Rhonda Gedling Season 2 Episode Three


Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Motel Liz, outside Colorado

It was a cold night
Not in general
For me
I sat cross legged next to the space where she was buried. The stars in the night sky twinkled. I hoped she was one of them. Looking down on me with a broard smile
No worries
No problems
Just her finally at peace
With herself
“We had some times didn’t we?” I spoke, “remember when we had to shop lift to survive, it was all my idea, but we had no other choice and I ended up getting caught and you rescued me, by kicking the security guard in the balls, because you were my big sister and thats what sisters do… look after each other”
I stayed gazing at the crystal- clear- sky with a few tears beginning to shed. I had shed many that now. I could feel the river was running dry.
Soon I would be emotionless
Free from crying
Free from tears blinding my vision
Free from being vulnerable
Thats what I thought then. The crying was vigourous. Making me feel bad in so many ways that I began to worry about how I would turn out in the future.
My emotional bank going bankrupt
Just like my tears
It was her
I didn’t want to look round
I didn’t want to look at her
She walked around to where I was facing and I saw her silhouette.
She stood there
Sat down
And the quiet washed upon us
“She was an angel,” she said
I gave her a deadly look that couldnt be seen in the dark, “how would you know?”
“Those last moments I spent with her, that is enough”
“Just to show up in the final moments isn’t enough, you haven’t been there”
She put her hand on mine, “I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere”
I thought about what she said. I gave it a thought and tried to think about the larger scale
The bigger picture
I tried to think positive
I had a mother that seemed to love me. That didn’t want to leave my side
I had somebody that would want to be there for me when things went to shit
That didn’t change it. It didnt change the past that always blew the potential apart. It would be forever engraved in my mind.
A child should never witness her mother spaced out on drugs
I pulled away, “I can’t do this”
I walked away from her. Deep into the night. Deep into something that felt like my own fucking head…
It had always been a possibility. My life getting worser every god- damn- minute. It was always going to lead to that point.
My life
Being the unstable bridge that it was. That it always had been. It was bound to collapse at some point.
And it finally did
“What do I have to do?!” She asked
“Bring my sister back!”
“You know I can’t that”
“Then you’re useless to me, like you’ve always have been”
“Thats not fair”
“Oh it isn’t?” I asked
“No… its not”
“Do you want me to tell you all the reasons why it is fair?”
She came toward me, her stride was determined, “Look, what I did was disgusting, I get that, what I did I cannot take back, I was a shit mom, a vile creature that didn’t and still doesn’t deserve to have kids, but”-
“But what, its all better now, is that what you’re going to say?”
“No… No I wasn’t, I was going to say I want to be here for you now, I know in your mind you think its too late, but it isn’t, I can still be a mother to you”
I shook my head. Her words were knocking on the door. I could see it and hear it in the words she spoke. I didn’t know what to do at that point.
To love?
To hate?
Despice the woman that was supposed to be my mother and protect me?
Love the woman that was there at that moment? I was too distraught to find an answer.
I just said
“Get away from me, please”
“Please Rhonda”
“Leave me the fuck alone!”
I turned and hit her in the face. I heard the impact and I felt it. She fell to the floor and cried out. I held my hands to my face and sobbed.
“You should’ve just left me alone!” I told, “now look! I can’t do this, you hear me?! This isn’t right, not only have I lost my sister, not only is the world falling a part around me, but I have you to remind me of the fucked up childhood I had”
She began to stir. She sat up and held her face.
She sniffed
I could sense her emotion
I had just shown what I felt about her and it had crushed her.
“Do you want me to go?” She asked
“You already know the answer to that”
“Ok,” she said
She got up and walked into the dark.
I thought
Was I wrong?
Should I have given her the chance?
I looked up at the sky and hoped a certain somebody was listening, “I hate her, but what do I do? If I let her leave, the journey would’ve been a waste, especially for my sister, but if I let her go… I wouldn’t miss her… but would I?”
I was confused. I shook my head
I knew what I had to do

Graham Jackson Season 2 Episode Two


Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

I raced down the coridoor. I could see the exit in the distance, so close, but…
The glass pannels on the roof shined a light on where I ran. A light that set a fake feeling.
An ironic feeling where I was running toward the light
To the outside…
To safety
But all I felt was that I was running into more chaos.
More fear
And maybe…
I heard them from behind
The roars
The sqeals
The cries
All sending eruptions of fear up my spine. Fright had grabbed me and brought my legs into a heavier state. I felt them getting heavier and heavier. I was never the athletic type. I was never the one who you’d want to put a bet on winning a race, so running wasnt my strong point.
As we all know. When it comes to the crunch.
Or slow
When shit kicks off. We up our game and thats what I did. I was going to get the fuck out of their either way. I upped the gears and felt the engine burn.
“Come on you old fucker!” I urged
I didn’t want to do it, but I did.
I felt like I had to. I aloud myself a second window to look behind and when I did. I realised the number that was chasing me had risen.
Where had these come from?
How many more were there?
My eyes popped out, “holy christ”

I took a sudden left. I needed to lose them. I needed to find my way to Evelyn. I hadn’t been in Nottingham for long
But luckily
I had remembered how to get to where she was.
“This was a fucking mistake,” I said
A hill was not so far away. I winced at the sight, but I had to climb it. There was no turning back.
If I did…
“Come on you old timer,” I cried, “urgh!”
I pushed myself. Dragging my legs up the hill. Passing many empty buildings that were either smashed in or empty.
A turning point. A voice shouting something. I struggled to make it out
Later on…
I did
“Hey you!”
I looked up and dragged my gaze from one building to the next.
“Hey you, up here!”
I finally spotted him. I huffed and puffed. Each pant sent shocks racing through me.
“Get up here, I’ll let you in!”
He was on a shop roof. It was a safe bet. I had no intention in stopping, but I was running out of fuel.
I could use the help in getting through this unknown path. I didn’t know what was lurking around that darkened corner. If I was to get to my one and only daughter and the little ones I needed to be in one piece.
Friends were needed.
Friends to fight with
To survive with
A shot was fired. He was holding a rifle. The sound echoed around me. I looked around and one fell to ground, then another which slowed a few down behind them.
I was nearly there
Heart racing
Chasing life with every beat.
Edging toward the light
I reached the door and he pulled it open, he stood there with a large shot gun in his hand, “get in!”
He pulled me inside and he walked out.
“Wait, what’re you”-
Huge sounds bombarded my ears. The sound of the shotgun went off.
I looked out and saw him taking each one apart. Heads flew off as they got close to him. I feared for his life
The scary thing was. The thing that got me the most.
He didn’t.

I looked around for a brief period and what I saw was a coffee shop. Tables had been pushed over and chairs were scattered all over the place. Panic was written all over the place. It didnt matter where you were. Fear was going to grab hold of you and kick your ass.

In no time at all. He came strolling back in. Closed the door  with blood stains on his white shirt. A young man he was
Younger than me anyway
He looked fit and well. He had a crazed look in his eyes which matched the style of his shirt. A black skull stared at me from the front and on the back. A question sat there.
A question that made me think: are you afraid of death?
“Yeah,” I whispered
“What?” He asked
“Oh, your shirt”
“The question?”
I nodded
“Are you afraid?”
“I am… I guess”
“Thats not an answer”
He sat down at a table near to the window and looked out. Put his gun down and put his feet up. He looked over at me and watched me think. The man had a strange aura about him. An aura that I was slightly skeptical about. The water wasn’t clear
Did I want it to be?
“I’m scared for my daughter and my grandkids, with every second that passes by I get a chill, I’m not there and I need to be”
“Where’re they?” He asked, “do you know?”
“In the square and I need to get there as soon as possible”
“They’ll be fine,” he said, “they have it closed off, she’ll be well protected”
“Can you help me get there? I could use the help”
“What makes you think you can trust me?” He asked, “you dont know who I am or how I got this gun, I could be a crazy fucker for all you know and also, what makes you think I give a fuck about your family?”
“Because you would’ve killed me already and desperate times calls for desperate measures and you have a gun and you seem to be good at using it”
“I might be binding my time on killing you”
I felt myself boil up inside. I wanted to beat the crap out of him. I wanted to tear him limb from limb.
He had a god damn weapon.
But then…
He laughed, “I’m only messing with you!”
I smiled a weak smile, “funny”
“Of course I’ll help you, I mean I haven’t got a family of my own, fuck it, what have I got to lose, plus, I could use a little more fun”
My phone buzzed in my pocket… EVELYN
“Dad, I tried to get through to come look for you but they would’nt let me passed, I dont know what to do, where’re you?”
“I’m coming, just hold on,” I looked up at my new found friend, “I’ll be there soon”

Teddy Baker Season 2 Episode Two


Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, Gatewick, outside Wales

I pushed him away
Each time
He came back
Each time
My son cried at the sight of his grandad.
Lunging forward everytime he sat back up after I pushed him away. I took my son and slowly guided him to the door.
He stood behind me
Shaking in fear
I felt his hand shake in my grasp
I tried to hold my dad
This thing
Back with one arm
It was getting more and more difficult each time.
With each shove he just kept coming back for more
“Dad!” Jack cried
He came toward me again. I grabbed him
By the neck and pushed him toward the bed and held him down.
I looked at my scared son, “get out of here, now!”
I put all of my strength into holding him down and released everything onto him.
Each punch
Each collision
Caused me to rethink everything
Every moment
Every smile…
Flashing by within my mind. I kept going and going and going. I didn’t stop.
I could’nt stop
I stared into his perished eyes
With every emotionally- filled- hit
A drop of my tears died in his vacant skin
“Ahhhhh!” I cried
A vicious combo until there was nothing left. Until the face of my souless father was nothing but a bloody mess.
The blood of my once- was-  father
By me
I breathed heavily, he was’nt moving, “stay down,” I panted
His skull was caved in. Nothing was left. I couldn’t recognice the face anymore. He moved once more and the final blow was made.
He was’nt moving anymore
I fell back and backed away into the wall, “please… no more”

The sun was now beginning to peep and after a thousand thoughts.
I took the decision
And began to dig the hole that I never thought I’d ever be digging.
The hole that would be the residence of my father’s rotting corpse. A corpse that once held the heart that I cherished along with my mothers.
It had turned black, but I would always remember it as a beating heart of loving red.

The hole was complete.
I looked down at his body
Knelt down
And said…
“Be one with mum pops, I love you both, until we meet again”
I grasped his body and rolled him into the hole.
One final push
One final look
He was in
I began to bury him.
With every bit of earth I threw into the grave from the ground I once ran around on as a child. I felt my heart sink a little deeper. Deeper into the black hole
That was slowly converting the world I lived on
The lights hadn’t turned off just yet
But I felt the time drawing closer and closer. Dawning upon us.
I looked up at the window and saw Jack looking down. The image that he saw was probably different to mine.
I had killed somebody else he loved
Destroyed another vital relationship.
What I saw was a situation that needed to be dealt with.
My father
Wouldn’t have survived in this world. A SLOW. A WEAK. A DEFENSELESS MAN. In the twilight years of his grand- old life. The only thing I could do and I hope you would’ve done too.
Is save him from the chaos.
Letting him join his wife
My mother
With a smile on his face holding her hand once again
“I have never been a religious man and you know that, I know grandad was and I know you were, but I hope, if there is a heaven, you’re seeing mother, smile father… smile”

I Looked up at the light sky
Wiped the sweat off my face
and breathed.
“I hope you two have fun together, like we used to, the long walks in the fields with franky the dog, never a day goes by where I don’t think about those days, but the thing you have to remember and never forget is, these kids are my life, I did what I thought was right and thats what you both taught me… as long as I’m breathing, nothing, and I mean, nothing, will happen to them”
I walked back inside and exhaustion took over me
I knew
I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I did what any normal person would do when they knew they wouldn’t be able to sleep.
Turn on the TV and zone out.
“Lets see whats happening around the shit hole”
Nothing was different
Nothing had changed
The same old stories
The same old bloody ink
The world- wide- epidemic had taken its toll and was becoming uncontrollable. Every major city in Europe now was a victim.
The pictures of those cities spelt
And many more across the world were crumbling. Quarentined zones that were shown were nothing but a horror show. Bodies upon bodies being dragged by loved ones who wanted to protect them and people in white body suits wanted to test them or get rid of them.
Kids lying next to their dead mothers or fathers
I kept watching. To prapare myself what was to come.
It went back to the studio, an oldish man waited to speak with the anchorwoman, “so, what do we know about this dreadful disease?”
He began quickly, his voice low and creaky, “well what we do know is this, the virus works in two ways, one way, is that if you get bit by an infected, you will then develop a high fever and the body will begin to vomit repetively until the virus has fully taken control, when the virus has taken control, thats when all control is lost, the second, is more complex, when you die, you will eventually come back, but it wont be you, its another form of the infection”
“I heard that when somebody gets bitten, they run around like deranged lunatics murdering who ever they see, but when somebody dies without being bit, they come back, but they walk around, they dont run,” the anchorwoman said
A bang on the door made me jump to my feet.
“Help me, somebody!” I heard

Rhonda Gedling season 2 Episode Two


Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Motel Liz, outside Colorado

It was close. The whole thing. What could’ve turned into a disaster. A violent spew of gore that wouldve made our worlds alot worse.
Well theirs
Not mine
It ended up being a rescue. The crack whore didnt want to raise a fist
Or anything
To my sister. She cried out in pain at the sight of her walking toward her. The way Elaine walked. Dragging her feet across the floor clumpsily. Her- dead- self getting closer and closer as time went on.
“Rhonda, I can’t do anything!” She cried, “help me somebody!”
She was a mess
Both of them
The sounds of her grunting and the sight of her reaching. Elaine caused mom to fall over Ricky’s dead body.
Then Gary shook himself into sense and stepped forward to help.
Then I stepped forward and moved him aside, “I’ll deal with this”
I breathed in deeply and prepared myself for more hurt. For more heartache
For more tears
What I was going to do was going to expand the time it took me to, ‘heal,” even though healing was unreachable anyway. I knew I had to get it over with. I could’nt let her be like this. It wasn’t her. It was something else.
I grabbed the gun from the floor and pointed it at her, tears poured down my once flooded cheeks, “I’m sorry”
I went to shoot.
I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t pull the fucking trigger. I had frozen in time and time was now about to kill me. The corpse that was once my adored sister was edging nearer and nearer. Deaths door was upon me.
Her lifeless eyes
Her souless body
All she wanted was my blood. I had to grasp that and use it as a weapon.
“Rhonda,” mom said
She spoke a few more words but I couldnt hear her. It was like her voice was caught in the wind.
The freezing- cold- wind that had frozen me.
With fright
Again, I had to attempt to come back to life. To melt the fright that had frozen me. Mom could be seen racing to my aid.
I put my hand up to say stop, “No… let me,” I told, “I love you,” I said to her
That was it. The bullet was let out of its cage and into her head and in a heap that made my heart pound harder. She fell to the floor.
“I’m sorry,” I cried
I dropped the gun and fell to my knees and crawled toward her.
I begged for forgiveness
Even though she was practically dead. I still felt like I had killed her.
“Rhonda,” mom said, “Rhonda I’m”-
“Just leave it mom…” I looked at her, “please”
“I just wanted to say thank you”
“For what?”
“I couldn’t do it”
She turned and walked away.  The others left me also. I was left alone with my sister.
Just me
And her
Like it also had been.
“I will always keep you in here,” I I took her hand and placed it on my heart, “I’ll see you again one day”
I hugged her and kissed her on the forehead and rose to my feet.
What was to happen next in the world I had to get to know? I did think about committing suicide
Dont get me wrong
I was considering it big time.
I thought about my sister and how much of a selfish bitch I would’ve been.
I wanted to see her again
I wanted to hold her
Kiss her…
I heard footsteps, “you alright?”
I looked around and it was Gary.
“Yeah… I’m gonna have to be”
I looked back at her. Laid her down on the floor and rose to
my feet. Looked down at her in dispair. Grief weighing heavy on my shoulders
I knew
It hadn’t hit me fully yet.
“What are we going to do with her and the others, we can’t just leave them here”
I looked at the others. Disgust could be seen being written on my face as I looked at them.
A man who I assumed was a nice- gentle- man who wouldn’t hurt a soul. A man who wouldn’t lay his hands on a woman.
I was naive
Stupid to ever think that.
And then his brother
A man who I assumed was just a robot he cotrolled. I could’nt care less for them. The number was low. The number was zero

After hours of getting my head around things and after hours of trying to place my feet back on the ground to tell myself
This wasn’t a dream
And NO
Your sister isn’t coming back
I realised that we had to do something and that thing was to bury her and give her a send off that she deserved. Thats the best I could’ve done for her.
Gary and I helped dig the hole for Elaine whilst the others watched on. With each moment that passed by. With each plunge the shovel made into the ground. Looks were exchanged between mom and  myself. Not looks of hate, but looks as if we were in a rare place where we could feel the same thing
Hate still lurked in the background.

The shovels were put down and Gary and I slowly went to lower my sister into the graze.
“Wait,” mom said, “just one last kiss”
She walked up to her and placed her lips onto Elaine’s forehead.
“I’m sorry,” she told, “I’m sorry I was never there for you, but I will always love you and I hope you realise that”
I watched her gaze sorrowfully into Elaine’s closed eyes and continued to lower her in.
I climed up out of the grave
Looked down at her
And watched her body slowly dissapear inch by inch with each pile of dirt.
Her face could still be seen and until it dissapeared I made sure I said, “I love you sis”

Cal Moore Season 2 Episode Two


Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

I looked back at the horror
The picture
That wasn’t yet finished
But the result of it was predictable
The monstors had broken down the fences
Our protection
Our only way to a normal life had been shatterd and now they were heading straight for us.
“Jeffrey, we need to get out of here!” Mom shouted
“I know!”
In the time it took us to take a breath. They were getting closer
And closer
With each blink of an eye
With each- terrified- look that was exchanged
And with each shaking hand
We all saw
The same outcome.
The engine came into life.
“Jeff!” Ray came to the side of the car, “lets knock this gate down together!”
My dad nodded.
“Less talking, more doing!” Mom stressed
“Yes maam!” Shouted Ray
Whilst they were talking I couldnt help but watch on as these creatures that spelt
Were closer than before. We all realised the danger
We had too
And the cars shot off in a blink. Each blink
The page had a new paragraph
Each blink
The page had new words
That had the power to change a life
But the last sentences were about to be written. The cars drove at an enormous speed and the land outside flew passed. I felt my whole body being pulled into the seat as I felt the apprehension within me.
I looked at Hannah
She looked looked at me
Was in his own little world. Staring into thin air, but deep down inside
I knew
He felt the moment we were in.
“Hold on!” Dad told
The fense was coming up. In the short space of time I had. One thought was on repeat through the whole thing.
With my eyes closed
My hands clenched on the chair in front
Please, please lets get through this
“Jesus,” dad said
I looked and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like the word hope had been took away from me and been replaced with misery. The car lights shone their beams and many of the monsters were at the gate and many more made it possible for the word
To conclude the paragraph.
“What’re we going to do?!” Dad asked
“Go left!” Ray told
“Hold on!”
I held on tight, but the force of the turn made me fly into Zach and Zach into Hannah. The ride turned into a bumpy one. I looked behind and saw the cars, but there were only a few left. I panicked for a second.
Where was he?
Where was my best buddy Mason?
The car he was in appeared from behind another car.
I still wondered where the other ones were. I looked on and noticed
In the distance
The cars that were long gone
Left behind
They had been surrounded by the monsters and that
I knew
Spelt the end for them
“Dad!” I cried, “theres some that’re still back there!”
“They’re gone son, we have to save our selves, if we go back we’re dead!”
“You dont know they’re dead!”
“I do!” He told, “we’re getting out of here!”
I looked at Hannah and saw the picture in her eyes.
She felt the way as I did underneath all of that emotion. I knew it, but the one emotion that stood out from all was relief. She was relieved to have found a safehaven.
A group of people
That would look after her
Watch her back
And her brother’s
“This is for the best,” she told, she put her hand on my shoulder, “your dads doing the right thing, we, are doing the right thing”
Maybe we were
Maybe we weren’t
But it was too late anyway and the huge fire of remorse set fire inside of me.
Why should I be safe?
Why should I be the one to get away?
I kept looking back and the last stare saw the left- behind- cars disappear in the distance.
Into the darkness
I thought about the faces that were lost because I remembered each car that everybory drove.
All of them in the slide show.
“Maybe,” I said, “but tell that to them”
“Hold on!” Dad told
We smashed through the fences. I watched on as we sped into them and with the impact of both cars at full speed. It caused the fense to go on top of the cars.
The impact took me forward and back. Jerking my neck back and fourth. I held the back of my neck in pain.
“Argh,” I moaned
We had made it out
Just about. We were away from the beasts of the night and on into the unknown. With what was in front of us
And nothing but the lights from the cars to show us the way.
Thats all we had
Where were we going to go now?
Was the question
The one thing on my mind at the time
On everybodies mind
“You guys ok?” Mom asked
“Yeah im fine,” I said
“Me too and so is Zach,” Hannah told
I looked behind me as we left our home in the distance. All that I saw was bleakness and a shade of red
That was running into our lives. This was reality now and we were in the open. Diving into something that we didn’t fully understand. The one thing I did understand was that these things were out to kill.
“Holy shit!” Dad cried
The car then skidded and
A body
Then collided with the window with brute force. The car then skidded to a halt
In shock…

Graham Jackson Season 2 Premiere


Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

My mind was full with a bad smell. A smell that was going through me and making me heave. A smell that was pushing me in a direction where I wanted to get further and further away from it.
I could’nt. The nightmarish stench that was right in front of me I could’nt avoid. I could’nt just walk away.
“Evelyn,” I said, “I’ll find you and the kids”
Was I right?
Was I wrong?
I was terrified
I didn’t know any of the answers to the questions. I didnt know anything about the road I was on.
What hands were going to grab hold of me, slap me and wake me the fuck up. If it was a nightmare all along it was taking me forever to wake up. Evelyn was out there.
With the kids
With fear that was eating me
Eating her
Eating the world
I needed to get up. I needed to open that door behind me that I slouched on
Cried on
Thought on
Prayed on
And get my ass back into no mans land. Thats what the world felt like it was becoming
Every step was a weapon against myself.
I rose up and turned to face the door, after being there for a few hours, I don’t know, maybe more, I grabbed hold of the handle and opened it… I breathed in, “lets do this”
Lets do this. I had to do it. There was no other way in the path I was on.
One path
One direction
One aim…
To find my angel and my grandkids.
I looked around and heard the door slam behind me.
I jumped
Felt my heart beat out
And stayed calm… I had to
“Here we go,” I said
One step
The next one
And the next one
Each one stepping deeper and deeper into something that I knew was bad news.
What was around the corner?
I didn’t know, I had to find out.
I gazed around and witnessed a few dead bodies laying there in the distance. It was just too quiet.
Too much to bare.
I looked left
Then right
Which way?
Which was dangerous and which wasn’t.
They both were dangerous
Both deadly
I stepped right and walked as fast I could.
Silent as I could
Did’nt want to make a noise. I didn’t know if the place was crawling with those things. In the hours I was in that toilet
On my own
I had heard a few screams from time to time
Running footsteps
And more coming after
Probably the monsters because I heard the growls
The footsteps before came with cries for help
Thoughts like… you could’ve helped them, you could’ve saved them, impacted my thinking
I got rid of them and wrote something knew. My path was to save my family.
And I had to stay focused on that
Nobody was insight
Then a shot was heard that boomed into my ears
The old ticker was beating faster
My eyes were moving quicker
There it was again
Then a roar came after
Then multiple fires
I was close to the exit and thats where I stopped. I took a peep and saw armed army guys with police firing at oncoming infected. There were plenty
Plenty to make you think they could stand a chace
“Ahh shit”
I walked back. Keeping my eyes on the fight in front of me.
Then I turned and quickly walked to find another exit.
My breathing stuttered.
I slowed down my walking
Two parts of the mind telling me different things.
Run through it you’re wasting time
Find another way out
I then woke the fuck up and came up with a plan that the modern human being should’ve come up with before they set foot in looking for someone.
The mobile phone…
I quickly took it out with shaky hands and walked away from the battle ground.
“Come on, pick up, pick up”
But no answer. I tried again kept my eyes open. Looking everywhere for any oncoming infected.
“Please, pick up”
I shook in every bone in my body. With the shooting in the distance gettng further and further away as I walked.
But still loud
I didn’t give up on the one call that would make life a little more easier. To know if her and the kids were ok.
I had to
Giving up on that call wasn’t an option
“God damn it”
I waited… put my palm onto my forehead and felt the sweat of panic
The cold sweat
Run down my face
And in the end the voice that I had been waiting for had answered
“Dad?!” She answered, her enjoyement heard
A lot of commotion was heard in the background. I could’nt really hear her. I had to really concentrate and do the best I could to talk to her.
To settle her down
To let her know that I would do anything to get to her
To keep her safe
No way was I going to fucking lose her
“Evelyn?” I sobbed, “oh my god, Evelyn can you hear me?!”
“Dad?! Where’re in the square, the army have blocked it off, we’re safe, but I need to come and find you, where’re you?!”
“No! Stay where you’re, I will reach you, don’t move, I’m coming…! Evelyn?!”
“Please dad, hurry?!”
The call ended
Only one thing on my mind
One thing left to do
Get to them
I quickly picked up the pace
Walking turned into jogging
With a quick flip of the coin and with me being on the losing side
A cry and a burst out of nowhere
A body came crashing down
“Aaaaaaah!” He shouted
From the top floor he crashed.  Right in front of me. I gazed upon him. He twitched, looked at me and stretched his hand out toward me. A silent cry for help. Then he was gone. His neck was dripping with blood and so was his shoulder. Gaping holes
Bite marks
In both of them
A familiar sound was then heard.
A roar that punched holes through my spine.
A scream
A roar
Then many shot out from out of nowhere. Their quickness was frightening. My eyes widened and the only thing I could do was run.
Run like hell
Run for my life

Teddy Baker Season 2 Premiere


Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, Gatewick, outside Wales

I turned the lamp back on and
sat there staring at the mess I’d made.
Like a black and white film
A gritty drama
Staring at the mess that other people would’nt even dare to clean up. Never mind create in the first place. To create for the greater good.
For my kids
My blood
Thats what I thought in the deep gargantuan mind I had. In the vast forest of shit that had been placed upon my feet
Our feet
My childrens feet
And now I sat there staring
Gazing at what once was a loving relationship between a father and son
Was a gateway to a more of an insane mind
It was a scary thing for me at first
To know what I could do
The new power that I had
A power to do what I thought must be done
And that power was creating something new
A fresh start that would create fear in anybodies mind
If I could kill my own dad and my own wife
I could kill anything to make sure my family survived
Was going to stop that progression

I didnt get much sleep that night
Maybe even none at all
It was early hours in the morning and the sun hadn’t even showed itselt yet. The only thing I could see as I sat there on the floor was his hand hanging out from the side of the bed
A hand that I had held many of times
As a child
As a teenager
Even as a young man
Many of those times I had seeked his help and many of those times I had threw it back in his face.
I wanted to hold it then and feel the stength within my grasp
The strength of a father
My father
But I was only lieing to myself
He was old before I ended him
The strength wouldn’t have been there anymore to cope with what was to come
I saved him
I breathed the air that he used to breath, my mum used to lay right next to him, sharing the air, “I hope you understand why I did it, I hope you understand the danger you was in if I would’ve kept you here, you wouldn’t have stood a chance, not with whats to come,” I stood up and walked toward him and sat down beside him, to hold his hand, lifeless, “I did you a favour, the world is going to shit, you’re now with mum which is all that matters, don’t worry about the kids, I will do anything and I mean anything to protect them… one day they will understand why I did this… one day”
One day they would, so I hoped. I begged for it to happen that one day they would think of their old man as their saviour and not the man that destroyed their lives. I hoped
Begged that they would look back and see every single reason why it had to be done. I laid down next to him. In the same space where my mum once was. Where she used to rest her loving soul. I stared up at the ceiling and thought about everything.
“You had a lot of love to give and I felt every bit of it, thats what I have to thank you for, for what I will always thank you for, I will never forget you dad, never, until the day I die, who knows,” I smiled and sniggered, a joking sound but a dreaded thought, a possible thought, “maybe it’ll be my son who kills me”

I closed my eyes and thought of happier times. A good dream
A beautitul dream
Came to pass me, mum and dad walking on the ever- green- fields from the back of the house. The gusts of winds blew the grass slightly into my hands
I laughed and the child- sound echoed in the winds.
I held out my palms and let the grass blow into them. I looked on and glanced upon  my mother and father.
They walked in front of me
All I could see were the backs of their heads
Both had brown hair once more
Like the old days
When they were young and energetic
Mum then grabbed my dads hand then my dad put his arm around her.
Mums head then fell comfortably on to his shoulder and they walked slowly along.
It was such a soothing walk
The landscape
The feel of the scene
At one with my parents as a child
It could’nt have gotten any better
My pace then picked up.
I was chasing my parents.
“Mummy, daddy!”
My child- like- voice blew away in the wind. They couldnt hear, so I waited until I reached them.
I was beside them, “mum, dad”
They both turned
And within seconds. My child self was brought down.
From happy
To sad
The reality of my parents in the dream reverberated through my spine. They suddenly screamed a terrifying scream. Their faces were grotesqe. Their eyes dripped with blood and their hands were dried up.
Dead skin
Like their faces.
They went to grab me and I awakened

I opened my eyes and saw a figure at the corner of my eye which made me jump.
“Jesus, Jack,” I said
His eyes were deadly. His gaze
As always
Since the day I turned the corner
Shot a bullet through my heart
“What’re you doing up?” I asked
“You killed grandad?”
The moment I was about to let out the words of explanation. A hand grabbed hold of my shoulder and a sound that could only be my fathers
But it wasnt
Rang through my body
“Shit!” I said
He had risen and he was reaching for me. His eyes began to freeze me. His face had become a desert
I Jumped up and stood in front of my son, “son, stay behind me”

Rhonda Gedling Season 2 Premiere


Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Motel Liz, outside Colorado

Tears shot down my face like a deadly stream. Each tear holding the stories of every minute we had spent together.
My sister
Each happy moment flashing before my eyes like a projector screen
A screen
That darkened every second of watching those moments.
The crack whore held my dead sister in her arms and cried.
The tears streamed down her face.
Tears of regret
Tears of sorrow
Tears that possessed every second that she could’ve spent with me, but she didn’t. I looked at her with hate.
Only hate
No love intact
Hate that was huge and it overpowered me. It continued my rage and questions flowed.
How could she be such a disgraceful human being?
How could she be such a bad fucking mom?
How could you leave your kids out in the cold and have them listen to you fucking every man that walked through the door?
The only thing I could do as I looked at her is blame her. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have come down here.
If it wasn’t her my sister
My beautiful- loving- sister wouldn’t be fucking dead in front of my very eyes. Every thought I had in my mind as time went on
As I looked at her
Were dark- violent- thoughts of me ending her pathetic life
I stopped them and thought about my sister. My sister loved her and she helped save her, so me killing the bitch would’ve made it all a waste of time
I looked at my knuckles. Redness from me beating the HELL out of the dead man’s mom.
“I’m so sorry, about me… about everything,” mom sobbed, “I’m sorry how I was such a shit mom, I’m sorry I left you on your own with your sister, I’m…” more tears were shed and my symphathy levels were low, just anger, nothing more, “I fucked up”
I snapped, “oh just shut the fuck up!”
Everybody looked at me
The woman
Her daughter
The man
All shocked at what I said
“Why would”-
“It was you, if it wasn’t for you this wouldn’t have happened, we had to come here and save your fucking worthless ass!”
She tried to speak
“Shut the fuck up and keep quiet or I swear I’ll shut you up myself, listen to me and listen good,” I stood close to her, “she wanted to save you, I… I wanted you dead, after all thats happened, after all we’d been through, without you, I didn’t care if you lived or died”
“Ive been a bad mom, I know”
I stared at her straight in the eyes, “you’ll never understand”
It was nothing but tunnel vision
One thing
One speech
One person
Nothing more but letting what I feel out to this poor excuse for a human being
A poor excuse for a mother
I despiced her and my eyes
I knew
Showed that hate.
“The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you both,” she said
“But you did, you fucked our lives up, you fucked everything up, that’s what you do, thats all you’ll ever do and look where thats gotten you, a dead daughter and a daughter that hates you now more than ever”
My sister was still being consoled by my mother’s arms. I couldn’t get near her. I couldn’t get close and I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to be close to the whore. I walked away and begged it wasn’t true.
Begged the nightmare wasn’t true
Begged my sister wasn’t dead
And begged that my mom wasn’t there with me
At that moment
I didn’t look back and I heard no words from anyone. I walked outside and cried into the wind.
I listened to the quiet and I heard whispers from the wind.
“Why did you?” I asked, “the way she treated us, the way she abandoned us, you could’ve just left her alone, but you had to push it, you had to push this plan of yours, now… now look whats happened,” I took a deep breath, “shes killed you and shes probably going to kill me too,” I began to sob, “and now I’m without a sister”
I looked upon the horizons and saw the flashbacks. Each stage of us growing up.
Getting older
Each section of our lives walked along the ground I stood on in a far.
“Hey, urrr… I’m sorry what happened to your sister”
The man that was inside had come to see if I was alright. I stay turned, facing the picture in front of me. I just couldn’t bare to face anybody at that moment. I felt lonely. Trapped in a small room with no doors.
Thats how I felt…
“I lost my brother, a few years ago, itll never leave me, if you ever need to speak to anyone, then I’m here… the names Gary by the way”
“Rhonda,” I told
“Nice to meet you Rhonda, I’ll leave you alone now and remember, I’m here if you need to talk”
“Thank you,” I said
“Any time”
I heard the door close and I was left alone once more. How was I going to manage. In situations like this I always had my sister
She was gone…

After moments of standing on my own and watching the barren- world- pass- by. A sudden shock was sent through me. A bellow from inside was heard. I scurried in and witnessed my sister rising.
“Rhonda!” Mom shouted
I put my hand to my mouth, “Oh god no, please no”
She had risen. She was standing in front of my eyes. I couldn’t move and neither could my mom.
We were all frozen in terror
Including the others
The poor- young- girl had to witness this
This… this nightmare
A woman that was supposed to be dead
Now had risen from the ashes
“I don’t know what to do!” She screamed, “help me!”
Deep down inside I didn’t want to
Deep down inside I wanted her to be torn apart limb from limb
Surely I could’nt have let that happen…

Cal Moore Season 2 Premiere


Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

The fence rocked.
Back and fourth
Back and fourth
Including our minds, arms, legs and hearts all turned into quicksand. We were sinking in our own fear. Sinking in our own blackened minds
Now tunnels
Without a light at the end of them. What we were looking at was a possibility
A huge…
That these thngs, these… these creatures were going to kill us. Were going to end our lives and we were going to feel it in every inch in every tear. The fence rocked.
Back and fourth
What do we do?
What could we do?
We were just civilians watching on whilst our world.
Our home
Died upon us

Mum and Dad were shaking
Were trying to think whilst I looked on in terror.
I looked on and noticed one of the neighbours, old man Mr Hall, walk out of his home, walk toward the fence and throw his arms up into the air and say
“Go back to fucking hell!”
My eyes widened in shock
“What is he doing?” Mom asked
“I have no idea,” Dad told
He quickly got up and bolted out of the room.
“Where’re you going?!” She shouted
I chased after him along with mom. He pushed the door open and ran straight up to, Mr Hall.
“Ian! What are you doing?!” He shouted
“They need to go back to hell!”
“Ian, get away from there!” Mom shouted
They both grabbed hold of him and moved him away from the fence. I looked up and saw Hannah with her brother. Then I looked around and felt the world emplode. All we could hear was the rattling of the fence. Every second seemed to be leaking poison into our lives. Every hiss, growl and scream from the monsters at the fences.
“Ian, you need to get back inside, now!”
“We’re alone, they’ve left us!”
“You don’t know that!”
“I do and we’re dead!”
I stared at them and his words sprinted through my head…
They’ve left us
All of them. Every single word ate at me.
Were we dead?
Were we left to fight for ourselves?
I couldn’t see anybody. Nobody with guns and the will power to fight these things. I walked toward the fense
And witnessed them. These bodies were in tatters. There skin rugged
Sliced up with bits hanging off. Bite marks all over the place. There clothes ripped and their eyes screamed horror
Blood dripping from them. Their hands pressed into the fence. I felt it.
We were alone
We were without help
Nothing was going to save us.
“Cal, get away from there!” Dad shouted
I looked around and saw one of the other neighbours, Ray, get in his car and drive toward us.
“Guys, I’m getting the hell of here, I think you guys should do the same”
“You’ve given up?” Dad asked
“Can’t you see? Nobodies coming, the old man is right, they’ve left us”
“We’re we going to go?” Dad asked, “we’ll be dead out there”
“And we’re dead in here,” Ray said, “this fence isn’t going to last forever”
I looked at my dad and saw him thinking. He was confused. It was crushing him like the rest of us. He turned around and gripped hold of his hair and tugged on it. He then roared out in frustration.
“Whats it going to be, Jeff?”
He turned back around and walked forward toward our yard.
I followed
Hannah was standing their with Zach. In front of her. Looking small and timid, but clueless.
“What’re we doing?” Mom asked
“Get what you need,” he stood next to Hannah, “all of you, we’re leaving”
“What’re you doing, Jeff?!” Ray asked
“We’re coming! You get going if you need to”
“Hell no man, I’m waiting for you, we need to stick together”
I stared at every house
The long- stretched- road and saw everybody rushing out to follow Ray’s lead.
Every woman
Every man
Every child
I looked for Mason with a worried eye. The worry was took off me slightly when I saw him with his mom and dad getting into their car. He looked up and saw me
I waved
He waved back
The neighbourhood had made up their minds and the only thing left to do now was get out of there. I rushed into the house
Up the stairs
Into my room
And began shoving what I needed into a rucksack. What I needed I didn’t really know. My mind as it was
All over the place
Concentration was bleeding out and the veins were emptying fast.
“Cal,” I heard, I looked round and saw Hannah, “do you need help?”
“Please,” I said
“What do you need?”
“I don’t know, I can’t think”
“Something for memories maybe, a picture, a diary?”
“Ok,” I said
We began rounding up those things.
A picture of me with mom and dad from a few years before.
A picture of Mason and I when we were younger, both smiling with innocence.
My diary that I would continue to write in.
Gifts that I got from relatives and souveniers from passed holidays.
My hands shook as I put them in and tears began to appear.
This was it…
Goodbye home
“Anything else?” She asked
“No, thats it”
“You guys set?” Mom appeared
I nodded, “Yeah”
“Ok, lets go”
Dad waited around the corner. We rushed down the stairs.
Out the door and chucked our things into the car.
The car reversed and the others began to move behind us. We breaked
And moved forward. All the cars
The neighbourhood
Moved as one. I kept my eyes on where the monsters were
The fences wobbled furiously
Back and fourth
Back and fourth
And then…
The fence toppled over and they were in
“Shit,” my dad
I saw his face in the mirror
His eyes full with fear
His eyes wider than the world around us
Our world
That was soon to be…