Graham Jackson Episode Four

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Edinburgh, Scotland, THE DOG WALKER

I was rescued
And after a few nights at the hospital I was brought
back to the comfort of my own home
But I wasn’t the same
My house felt different
The ground I walked on felt different
Felt different.
What I had witnessed destroyed my mind in some ways. It was all over the place. Usually I was a man that knew where he was going.
On his path
In life
It had changed me. Shuck the foundations of my world and caused it to crack. Questions such as.
What was happening?
Is it going to get any worse?
Were not leaving me alone. I laid there on my sofa with the room half dark and half lit by the lamp.
No nothing
Just pure silence I relished in. I didn’t even have my book with me. It was just me and my thoughts. The replays in my head.

I must have fell asleep. I woke up. Looked at the clock and my eyes widened.
“Ten,” I said
I looked around. Bruno, Elvis and Jesse were still asleep. Bruno was on the couch with me. Elvis was sprayed out on the floor. Jesse, being the queen, had the other couch all to herself.
I grinned and picked my phone up off the floor, “shit,” I said
Evelyn had rang me. I began to ring her back.
It rang for awhile, but she picked up in the end.
“Hey dad”
“Hey angel, you ok?” I asked
“Yeah, have you checked the news?”
“Turn it on”
I quickly fetched the remote and turned on the TV. I immediately switched over to the news channel. The reporter explained everything. From start to finish.
My heart
My head
My whole body
Fell witness to the facts.
“It’s spreading,” she said, “not just in America, but here as well, it’s getting worse dad”
“I know,” I said, “I saw one of them”
“What?” She said, shocked, “Why didn’t you say anything, are you alright?”
“I didn’t want to make you feel worse”
“Dad, what happened?”
Too remember everything was easy. But the voices that were going through me were holding me back. Voices that were making my words unfoundable.
“If you tell her it will only make things worse, do you want that to happen, do you?” One voice said
“What kind of a dad will you be if you did that to her, she isn’t your shoulder to cry on, you’re hers,” the other said
Both were stopping me from talking. All I heard on the other side of the phone was her asking for a response.
“Dad… dad are you ok? Answer me, are you there?”
I delve deep and heard another voice that was much lighter than the others. It made me see sense.
I zoned back in, “I’m here”
I stared at the screen. Trying to get my head around it. Too much to say as I juggled for words, but it had to be done. It had to be said.
I took a deep breath and began “remember the news about the car crash a few nights ago?”
“That was me, I was giving Pete, my neighbour a lift to the hospital because his daughter wasn’t feeling too good, she was really sick, she had that virus that’s been going round, turns out she’d just come back from California, whilst driving her there she started to go crazy and turned on Pete”
“Holy shit,” she said
“I lost focus and crashed into another car, I woke up later on dazed, tried to get my head straight, I looked behind me and saw her…” I was nearly sick in my mouth, “eating Pete”
“Oh my god”
“I had to get out of the car because she came after me, as I got out I went to check on the other car but they were dead, there was a whole family in there, dead, she came after me, punched a hole through the window and crawled through and cut herself open, blood was everywhere, I saw lights coming toward me and I hoped to god it would get there on time, thankfully it did and the guy was nice enough to get me the hell out of there”

I chose not to tell her about the family coming back. I left it at that and the rest of the conversation followed.
Maybe a bad move.
Maybe not
But it was too late now.
The conversation carried on for a short time. Then I heard commotion in the background.
“What’s up?” I asked
“Somebodies banging on the door, one second dad”
I heard her husband, “Honey!”
The phone ruffled. I heard something that any dad would never in a million years want to here. His daughter crying out.
“Evelyn!” I shouted, “Evelyn!”
She came back
“Daddy, somebodies trying to get in the house, they’re going crazy dad, we’ve locked the door but they’re still there”
Instinct kicked in. I had to do it. I had to.
“I’m on my way, don’t worry, it’s going to be ok, stay calm Evelyn”
I heard a smash in the back.
The same bellow and then the phone went dead. The last words I heard were.
“They’ve got in dad, please…”
I had no car. I had to think. Think hard. Dig deep into my mind.



Graham Jackson Mid- Season finale

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Glasgow City, Scotland

The car skidded to a halt.
Quick pace
In the early morning
I rushed, along with my dogs, into the house. Broken glass
The front door was smashed in. A fucked up trail of blood and little bits of glass here and there along with things that had been knocked over along the way.
I looked behind me and saw my friend,  concerned, “thanks Ray for taking me in short notice, if you need anything in the future, just say”
“I’m always here for you Gray, you should know that, we’ve known each other for fourty years”
I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder, “You don’t have to stay, go back to your family”
He was the gentle giant. If people thought I was tall.
He was at least six three. A big guy with broad shoulders
That could carry the world
And a big heart. We called him the caveman years back. He cared, he loved and he’d do anything for his friends, but this was something I needed to do alone. The world wasn’t right.
Nothing was right
Families needed to be protected and I wanted him to go back and protect his.
“No man, I’m staying here,” he told
I nodded
Accepted what he wanted to do. He wasn’t a man to force, so I just let it be. The TV was still on. We walked through to the living room and looked
At what we were seeing. Doesn’t matter how many times you saw the shit happening.
Around the world
In your own country
It still had the same affect. It’d never die. Africa, Asia, it had now spread to all of those continents and scientists were now being shown. Sharing their theories along with religous folk.
Side by side on different teams. They spoke about
How it could be happening?
Why it could be happening?
But I didn’t have time to listen.
A crash from upstairs.
I jolted.
The dogs ran with me upstairs. Ray followed. His weight pranging into the floor. I looked on the barrister and spotted blood all over.
On the walls
On the floor
My heart hastened.
Shit. There she was. Thank god she was alright
Was she? I looked to my left at the top of the stairs and spotted the cause of the crashing. A man stood there.
Kicking the door
Blood splats on the wall led to where he stood. Now blood painted the door with his slamming fists. The man turned and his look made me take a step back.
“Fuck,” said Ray
The man looked like he’d been in a war. His clothes were ripped to shreds. His skin was bloody. Cut up like a piece of meat and his face was frazzled. He fired toward us. Sprinting like there was no tomorrow.
Jesse went first
Then Elvis
Then Bruno
They jumped on him. Dragged him down by his arms and leg. The man was going insane. His eyes were pearcing.
Soul grabbing
Crying out to us. Deafening my ears. My dogs tore into him.
Protecting me
Their master
I watched on
Shook up. Then came too. I exploded toward the red- stained- door. Leaving the dogs to their lunch. I barged the door open.
Into the bedroom
Along with Ray at my side.
Another body suddenly came flying toward us. Slamming me into the wall. He screamed right in front of my eyes. Spitting blood onto my shirt. Ray roared into him. Sending him flying across the bed. Taking lamps off the cabinets. I realised who it was.
Her.. husband.
He jumped back up and dived at us once more. We teamed up on him. Held him off. We all crashed into wall, Ray fell over into the wardrobe next to him. Ray used his strength. Holding him off with his arm.
“Ray!” I said
I ran over. Kicked David straight in the face sending him to the floor. Ray let out a moan. David got up once more. I saw red.
With rage
I pounced. All over him. Hitting him until his face was no more. He wasn’t moving. Blood dripped from my hands as I sat on top of him looking down. I inhaled deeply. Looking down at what I had done.
“Ray,” I said
“I’m alright”
He held his arm, but I didn’t take much notice.
I ran to the on suite door and ripped it open. She sat there. In the corner, rocking back and fourth.
She got up and ran to me. I held my arms out and I squeezed her tight.
“Where’re the kids?” I asked
“With David’s mum”
“In Nottingham?” I asked
She nodded and I hoped that they’d be safe. Her face told it all. She didn’t have to say anything.
I looked round, “Ray?”
He looked dazed. Pain stricken. He screamed and fell to his knees and began heaving. Blood poured out of his mouth.
He looked up, “help me”
His eyes were changing colour as we made eye contact. He held his arm tight which blood dripped from. His mouth was like a river of the stuff and his eyes began dripping blood also. Evelyn bellowed and hid behind me.
“This is what happened to David,” she whimpered
“Get in the bathroom,” I told
“Get in the bathroom”
Ray laid on the floor. His breathing quick. He was quiet. I was confused. I stepped toward him.
The big man grabbed my feet and yanked me down. Looking into his eyes and hearing his screams froze me. I was close, so close. I could’ve gone right there.
Jesse and the rest came bolting through the door and tore into him like the other. It was sickening to watch. It happened right in front of me.
My bestfriend
Now gone…
My angel hugged me tight as I cried. Cried for my closest friend.
“Ray,” I sobbed, “I’m sorry”


Graham Jackson Mid -Season Premiere

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Billington, North of England

The road was dark
Slowly getting lighter
But not enough
Was just real fucking life at the moment. Shitting ourselves from the horror.
The what we wanted to be fantasy was extremely real. Still coping with the fact that my daughter’s husband.
The father to her kids
Had died right in front of me and outside the door she hid behind. I repeatedly apologised and she repeatedly asked me not to. Both repeatedly shedding tears.
I tried to stay strong
But it was just too much. To witness what we had witnessed.
What we had felt
How can you not shed a tear and crumble under the emotional pressure?
“It’s just wrong,” she said, “everythings just wrong”
“I know angel, we will come back from this, what we saw back there,” I shook my head and blinked, eyes now dry, the river had calmed for now, “What you saw, nobody should go through that”
“Why him? Why us?”
“He was a good man Evelyn, that wasn’t him back there, that was a monster”
The times we had spoken that night. A multitude of shots were fired of rage, sadness and guilt.
I couldn’t do anything to stop it from happening. I was her dad.
Her protector
Her mountain
And I couldn’t stop it from happening. I knew we lived in different cities. I knew we lived miles apart.
It never stopped the guilt from travelling to my heart from my mind.
Haunting me…
Draining me
The anger I felt. The anger toward the monsters that had possessed the souls we loved. They blew fire their way
Burning them in violence.
I was fucking lost
My head buried in the winter. Even though it was late summer.

I turned the radio on. She was asleep so I made as little noise as possible. She needed her sleep with what she had been through. Music played. Music for the deep minds that felt at a lost like I was.
“Fucked up world,” I whispered to myself, “nothing is making sense”
The music. No news. Just music soothing my messed up mind. A mind that was digging for answers. It’s workers on overtime thinking of a solution.
No solution
Nobody knew what was happening. Just a virus that had swept across many parts of the world and destroyed many families. That was it and that’s what it would continue to be.
I sang the words to the quiet sound.
Focused hard on the lyrics.
“Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?”
Freddie Mercury’s near to silent voice
The lyrics
That summed it all up for me. My head suddenly took a turn for the worst. A painful headache split my head in half.
I heard screams
But not human screams
The screams of pain from inside. We were on the motorway.
Should I stop?
Shouldn’t I?
The pain was excruciating. I looked my angels way and thought about waking her up so she could drive.
With all the convincing
Telling her I was ok
Telling her I was fine to drive
She finally let me and now I was regretting it. I couldn’t cope anymore, I started to get bad images in my head of me crashing. I nudged her shoulder. My face cringed in pain.
So much of it
Too much to handle
Too much to deal with
I nudged her again. She moved slightly and slowly opened her eyes.
“Honey,” I said, “you need to drive”
“Ok dad,” she said
No cars around so I quickly pulled over and we swapped. The dogs wondered what was going off for a second. Bruno tried to get out whilst the others barked. They calmed down when I got back into the car.
This time
In the passenger seat and we set off again toward David’s mum’s. Still along way to go.
“I shouldn’t have let you drive”
“It’s just come on, I’ll be ok, I just need to get some shut eye”
“They look worried”
Bruno, always the emotional one, licked my ear and barked. I stroked him to let him know I was ok.
“I’m fine you big softy”
I looked at the other two who just stared, laying down. They showed they cared their own way.
“I’m fine guys, thanks for asking”
With Everything that was going on. The sound of the car. The speed we were going at. My angel shedding tears all of a sudden right in front of me.
It set me off
But I held it together and turned it back off. A tear escaped and I swiped it away.
“You can cry dad,” she said
“No,” I said, “I have to be your rock, not your sand”
She put her hand on my leg.
Her touch
Filled me with delight.
“Just get some sleep, you need your rest, I’ll wake you when we’re there”

I dreamt about old times that I wanted to be new. Like an old dusty memoir being republished.
The dust suddenly gone
Life brought back
The dream was about watching my angel run around the play ground. I had never seen this playground before
Never visited it
But it was beautiful. The trees, the greenery and flower gardens were all settled in the distance. It was a picturesque sight.
A happy photo
She Laughed
She shouted
Shouting daddy daddy come and play.. I chased her and caught her. Picked her up and span her around.
The more I spun her. The land behind us tended to change. Darkness was closing in.
The greenery
The trees
The flowers
The backdrop
Wete replaced by darkness and suddenly my angel was taken from me in a blink
“Dad!” I heard
“Dad!” I heard it again
I woke up and Evelyn. With a panicked face. Shaking my body vigorously. I looked with blurred vision. When it came into focus I realised something. A burning building in the background and standing in front of the window was a young man holding a gun.

Graham Jackson Episode Seven

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Billington, North of England

My head pounded
My skull pounded
My head was banging with drums. I was weak. Useless for the time being.
My strength
My body
Calling for emergency rations as I saw my angel swimming in deep waters of fear. What I looked at was nothing short of a life ending puzzle. It only needed one peice.
For him to pull the trigger.
The kid with the gun stood there shouting words that I couldn’t hear with a burning house to his right. I couldn’t see much else of him, but I had to do something. Call on my emergency fuel and try and dig us out of the, what could be, a bloody whole. The three stooges barked in rage. Banging the seats from behind trying to get out in some way.
They were scared
Like their owner. Evelyn was flooded in fear. I had to do something.
I did something crazy
Foolish maybe
I got out of the car, “Dad, what’re doing!”
“Stay in the car,” I weakly tempted
The fire was blinding. His face was invisible because of the brightness of the fire. Just the outlines of his body.
“Don’t do anything stupid old man!” he said
His voice was shaky. Which gave me confidence that I could have a way in. A way into him. To try and talk to him. To get my angel and I to refuge.
“Put down the gun,” I asked
My ears buzzed. Blood rushed to my head. A blink away from a place where I didn’t want to be.
Leaving my daughter at this man’s hands.
His mercy
“Shut up and give me the car,” he told
I could only just make it out.
What he said. The threat was major. It made my heart attempt to jump out of my mouth.
“No,” I said, “we have to be somewhere, for someone”
“Give me your fucking car!”
His glance was taken away from me. He focused on something. That something was walking out of the house.
On fire
“Leave me alone!” He shouted
He shot their way, but missed. More began to come out. Some tall, some small like children
“What the fuck,” I said
He was more apprehensive than ever. He was more focused on them than me. They were getting closer.
In the same boat now
Wanted to get away from these things. As far as possible.
“Please, just give me your car!”“Come with us, you don’t have to do this!”
One began to run.
Began to scream
It’s fiery body closing down the once large gap.
“Behind you!” I said
“Dad, no!” He said
He couldn’t shoot. His hands shook with emotion. I took the gun off him. Knowing if I didn’t it’d be lights out for all of us.
“Don’t shoot him!” He begged
He grabbed the gun. I used the strength I had and pushed him away. Giving me enough time. I shot the running monster clean in the head. It was a close shot. One I had to make. He fell in a heap. The young man speared me to the ground. I hit my head and I found myself looking through a spinning sight.
I couldn’t move. I looked to my right. He wasn’t focused on me anymore. He was focused on the car. He marched to the car with the gun aimed at the window.
“Get out the car!”
Evelyn got out the car with her hands up in the air.
She begged, “please don’t do this!”
The blaze was blinding. It had illuminated everything in an orangey glow. No other houses in sight.
We were alone in this
The bodies were painted black. The closer they got. The more visible they became.
Slowly coming toward us. I couldn’t do a thing. I couldn’t move. My body was in shock.
“Leave her alone,” I said
Nearly beaten
I tried my best to crawl, but even that was difficult. To try my absolute best to reach them in time was all I could do. I watched in desperation as he went to grab her.
Before he could. She lifted the back seat up and the dogs jumped out and began ripping him to shreds. Bellowing in pain.
His arms
His legs
His face
All fell victim to my dogs.
My protectors
He opened fire, but nobody was harmed.
He had missed
Hit nothing
But the nothingness that was changing dramatically. Changing into a living horror film. The darkness that shrouded us.
Was going to be life.
She ran over to me. Her face in front of mine. Drowning, but courage holding her together.
“You need to get up,” she told
A hand grabbed her from behind. She screamed, but it was soon taken out by one of my dogs. I looked and it was Bruno. Tearing into the body.
“Dad, get up!”
All my strength. My strength that was crawling.
Gasping for air itself
Fighting like myself. I managed to roll to one side and drag myself up with the help of my angel. I stood now. Looked forward and we began moving toward the car. I felt their presence. They were closer than ever before. Probably touching distance.
Evelyn looked behind her and whistled, “Bruno!”
Bruno was by our side once again. Joining Jesse and Elvis who had taken care of the young man. The young man that could’ve ended us. We reached the car and I crashed into the seat. The dogs joined us and Evelyn rushed into the car.
Breathing heavily
Our hearts fighting their way out of our chests. The dogs barked crazily at the oncoming figures.
A bang on the back window
They had closed us down
The car wouldn’t start
Evelyn tried to focus. Turning the key. Again and again and again.
The engine revved into life and we ploughed our way through the three that were in front of us.
“Let’s get out here,” she said, “Dad, you alright?”
She grabbed my hand and quickly looked my way.
“Yeah, just get us out of here,” I said
We turned the corner quickly and continued into the unknown.


Graham Jackson Episode Eight

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

I puked all down the seat. The car was all over the place. I couldn’t really see over the dashboard because I was too weak.
Getting my strength back, but I needed help. I needed seeing to as I drifted in and out. My vision was blurred and all I could hear were the words of Evelyn shooting toward me
But they were silenced
Silenced by my head that was in cloundland
The car was stationed and suddenly she was getting out of the car and rushing over to my side.
“Stay,” she told, “come on dad”
I wasn’t in control at all. My body was like a cement block.
“Somebody help me!’ She shouted
What I made out was a large room with plenty of people around. I couldn’t look at the light. Footsteps rushed to me. My sight was distorted. Becoming darker and darker and then…

“Daddy,” a sweet voice said
I opened my eyes and a little girl was at my side. An open field. An empty playground. The same as before. A picnic laid out with her opposite. She smiled my way and I felt my heart skip a beat.
“Evelyn?” I said
“Yes daddy?”
“Don’t ever leave me”
“Of course I won’t daddy”
No outside noises. Just our voices crossing paths. Making each other feel wanted and loved in a world that didn’t feel real. The grass blew with no- sounded- wind along with her hair. I bit into a delicious looking cake with no taste. I pressed my hands down on the grass
I didn’t feel a thing. I looked up. Got up and began walking toward her. Each step leaving a foot print on the green grass which blew in the wind that I couldn’t feel.
One step
Two steps
A multitude
I wasn’t getting any closer to her. I tried calling her name
“Evelyn, Evelyn… baby?”
She couldn’t hear me, but how could that be? She was so near
So close
Yet so far
I tried reaching for her
My vision suddenly darkened. No longer could I see her
“I will never leave you daddy,” she said
Then I awakened

I woke up in a bed. I looked to my right and saw Evelyn seated beside me. She noticed that I had woken up and stoop up
And walked toward me
“Hey old man,” she said
I smiled a weak smile, “hey, how long have I been out?”
“You didn’t have to stay here”
“I saw the kids, they’re great, the city’s still normal”
“That’s great news,” I said
I tried sitting up but I felt woozy when trying
“Take it easy, Graham,” the nurse said
“Can you help me please?” I asked
She came and helped me sit up. I saw the rest of the room when she did. The room was quite large. It had a lot of space. The window to my right had a decent view of practically nothing.
It was something I suppose
A long road with a load of cars with buildings scattered around. Not much really, but it had to do.
My stay there wasn’t for long.
“When is he aloud out?” Evelyn asked
“Tonight, we will send him home or where ever you’re staying with instructions, you need a lot of rest”
“Thanks,” she said
The nurse smiled
And walked out of the room. Eveyln looked my way. She looked relieved
“Sorry if I worried you,” I said
“Forget about it, it’s fine, we’re all ok and that’s all that matters”
“It was nasty back there, I nearly lost you,” I took hold of her hand, “that will never happen again, we will stay where it’s safe”
“It’s fine here dad, the cities on alert, but it’s fine, it’s normal out there, what ever that thing is hasn’t reached here yet”
“How’re the kids?”
“Great,” she said
“And the other kids?”
She smiled, “they’re fine too dad”
I was exhausted. My legs felt unmovable. I laid there staring up at the ceiling.
Feeling old
Like a father who thought he couldn’t protect his daughter. The moment where the hand of that fiery body grabbed her shoulder.
Her scream
Her face
Stayed with me. If it weren’t for Bruno taking it down I would’ve lost her right there and then.
“Dad?” She said
“I’m never going to forget about it”
“About what?”
“That monster, that… that thing, it was right behind you, it grabbed your shoulder and”-
She took my hand, “and I’m still here”
“It’ll never leave me,” I looked at her dead in the eyes, “I will always protect you”
“Dad, let’s just enjoy being alive, we’re still her, I’m still here, ok”
I nodded, but still I wasn’t sure.“I just want to get out of here and see my grandkids”
“And you will,” she said
I was silent for a short time. The air felt dense in that period. Thoughts were thrown around.
I had to tell her something.
“I had a dream about you”
She frowned and smiled after.
“Let me guess, I died”
“No, it was a strange dream”
I told her everything and her face was just like mine when I had woken up from it
Not sure what to think or do. The dream was dark and it was a dream I had twice now with a different outcome.
“You will never lose me dad, never”
She stared into my soul when she said it.
I just couldn’t grasp it

Night came and I was finally discharged. I walked down the corridor with her next to me. We both smiled with delight as we took a step closer toward the exit.
“Let’s go see the kids,” she said
A light in the coridoor flickered


Graham jackson Episode Nine

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

The rest I had was soothing.
Bad at first
Hard to get to sleep with all the visions coming in and out. Every time I closed my eyes I saw those fucking monsters. Those grotesque creatures walking towards us in the night with the high flames. At the end the exhaustion was just too much to bear and I had nodded off moments later.
Thank god
I needed the sleep, but it still didn’t stop the nightmares from flowing through. The nightmares that would pierce anyones mind into a craze.
A mind full of screams
And shattering glass…

I woke up and the glearing sun swooped in. I moved my hands inwards toward the light to block it from getting to my awakening eyes.
“I needed that”
I didn’t know what time it was, but hearing the noises coming from below.
The kids
Their laughs
I assumed it wasn’t the early hours in the morning. Everybody seemed wide awake because I heard everybody
David’s mum
Accept for me. I breathed heavily and stretched out my body as much as I could whilst still laying down. I slowly got up. Rolled over to the side of the bed and sat there.
“I feel a little better,” I said to myself
I tiredly walked over and looked out of the window and studied the outside. A busy road in front of me. It was still normal. Still heaving with people. Cars drove passed whilst people jumped into their cars, rode on their bikes or just walked. Just another day it looked Iike.
Which I didn’t mind
This place looked like it had avoided the disease or what ever it is
“Least this place kept it’s head”
The door opened and Evelyn walked in.
“I thought I heard you,” she said
“Yeah, I’m up, what time is it?”
“Wow, I slept like a baby”
“You needed your rest, try not to do a lot today, I’ve told the kids to go easy on you”
“You shouldn’t have Eva, I don’t mind”
“But I do”
I put my hands up, “ok, you’re the boss”
“Please, I don’t want you putting pressure on yourself”
“I just said ok didn’t I, I will follow your orders”
“Just a worried daughter looking after an old man”
“Hey, watch yourself,” I smiled
It went quiet for some time. She looked upset all of a sudden. The mood had changed dramatically and I wanted to know why. I walked over to her and looked into her eyes. She wasn’t even focused, it was like she was thinking too hard. Something was bothering her. Then I knew I had to jump in and be a dad.
“What’s wrong?”
“I haven’t even told her and the kids about David”
She burst into tears. After everything that had happened
All the loud noises
All the violence
And shocking moments
We hadn’t even had time to think and now we had time. It was all tumbling upon us.
It had beckoned
The tears came fast
“We have too, we can’t not tell them Eveyln”
“I know,” she sobbed, “Theresa has already lost her husband, the next thing she needs is to lose a son and the kids… to lose their dad, it’s going to destroy them”
“You’re strong, you’re their mum and you’ll get them on their feet again, but the last thing we can’t do is to let them find out on their own, we can’t drag this out…” I grasped her shoulders, “look at me,” she looked, “we have to tell them know”
I rethought and retraced my steps. Erasing the words that I had laid out.
“We will tell them later, first, I want to see my grand- kids with a smile”
Maybe saying that was selfish. Yes it was
Of course
I just wanted to see smiles instead of sadness. With all that’s been happening
The world
People predicting on TV that it’s the end. I just wanted a little happiness for a short time and a break from the gloom.
Does that make sense?
She gulped, “when? My hearts broken, dad, I don’t think I can wait any longer”
“Please,” I begged, “I just want to see my grandkids with a smile… please”
Her eyes closed and she clenched them. More tears and each one had a message. This was my doing and I began to feel the guilt.
Footsteps suddenly ran up the stairs and two beautiful kids, my granddaughters, ran in with all smiles. Suddenly we had to act. We had to wipe away the tears and gloom.
Suddenly we had to hide our emotions from the world.
Our world…
The next to walk through the door was Theresa. It was all there. Everybody was there. Outside the pleasure and love of seeing my granddaughters showed.
I feared that my daughter would halt the happiness forever that had arrived in my head by telling the untold. I looked her way and I could tell she was desperate.
With no voice
Silenced words
I begged she’d hold it together.
“So, how’s my boy doing?” Theresa asked
She was a beautiful woman. Her mind, her humour and how wise she was. She was always a pleasure to talk to when I saw her. Her presence was a ten ton metal box lifting over our heads. The next words that were going to be spoken would either crush us
Make it hang a little longer.
“He’s…” Evelyn began


Graham Jackson’s Season Finale

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

The town centre was crammed full of people. Everywhere you turned a new face with different emotions either raced passed you or walked.
One on their phone
One with children
One with a loved one
One on their own
I had to move out of the way now and again. A young lad barged into me later on.
My blood boiled
I looked around and went to walk after him but I was stopped.
“Leave it Dad,” Evelyn told, “we’re supposed to be having family time”
I looked around and saw my granddaughters looking up at me. They all looked concerned. Like they were begging me not to cause any trouble.
“Chill out old man,” Eveyln told
“Sorry, I’m just a little agitated, I just hate leaving them”
“Theresas with them,” she told
“I know, are you sure she’s ok to be left there?”
“She wanted to be, so yes, it’s going to take all of us along time”
A tear ran down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away. Staying strong for the kids was the main priority for her.
For everyone
I looked around and saw something that would cheer anybody up. An ice cream van stood their in the scorching heat. The sky was blue and we all wore our thin materialed clothes so our skin could breath. I began walking toward it and the kids followed. Running in front as if they already knew what was coming.
“Who wants ice cream?!” I shouted
“We do!” They told
They were already on their way toward it.
“Do you sometimes wish you had more kids?” She asked
“Sometimes I guess, why the question?”
“I dunno, I just wish that I had an older brother or sister or something”
I smiled and put my arm around her and watched the kids nearly knocking other people over.
Never look where they’re going.
“It would’ve been nice, but me and your mum decided one was enough at the time”
“That’s ashame, either when I did have David,” I saw her gulp, she sighed after and I held her tighter, “I felt alone… when I see my friends with their siblings, I just get that feeling”
“I would have one now but I don’t think I’ll have the stamina”
“Too much information”
I grinned, “sorry”
We walked quickly alongside the kids and we reached the van. The late summer breeze was warm. It brushed our skin.
It was a welcoming feeling
I looked up at the blazing sun and felt the joy it brought.
With all the darkness that had surrounded us. It was a welcoming sight.
The kids laughter
The smiles
It made it that tiny bit lighter.
A small sun that was getting bigger in what looked like a permanent night sky.
The kids jumped up and down at the van after queueing for a few minutes, they were getting wrestless, “What flavour kids?” I asked
“Vanilla,” Katelyn said
“Chocolate,” Michelle told
I thought for a second and thought did I want one. The sun soaked me to the bone, so I needed something to chill me.
I looked at Evelyn, “Do you want anything?”
“Go on then, I’ll have a mint chocolate”
I told the man what we wanted. I got the same as Evelyn. The ice cream came. I handed them over to the kids and I watched the joy spread over their faces as they tasted them.
“Don’t drop them,” I said
“We won’t”
I frowned and saw something strange. I didn’t want to think anything of it at first
I couldn’t help it. An elderly man had suddenly sat down looking a little off. A little ill or something. I watched him as we slowly walked down passed the many shops. A few buskers stood around with beautiful voices, but this one thing stood out to me. I grew paranoid and tried shaking it off.
“Dad,” Evelyn said, “you ok?”
“Are you alright?”
“Yeah yeah I’m fine”
But I wasn’t. I didn’t want to alarm her. I watched him longer as we gotten closer and closer. The man tended to be shaking. He abruptly dropped to the floor and a few women came racing over. My heart beated fast as I had seen it first hand.
Maybe it wasn’t it?
Maybe it was?
Should I help?
Shouldn’t I?
I stayed close to my family. I looked back and kept an eye on things. The man wasn’t moving. I found myself stopping in the middle of the walkway to watch.
“Dad,” Evelyn said
She saw it. I saw her face change. I then knew she was feeling the same strong feeling as me.
Wasn’t right
An enormous eruption of screams then boomed out. The man had grabbed hold of the woman’s arm and tore into it.
“Kids, let’s go,” Eveyln told
She grabbed their hands and I followed. We tried to be as calm ss possible.
“Mummy, you’re hurting me,” Michelle told
“Keep moving sweetie,” she said
People began to scatter. We were in the middle of it. We were getting barged left right and center. Police cars could be heard in the distance and it wasn’t long till they were there. My breathing had quickened immensely. I tried staying close to Eveyln and the kids, but I was getting pushed away by the sudden panic in the large crowd.
“Eveyln!” I shouted
I tried pushing my way through.
I tried
It was just too much. I tried again and resulted into being more psychical.
Getting close to them was proving difficult. They were getting further and further away.
My heart was beating out of my chest. I saw her face. The same look had risen once again.
The look she had in the car…
It was hectic. The screams were getting louder and the pushing and shoving was growing more violent.
“Dad, I can’t get to you!”
A cry was close to my ear. A piercing scream. I looked in the direction where it came from and suddenly
Close by
A young woman had me around the neck.
Blood was pouring out of her neck, mouth and eyes. A huge bite mark made the skin fall loose. I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back and punched her in the throat. I just kept going and going until she let go. She came at me again. I got ready and put it all in one punch to the temple.
I watched her fall
Then my focus was on my angel once more. I gazed in every direction as possible, but she wasn’t there.
Gun shots were soon fired. I looked in the direction and saw the police and army rush in.
Shields at hand
I had to get out of there. They were firing at will. The crowd had scattered, so I had space to run into where I felt Evelyn must have gone.
“The shopping centre”
I bolted toward it.
I felt like I had let her down
That same dream haunted me
I felt like I was going to loose her
The shopping centre was near enough empty. I got a glimpse of a few bodies scurrying out of the exits
Fear had took over
Fear had made everybody run for their lives.
More gunfire was heard from where I last stood. I flinched every time.
“Eveyln!” I cried
“Help me!” A man cried
He came running toward me.
Not one
Not two
But four
Came chasing him around the corner. Suddenly I had no choice but to run like crazy. I ran toward some escalators and pelted up them. I was on the top floor. The man was behind me
Following me
Like I had a plan
Like I could save us both
We ran toward the coridoor in front of us, but in the next moments, I heard gut wrenching cries.
I looked round in horror
It was him. Some part of me wanted to help
Some part of me wanted to get as far away as possible.
“I’m sorry,” I muttered
I hurried.
I ran through the coridoor and slammed the first door shut. I faced the room I was in
A toilet
And slid down the door. As I reached the floor I began to beg to the heavens.
That Eveyln was ok
“I’m sorry, Eveyln, I’m so sorry”
I had to stay quiet. I heard footsteps and screams coming from the outside.
It was right there
Right on the opposite side of the door…
I had to think
What was my next move…?

Teddy Baker Episode One

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Bricksford, London

The rain pounded my windows and the noise decimated my ears. I was alone. Desolate. Nobody insight. Just me
NO wife
NO family
We had recently split. On a break. As she called it. Well, I knew what she really meant. It was just an excuse to escape my so- called- psychotic ways. I’m not what you call
The question is though.
What is… NORMAL?
Is it a tree that grows from under the ground? Is it a planet with a moon and sun? Is it a person with one head and two hands? Could normal ever be something with two heads? I was used to hearing noises. Hearing them shout me if they couldn’t get to sleep. Having my wife moan at me because I didn’t do something that she asked me to the day before. Go shopping or clean up something or whatever. I missed that. My daughter.
Six years old. My little missy. Her teddy- bear who she named Ronald. Yeah. Why Ronald. The child was so random but it even made my hair giggle.. And then there was my son.
The older of the two. Loved his computers. Loved his puzzles and everything else that had a problem that needed solving. He wasn’t like the other lads his age.
He was different. Not the same. Not like me anyway when I was his age. He loved his solitude. His own company.
Not like any kid. I missed them all. Well, not her anyway. She was the bitch that took them away from me. Away from my presence.
Everything I did was always for them. My KIDS

It was midnight. Pitch black and all I could hear was the rain punching my house. My living room. Which I sat in on the big leather sofa where we all used to sit and watch films on film night. It was every Saturday and today was that day. But the TV wasn’t on. It was just me and my crazy mind.
“You mental fuck,” I said
I was mad at myself for telling her what I thought about the world. About the whole system. The government. About everything. I also told her about these rumours that I heard from my friends. Rumours that they had seen something on the Internet. Videos and pictures. From the US. Videos and pictures of people eating one and other. Pictures of body parts and gross images of people being torn apart…
But when I went to show her. They weren’t there anymore. They were gone. Deleted… Vanished. Which made me look even more crazy and that was that after. She was gone after I had come from my long twelve hour shift at the warehouse. The wardrobes were left open and bits and pieces that they didn’t need were left on the floor. Leaving me to sit there and stare in anger and tears.
“Your future is a lonely old man,” I said
I got up. Walked over to the mirror and stared a hole through myself. The more I looked. The more I thought the image was going to jump out at me and strangle me to death. Have you ever been that mad that your own face scared you? That’s what it was like. Then I thought.
Is that how I made them feel?
“You were right,” I heard a voice
I looked around and nothing was there. I looked in the mirror and there it was. Talking back at me.
“What the…”
“You were right, do you understand me?”
I was in dreamland. Surely. Non of this was happening. To me. At that moment. I winced my eyes and pulled a face of disbelief. My mirrored self then grinned an evil grin.
“You’re going to get everything and that is your kids, they’re your kids, they aren’t just her’s, they’re yours as well! Don’t let her take them away from you you pussy, those videos were real and you know that”
“How’re you speaking?” I asked, but in a polite way, a scared way, a shocked… way, ” What the hell is going on? Why am I talking to myself?”
Before it
Or me
Or whatever it was
Could even finish. The mirror was smashed and it was just me once again. Not knowing what was happening. Not knowing what the future held for me. A man that was slowly becoming something that was being hammered into him by others. A psycho. Mentally unstable.
The moments that had changed my life were the moments I had witnessed.
On video
The violent scenes that were happening in the US. The disease that supposed to have turned people insane.
I find out these people were eating other people. Then, to tell my wife about this who already thought I was losing the plot. It just dug a hole that was too deep for our love to climb out. She didn’t trust me anymore. The love was lost. My life was nothing but
A darkened room
A darkened mind

Teddy Baker Episode Two

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Bricksford, London

It was just one of those days.
You know
Painful. Boring. Not giving a crap what anyone thought of you. I worked in a warehouse and the way it was sometimes. It just dragged. You get the jobs done and you piss around with your friends.
If you had any friends
I didn’t.
I used to. But, for some reason things changed. Ever since I flipped out and hit somebody straight in the face and knocked him on his back side
Let me just say
People tended to avoid me and not get on the wrong side of me after that. I had a tendency to flip out.
Only on days when things weren’t going my way. I had a rough night that night and all I got was hassle. Luckily, the bloke didn’t press charges so I was still able to work in that shit hole.

Tired. Hungry. I just wanted to go home and stuff my face full of crap. You know. Sausage rolls. Pork pies. They were my favourite. The thing about it was. I never put on weight, so I could eat as much shit as I wanted.
Any time
Any day
After delivering everything I needed to on the shop floor I was back in the warehouse.
Shit hole
Nobody liked me in there and I didn’t like them. Too fucking bad. I was there to stay. To pay bills, to live life and to feed oneself. I walked passed the guy who’s nose I had broken some time back. He gave me a dirty look.
I waved
And carried on walking. It wasn’t just anything he’d said. I don’t just hit anyone. He was a bully. A big fucking bully who liked to pick on the little guy.
I’m not small in height. I’m skinny, weak looking if you like, so he thought he could take advantage of that and he did for a long period.
I decided NO MORE and knocked the fucker out during my fag break. Let me play it out for you

He came up to me.
I was relaxed
Wasn’t bothering nobody. Keeping myself to myself outside in the evening air at the back of the building. As you do. Then he came, took my ciggerette out of my mouth and stamped on it. Looked me square in the eye and said.
“I feel sorry for your kids, you’re fucking pathetic”
Months and months and months of dealing with his shit. I just lost it and took it into my own hands.
“Your fucking dead,” he shouted
He was on the floor. Nobody around, just me and him, one on one, mono e mono and he had lost.
Against moi.
“You’ve had it, you hear me!”
I walked over with a twisted smile. Bent down next to him. He was scared.
And it felt frigging great. His own medicine was being shoved down his throat and he didn’t like the taste one bit.
“You tell anyone Dwayne, I will tell everyone that you fucked the managers husband”
“Let’s just say, not everyone can be trusted with secrets, especially when they’re off their heads on drugs”
“Cain,” he said
“Sorry pal, but he just blurted it out, I don’t think she’ll be very happy when she finds out her husband cheating on her with an ugly prick like yourself”
I walked away with my head held high. What I had done
What I had accomplished
It was worth living over and over and over again and it just got better.
“Please!” he said
I walked back with my hand to my ear, “sorry… say that again”
“Please don’t tell, I’ll do anything, please, I need this job, I need this job I can’t lose my job, please, please, I’ll do anything”
I thought about it. I thought about it long and hard.
“Hmm, you suck cock right?”
I saw his throat fill with gulp.
He nodded
“Are you any good?” I asked
“I don’t know”
“Come on big guy, have some confidents in yourself”
He was lost for words
“Did Page’s husband like it?” I asked
“I, I, I”
“Tell you what, if you suck my cock, i’ll let it slide”
He nodded
“Good man, but not here, tonight, after work, I want you to come round my house in a dress and I want you suck my fucking cock”
“Why a dress?”
“Because I said so”
He nodded again. This time, it was quicker.
“But if you don’t, tell the job bye bye, because I know how much you need it to look after your disabled mum and dad, thank god for your sexy little sister who looks after them when you’re at work”
“How’d you know all this?” He asked
I went close. Close to his ear and heard him shudder.
With fear
With regret
“Let me just say, when somebody gets on the wrong side of me, I wait, I make a plan and I wait”
I walked off but nothing else was said this time. Nothing else was left to be said.
Just him
And my cock

Let me just say it did happen. It happened good.
Great. He was awesome. He knew how to do it. Then, I looked at him after and told him.
“Your secrets safe with me”
He looked to his left as I layed there on my sofa looking up at him with his big red dress. His eyes bulged out. He panicked. He was hysterical.
“You recorded it?” He said
The laptop was on at the corner of the room. A black screen, but the red light teased him. Tormented him into hysteria.
“Why did you record it?”
“Because I wanted to, now get the fuck out of my house”
“What’re you going to do with it?” He asked
“Nothing, unless you make me do something, now get the fuck out, wipe your face as well”
“Promise me, please”
“What, you don’t trust me?”
“I do, but”-
“Listen, you can trust me, now, I’ll give you to the count of ten, or that video is going viral”
He left
He left in a heart beat. I had surprised myself. The way I was. What I had become. I wasn’t the whipping boy like I was before.
Oh no
I was the man doing the fucking whipping and you know what?

The look he had given me was nothing. He couldn’t do anything and he knew that and soon after it was time to go home and stuff my face.
I was hungry
I was tired
I was everything
I signed out.
Walked out of the staff exit and straight to my car and who did I see waiting at the side of their car when I arrived home.
My wife
Probably soon- to- be- ex
But no children
Her face looked stern, she looked a mess, like it was a last minute decision to come all the way from her mother’s house, ”I need to talk to you”
“What do you want?” I asked
I stood at my drive way and waited for the answer.
Something wasn’t right
It ate at me
“I’m leaving for good”
“You can’t take my kids away from me”
“You threatened me, that text you sent”
“I didn’t mean that”
“Yes you did you sick fuck, you threatened to snap my neck and take my kids”
“Our kids!”
“You’re no father, you’re a phycho and you need help”
She got in her car and I chased her down and stopped her from closing the door.
“Wait, don’t take them away!”
“Let go!”
She drove away. Speeding off down the road and left me Wondering

Teddy Baker Episode Three

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Billington, outside London

My eyes were blackened by my palms. I held them there. Thinking to myself.
Am I going to do this? Am I actually going to do this?
It was black outside. The night made it that way. No more daytime. Just like me. I was about to do something that I wouldn’t be able to look back on. No turning back.
Whatever you wanted to call it. I was that to you, but to me, no way. No way was I going to let her take away my children
My kids
My everything
No way was that going to happen
I kept an eye out and then suddenly. It was go time. I breathed in my psychotic air and let it fuel me
Raged me
Raced me to the finish line of this dearing mission I had set myself on.
“You’ve had it coming,” I said
I opened the car door and made my way up the driveway. To seek what was mine.
My children
My everything
It was a quick walk. The stars shone like they were all gazing. Usually the opposite. Usually us humans gaze at them, but that night they gazed my way. All wanting to know what I had install for them. Things were about to get interesting that’s for sure.
“Oh Julie, my sweet dear old Julie, you were a good wife, a good mum, but you’ve stepped over the line”
I was at the door to her mother’s. A nice house in the country. A nice house that overlooked a lovely- lush- field.
Out of the way
Just the way I liked it. It had taken me along time to get there, so all of this wasn’t going to be for nothing. All of this, it was going to come to something. If it had to be me standing and her
Then so be it. I wanted my kids. I wanted my little princess and prince to be with me. At my side, with nobody else telling me what to do. The world was going to shit anyway, so if that meant me showing my true colours to the world. Showing them what I’d do to get what I want.
Then so be it…
“It’s go time,” I said
I knocked
And saw a silhouette come toward the door after a few knocks later. My blood boiled and my temperature soared. I was ready. Ready to grab what was mine.
No ours anymore, no our children, no nothing. The body opened the door. It was her mum and her face said it all.
“What do you want?” She asked
“Who is it mum?” My ex said
Hearing her voice didn’t bring love anymore. It brought…
“That nutter of an ex- husband of yours”
“I’m still her husband,” I told
“Not to me you ain’t, now get off my fucking property”
My ex came to the door. Wide eyed, anger. She despised me. We despised each other.
“Go back to the kids Julie, I’ve got this”
“Leave it mum, I’ll talk to him,” she said, she looked at her and tapped her on the shoulder, “mum, please”
Her mum slowly
Walked away but was still facing forward. I could feel her stare grabbing a hold of me. But, my cold heart put out the flame inside. Her stare didn’t bother me. I was there for one reason and one reason only.
“What do you want?” She asked
“Your mum’s already asked me that”
“Did you answer her?”
“You know what I’m here for”
“You leave the kids alone, I’m fucking warning you”
“Or what, Julie? You’ll throw a plate at me, try and stab me with one of your mum’s kitchen knives?”
“I wouldn’t have to do that if you didn’t try and bash my fucking face in every night”
“We had some fun times didn’t we?” I asked
“Yeah, I really enjoyed having my face kicked in”
“If it was that bad, then why didn’t you leave sooner?” I asked
“Because I was scared at what you would’ve done”
“Your right, you should be”
“I’m not scared anymore”
“Yes you’re, I can feel it”
She took a step back and shook her head rapidly. A tear from her fearful mind dribbled out. Streamed down her and after, a waterfall appeared.
There was no crying out. No screaming. She was fighting the fear.
“Leave… now” she told
A familiar loved voice made itself known to my ears. It was a bright light to the ever- so- growing- darkness.
“Mummy,” she said
I looked at her. My daughter. My… my little princess was right in front of me. My smile was wide as I laid my eyes on her.
Julie looked my way and shook her head again, “don’t you dare”
“You can’t stop me,” I said
“I will stop you”
I took one step in. One step toward my little angel. One step toward getting a hug I treasured most. She stood in the way. The fear and hatred she felt toward me could now be felt even more.
“Hello my little princess,” I said
But she didn’t come to me. She didn’t even show love. She took a step back.   A step back?
From me
From her father
She looked scared.
“Lianne, come give your daddy a hug,” I said
“Get out,” Julie told
Her breathing was strong.
“Get out now”
“What have you done to my daughter,” I said
It was a stare off. A game that both parties weren’t prepared to back down.
“You didn’t think she’d pick up on what an abusive prick you’ve been?”
“What have you told her?” I demanded
She didn’t say anything. My blood and heart were racing. Anger flooded the words I spoke.
“You’re going to regret this,” I said
“I doubt it”
I grabbed her. Her throat was now in the palm of my hand. I crushed it. Felt the struggle. Fed off it. She tried to fight me off.
She kicked
She punched
But I wouldn’t let go.
“Mummy!” Lianne bellowed

Teddy Baker Episode Four

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, outside London

Up in flames
Slowly burning
Was this the world now? Was this how it was all going to end? I had stopped there over night, but still wide awake. I hadn’t slept at all. Not one bit. I didn’t think I ever would sleep the same, not after a night of fire.
I watched the news. Everybody I assumed did. It was all happening.
It was spreading
Strangling the world and turning the one we knew into nothing but a piece of dirt on the side of hell’s road.
“After nine days of the breakout of this virus in Ashford city, California, the virus has now tended to spread to countries around the world, we can now report that there’s been cases here in the UK, in Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh,” the reporter said
She stood outside a hospital in Newcastle where the patient or patients were.
“And so it begins, the end of the world”
I really believed that. I really believed that it was the end of the world. The end of the world where the real down under would rise and burn us all.
I sat on the couch with my arms spread out. Where my kids were supposed to have been.
But they weren’t.
“Jack, Lianne?”
I got up and walked out of the living room. Looked to my right and saw them both standing what used to be their mother. I walked over. Grabbed her by the arms and dragged the corpse away from them.
“I should’ve buried this along time ago,” I said, “sorry kids”
I stepped over another body.
Her throat was sliced.
She was no more. I never liked the old hag anyway. Always telling Julie that I wasn’t the right one for her. That there was something about me she didn’t trust.
“Glad you’re gone?” I whispered
Looking forward. The looks on my kids faces said it all. It was too much for them. For their minds. All in all I had plans. They were now my responsible, I got what I wanted and that was that. Like I said before. She wasn’t taking the kids away from me.
“Let’s go for a little ride shall we, Julie,” I said, “a ride down to hell”

I buried the shovel in as far as I could, chunks of earth came out.
“You’re going to love your new home, Jules ,” I said, “it’s not like our home, it could do with a little decorating and probably an extention,” I bent down, facing her souless face, “I loved you, you should know that”
The garden was gigantic and the house looked big from behind. It was big inside also. Her mum was successful at what she’d done.
I never knew what that was. It didn’t matter now though did it. She was fucking dead.
“Your mum will be here after, so you can talk and bitch about me like the old days”

The grave was complete and I had them both side- by- side. Ready to be shown their new home.
“Here it is guys,” I grinned, “hope you like it”
I shoved them in with my feet and watched them fall.
Fall away from me
From my kids
From the world
It was a special day for me because I had a new chapter in front of me
I was holding the pen. You might not see that as a good thing, but I truly believed, deep down in my gut, that the world was going to hell.
I had the mind for it
The craziness
The insanity
To protect my kids. Julie on the other hand was too much of a good person. Too bright. Not a spot of blackness inside of her. Therefore it should’ve been me to protect them.
Teach them
Hold them
Caress them
“I’m here for them now my dear sweet Jules,” I told
I stood there for some time and thought to myself.
You did it

Time passed on and the next second to pass had a surprise for me. A bump in the road that felt eleven and a half feet tall. It was my son, screaming
I exploded inside. Through the house and onto the front garden. My son had stopped a car, but not any old car, a police car and an old, quite large man stood at his car door. He pointed my way. My son nodded and the man looked my way again.
“Excuse me,” he said
I didn’t say a word. I walked over. My breathing and mind as one. Each thought was of a film that’d been quickly made. The plan was simple.
Kill the old fuck.
I was in front of him, he looked me in the eyes, “these your kids?”
“They say you killed their mum and grandma”
I smiled. He barged passed me and my kids followed. Where was he going? Surely he wasn’t stupid enough to stick his nose in. He had nothing to do with it
“I wouldn’t do that,” I said
“The back garden you said?” He asked my son
Jack nodded.
“Jack, what’re you doing?”
I followed them through the house and into the backyard. The plan now was to get the man out of sight
The backyard
And put him out of his misery there.
“You shouldn’t really be here,” I said
“Two little kids shouting help on the side of the road, what would you do?” He asked
“Daddy, why did you kill mummy” my sweet little angel asked
Her teddy bear drooped in her arms. Signs of a low mood.
“The floors moving,” the man said
I looked
And watched the floor move around.
We heard their screams
Was it them?
How could this be?
What was happening?

Teddy Baker Mid- Season Finale

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, outside London“Dear god,” the man said
Their dirt- stained- bodies slowly appeared out of the grave. They hissed and crawled. Their eyes were souless as they slowly moved towards us.
“Mummy,” Lianne said
“Lianne don’t!” I told
I grabbed both my kids. They fought with me. Tried to get away from my grip.
They both struggled
“Get off me!”
Jack sunk his teeth into my hand. I screamed out in pain and saw the blood slowly show itself. The bodies were coming close. The old man was petrified.
Devilish thoughts controlled me. Anything to survive. To protect my kids. I didn’t know what else I could do.
“Screw it,” I said
I snook up behind him. Pushed him toward them. What came next was something to empty anybodies stomach. He slipped and fell over one and they were on to him. He tried kicking them off. He crawled backwards. Crying for my help.
“Get them off of me!”
His cries flooded my ears.
“Holy shit,” I said, “kids, let’s go”
Jack and Lianne stared. Shaken at what was happening in front of their very eyes. The man was getting eaten alive. His legs pouring with blood.
One on the right leg
The other on the left
Tearing into them like starving wolves. I grabbed my kids and ignored the biting from Jack. Lianne didn’t fight me. She knew daddy was trying to get her away. Jack on the other couldn’t stop. He kicked and punched and bit.
I had to ignore it
I had to get out there
I got to my car and forced the kids in.
Jack fought me, but I overpowered him and pushed him in.
“Damn it Jack!” I said, “can’t you see I’m trying to help!”
“You’re evil and I hate you,” tears showed in his eyes, “you killed mum, I hope you die!”
Lianne sat there quiet. Looking scared. There was no movement from her at all.
“Mummies alive,” she suddenly spoke, “so is grandma”
“That wasn’t mum or grandma,” I told,
“that was something else”
I travelled round to the drivers seat. The man’s cries weren’t heard anymore. They had died
Like him
“You killed that man,” Jack spoke, “you will die too”
“That won’t happen, I am here to protect you,” I told
My kids hated me, so be it. There wasn’t a possibility that I’d gain that love back. They probably wanted to kill me
Watch me die a horrible death. Lianne wasn’t showing that emotion, but I knew deep down she felt it. Jack, on the other hand.
He showed it
Felt it
lAnd he damn right let me feel it too. I sped away. Leaving the horror behind. I watched the house in short glimpses dissappear behind the winding roads. But, in the corner of my eye I felt my son’s glare.
His hate
“You will thank me when you’re old enough, you will”
The road forward was long.
Of course
The family was being held up by me. I was the one thing these kids had.
Their father
Wasn’t going to let them out of my sight. They were with me. I was going to save them from a world that was quickly changing. I turned the radio on and the silence passed by. The first thing to hear.
Of course
About the virus. I thought for a second. Would my kids want to listen to this? But I wanted to listen. I needed to. I needed to know what was happening so I could prepare. The news had nothing positive.
No light
Just darkness
It seemed to be a long tunnel that was soon, it sounded like, going to engulf parts of the world
All of it. I thought the worst. I thought the worst for us all.
“Daddy,” Lianne said
“Yes honey”
She started to cry. Shed tears in front of my eyes. All I could see in the mirror was her weeping.
“I miss mummy”
I felt the glare once more from Jack.
“You have me now, I’m all you guys need”
I zeroed in on the news once more.Tried to find out as much as possible. Apparently the virus had spread across Europe now. They were now calling it a crisis.
Were being fast- tracked. The world was panicking. Hospitals overflowing with the ill. Sightings of people eating people becoming more frequent. The need to get my kids to safety. Away from all of this became more important.
“Mum will come for you,” Jack told
I looked in the mirror and saw his
deadly gaze once again. I didn’t say a word. Just felt the stabbing pains his hateful stare brought to me.
“I will keep you safe kids, I will always keep you safe, I love you both”

The house had life again. We all walked in. The kids faces didn’t change but I loved having them back. It added colour to the walls once more. The drawings on the walls that the kids had done a few years back tended to move with life.
The house had a heartbeat
I knelt down in front of my princess, “are you hungry honey?”
“No thank you daddy”
She sniffed
She couldn’t look at me
Make eye contact
I looked at Jack
“What about you champ?”
He didn’t answer. He grabbed Lianne’s hand. Took her away from me. Walked up the stairs and left me alone. I wanted to follow them, but something told me I had to leave them alone.
To think
To thank me
“You was too nice Jules, you had to go, people like you aren’t meant for this world”
I switched the TV on and watched the reporters sell the crisis to the world. They were now reporting in London. At the side of him was the underground. With armed police behind him.
The reporter spoke, “several people were attacked on the subway trains and the disease”-
“Get out of here!” A voice told
The reporter didn’t move.
Many people heaved into the armed police.
“Stay back!”
Guns were fired
Cries were heard
The police were attacked by the savages below.
It seemed to be all over the place now. My feelings were. If I didn’t get my kids to safety. Away from it all. We’d have unwanted company at the front door.
“We have to get out of here,” I told myself
But where…?