knew how to do it. Then, I looked at him after and told him.
“Your secrets safe with me”
He looked to his left as I layed there on my sofa looking up at him with his big red dress. His eyes bulged out. He panicked. He was hysterical.
“You recorded it?” He said
The laptop was on at the corner of the room. A black screen, but the red light teased him. Tormented him into hysteria.
“Why did you record it?”
“Because I wanted to, now get the fuck out of my house”
“What’re you going to do with it?” He asked
“Nothing, unless you make me do something, now get the fuck out, wipe your face as well”
“Promise me, please”
“What, you don’t trust me?”
“I do, but”-
“Listen, you can trust me, now, I’ll give you to the count of ten, or that video is going viral”
He left
He left in a heart beat. I had surprised myself. The way I was. What I had become. I wasn’t the whipping boy like I was before.
Oh no
I was the man doing the fucking whipping and you know what?

The look he had given me was nothing. He couldn’t do anything and he knew that and soon after it was time to go home and stuff my face.
I was hungry
I was tired
I was everything
I signed out.
Walked out of the staff exit and straight to my car and who did I see waiting at the side of their car when I arrived home.
My wife
Probably soon- to- be- ex
But no children
Her face looked stern, she looked a mess, like it was a last minute decision to come all the way from her mother’s house, ”I need to talk to you”
“What do you want?” I asked
I stood at my drive way and waited for the answer.
Something wasn’t right
It ate at me
“I’m leaving for good”
“You can’t take my kids away from me”
“You threatened me, that text you sent”
“I didn’t mean that”
“Yes you did you sick fuck, you threatened to snap my neck and take my kids”
“Our kids!”
“You’re no father, you’re a phycho and you need help”
She got in her car and I chased her down and stopped her from closing the door.
“Wait, don’t take them away!”
“Let go!”
She drove away. Speeding off down the road and left me Wondering

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