Teddy Baker Mid- Season Finale

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, outside London“Dear god,” the man said
Their dirt- stained- bodies slowly appeared out of the grave. They hissed and crawled. Their eyes were souless as they slowly moved towards us.
“Mummy,” Lianne said
“Lianne don’t!” I told
I grabbed both my kids. They fought with me. Tried to get away from my grip.
They both struggled
“Get off me!”
Jack sunk his teeth into my hand. I screamed out in pain and saw the blood slowly show itself. The bodies were coming close. The old man was petrified.
Devilish thoughts controlled me. Anything to survive. To protect my kids. I didn’t know what else I could do.
“Screw it,” I said
I snook up behind him. Pushed him toward them. What came next was something to empty anybodies stomach. He slipped and fell over one and they were on to him. He tried kicking them off. He crawled backwards. Crying for my help.
“Get them off of me!”
His cries flooded my ears.
“Holy shit,” I said, “kids, let’s go”
Jack and Lianne stared. Shaken at what was happening in front of their very eyes. The man was getting eaten alive. His legs pouring with blood.
One on the right leg
The other on the left
Tearing into them like starving wolves. I grabbed my kids and ignored the biting from Jack. Lianne didn’t fight me. She knew daddy was trying to get her away. Jack on the other couldn’t stop. He kicked and punched and bit.
I had to ignore it
I had to get out there
I got to my car and forced the kids in.
Jack fought me, but I overpowered him and pushed him in.
“Damn it Jack!” I said, “can’t you see I’m trying to help!”
“You’re evil and I hate you,” tears showed in his eyes, “you killed mum, I hope you die!”
Lianne sat there quiet. Looking scared. There was no movement from her at all.
“Mummies alive,” she suddenly spoke, “so is grandma”
“That wasn’t mum or grandma,” I told,
“that was something else”
I travelled round to the drivers seat. The man’s cries weren’t heard anymore. They had died
Like him
“You killed that man,” Jack spoke, “you will die too”
“That won’t happen, I am here to protect you,” I told
My kids hated me, so be it. There wasn’t a possibility that I’d gain that love back. They probably wanted to kill me
Watch me die a horrible death. Lianne wasn’t showing that emotion, but I knew deep down she felt it. Jack, on the other hand.
He showed it
Felt it
lAnd he damn right let me feel it too. I sped away. Leaving the horror behind. I watched the house in short glimpses dissappear behind the winding roads. But, in the corner of my eye I felt my son’s glare.
His hate
“You will thank me when you’re old enough, you will”
The road forward was long.
Of course
The family was being held up by me. I was the one thing these kids had.
Their father
Wasn’t going to let them out of my sight. They were with me. I was going to save them from a world that was quickly changing. I turned the radio on and the silence passed by. The first thing to hear.
Of course
About the virus. I thought for a second. Would my kids want to listen to this? But I wanted to listen. I needed to. I needed to know what was happening so I could prepare. The news had nothing positive.
No light
Just darkness
It seemed to be a long tunnel that was soon, it sounded like, going to engulf parts of the world
All of it. I thought the worst. I thought the worst for us all.
“Daddy,” Lianne said
“Yes honey”
She started to cry. Shed tears in front of my eyes. All I could see in the mirror was her weeping.
“I miss mummy”
I felt the glare once more from Jack.
“You have me now, I’m all you guys need”
I zeroed in on the news once more.Tried to find out as much as possible. Apparently the virus had spread across Europe now. They were now calling it a crisis.
Were being fast- tracked. The world was panicking. Hospitals overflowing with the ill. Sightings of people eating people becoming more frequent. The need to get my kids to safety. Away from all of this became more important.
“Mum will come for you,” Jack told
I looked in the mirror and saw his
deadly gaze once again. I didn’t say a word. Just felt the stabbing pains his hateful stare brought to me.
“I will keep you safe kids, I will always keep you safe, I love you both”

The house had life again. We all walked in. The kids faces didn’t change but I loved having them back. It added colour to the walls once more. The drawings on the walls that the kids had done a few years back tended to move with life.
The house had a heartbeat
I knelt down in front of my princess, “are you hungry honey?”
“No thank you daddy”
She sniffed
She couldn’t look at me
Make eye contact
I looked at Jack
“What about you champ?”
He didn’t answer. He grabbed Lianne’s hand. Took her away from me. Walked up the stairs and left me alone. I wanted to follow them, but something told me I had to leave them alone.
To think
To thank me
“You was too nice Jules, you had to go, people like you aren’t meant for this world”
I switched the TV on and watched the reporters sell the crisis to the world. They were now reporting in London. At the side of him was the underground. With armed police behind him.
The reporter spoke, “several people were attacked on the subway trains and the disease”-
“Get out of here!” A voice told
The reporter didn’t move.
Many people heaved into the armed police.
“Stay back!”
Guns were fired
Cries were heard
The police were attacked by the savages below.
It seemed to be all over the place now. My feelings were. If I didn’t get my kids to safety. Away from it all. We’d have unwanted company at the front door.
“We have to get out of here,” I told myself
But where…?

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