Cal Moore Season 2 Premiere


Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

The fence rocked.
Back and fourth
Back and fourth
Including our minds, arms, legs and hearts all turned into quicksand. We were sinking in our own fear. Sinking in our own blackened minds
Now tunnels
Without a light at the end of them. What we were looking at was a possibility
A huge…
That these thngs, these… these creatures were going to kill us. Were going to end our lives and we were going to feel it in every inch in every tear. The fence rocked.
Back and fourth
What do we do?
What could we do?
We were just civilians watching on whilst our world.
Our home
Died upon us

Mum and Dad were shaking
Were trying to think whilst I looked on in terror.
I looked on and noticed one of the neighbours, old man Mr Hall, walk out of his home, walk toward the fence and throw his arms up into the air and say
“Go back to fucking hell!”
My eyes widened in shock
“What is he doing?” Mom asked
“I have no idea,” Dad told
He quickly got up and bolted out of the room.
“Where’re you going?!” She shouted
I chased after him along with mom. He pushed the door open and ran straight up to, Mr Hall.
“Ian! What are you doing?!” He shouted
“They need to go back to hell!”
“Ian, get away from there!” Mom shouted
They both grabbed hold of him and moved him away from the fence. I looked up and saw Hannah with her brother. Then I looked around and felt the world emplode. All we could hear was the rattling of the fence. Every second seemed to be leaking poison into our lives. Every hiss, growl and scream from the monsters at the fences.
“Ian, you need to get back inside, now!”
“We’re alone, they’ve left us!”
“You don’t know that!”
“I do and we’re dead!”
I stared at them and his words sprinted through my head…
They’ve left us
All of them. Every single word ate at me.
Were we dead?
Were we left to fight for ourselves?
I couldn’t see anybody. Nobody with guns and the will power to fight these things. I walked toward the fense
And witnessed them. These bodies were in tatters. There skin rugged
Sliced up with bits hanging off. Bite marks all over the place. There clothes ripped and their eyes screamed horror
Blood dripping from them. Their hands pressed into the fence. I felt it.
We were alone
We were without help
Nothing was going to save us.
“Cal, get away from there!” Dad shouted
I looked around and saw one of the other neighbours, Ray, get in his car and drive toward us.
“Guys, I’m getting the hell of here, I think you guys should do the same”
“You’ve given up?” Dad asked
“Can’t you see? Nobodies coming, the old man is right, they’ve left us”
“We’re we going to go?” Dad asked, “we’ll be dead out there”
“And we’re dead in here,” Ray said, “this fence isn’t going to last forever”
I looked at my dad and saw him thinking. He was confused. It was crushing him like the rest of us. He turned around and gripped hold of his hair and tugged on it. He then roared out in frustration.
“Whats it going to be, Jeff?”
He turned back around and walked forward toward our yard.
I followed
Hannah was standing their with Zach. In front of her. Looking small and timid, but clueless.
“What’re we doing?” Mom asked
“Get what you need,” he stood next to Hannah, “all of you, we’re leaving”
“What’re you doing, Jeff?!” Ray asked
“We’re coming! You get going if you need to”
“Hell no man, I’m waiting for you, we need to stick together”
I stared at every house
The long- stretched- road and saw everybody rushing out to follow Ray’s lead.
Every woman
Every man
Every child
I looked for Mason with a worried eye. The worry was took off me slightly when I saw him with his mom and dad getting into their car. He looked up and saw me
I waved
He waved back
The neighbourhood had made up their minds and the only thing left to do now was get out of there. I rushed into the house
Up the stairs
Into my room
And began shoving what I needed into a rucksack. What I needed I didn’t really know. My mind as it was
All over the place
Concentration was bleeding out and the veins were emptying fast.
“Cal,” I heard, I looked round and saw Hannah, “do you need help?”
“Please,” I said
“What do you need?”
“I don’t know, I can’t think”
“Something for memories maybe, a picture, a diary?”
“Ok,” I said
We began rounding up those things.
A picture of me with mom and dad from a few years before.
A picture of Mason and I when we were younger, both smiling with innocence.
My diary that I would continue to write in.
Gifts that I got from relatives and souveniers from passed holidays.
My hands shook as I put them in and tears began to appear.
This was it…
Goodbye home
“Anything else?” She asked
“No, thats it”
“You guys set?” Mom appeared
I nodded, “Yeah”
“Ok, lets go”
Dad waited around the corner. We rushed down the stairs.
Out the door and chucked our things into the car.
The car reversed and the others began to move behind us. We breaked
And moved forward. All the cars
The neighbourhood
Moved as one. I kept my eyes on where the monsters were
The fences wobbled furiously
Back and fourth
Back and fourth
And then…
The fence toppled over and they were in
“Shit,” my dad
I saw his face in the mirror
His eyes full with fear
His eyes wider than the world around us
Our world
That was soon to be…

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