Graham Jackson Season 2 Premiere


Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

My mind was full with a bad smell. A smell that was going through me and making me heave. A smell that was pushing me in a direction where I wanted to get further and further away from it.
I could’nt. The nightmarish stench that was right in front of me I could’nt avoid. I could’nt just walk away.
“Evelyn,” I said, “I’ll find you and the kids”
Was I right?
Was I wrong?
I was terrified
I didn’t know any of the answers to the questions. I didnt know anything about the road I was on.
What hands were going to grab hold of me, slap me and wake me the fuck up. If it was a nightmare all along it was taking me forever to wake up. Evelyn was out there.
With the kids
With fear that was eating me
Eating her
Eating the world
I needed to get up. I needed to open that door behind me that I slouched on
Cried on
Thought on
Prayed on
And get my ass back into no mans land. Thats what the world felt like it was becoming
Every step was a weapon against myself.
I rose up and turned to face the door, after being there for a few hours, I don’t know, maybe more, I grabbed hold of the handle and opened it… I breathed in, “lets do this”
Lets do this. I had to do it. There was no other way in the path I was on.
One path
One direction
One aim…
To find my angel and my grandkids.
I looked around and heard the door slam behind me.
I jumped
Felt my heart beat out
And stayed calm… I had to
“Here we go,” I said
One step
The next one
And the next one
Each one stepping deeper and deeper into something that I knew was bad news.
What was around the corner?
I didn’t know, I had to find out.
I gazed around and witnessed a few dead bodies laying there in the distance. It was just too quiet.
Too much to bare.
I looked left
Then right
Which way?
Which was dangerous and which wasn’t.
They both were dangerous
Both deadly
I stepped right and walked as fast I could.
Silent as I could
Did’nt want to make a noise. I didn’t know if the place was crawling with those things. In the hours I was in that toilet
On my own
I had heard a few screams from time to time
Running footsteps
And more coming after
Probably the monsters because I heard the growls
The footsteps before came with cries for help
Thoughts like… you could’ve helped them, you could’ve saved them, impacted my thinking
I got rid of them and wrote something knew. My path was to save my family.
And I had to stay focused on that
Nobody was insight
Then a shot was heard that boomed into my ears
The old ticker was beating faster
My eyes were moving quicker
There it was again
Then a roar came after
Then multiple fires
I was close to the exit and thats where I stopped. I took a peep and saw armed army guys with police firing at oncoming infected. There were plenty
Plenty to make you think they could stand a chace
“Ahh shit”
I walked back. Keeping my eyes on the fight in front of me.
Then I turned and quickly walked to find another exit.
My breathing stuttered.
I slowed down my walking
Two parts of the mind telling me different things.
Run through it you’re wasting time
Find another way out
I then woke the fuck up and came up with a plan that the modern human being should’ve come up with before they set foot in looking for someone.
The mobile phone…
I quickly took it out with shaky hands and walked away from the battle ground.
“Come on, pick up, pick up”
But no answer. I tried again kept my eyes open. Looking everywhere for any oncoming infected.
“Please, pick up”
I shook in every bone in my body. With the shooting in the distance gettng further and further away as I walked.
But still loud
I didn’t give up on the one call that would make life a little more easier. To know if her and the kids were ok.
I had to
Giving up on that call wasn’t an option
“God damn it”
I waited… put my palm onto my forehead and felt the sweat of panic
The cold sweat
Run down my face
And in the end the voice that I had been waiting for had answered
“Dad?!” She answered, her enjoyement heard
A lot of commotion was heard in the background. I could’nt really hear her. I had to really concentrate and do the best I could to talk to her.
To settle her down
To let her know that I would do anything to get to her
To keep her safe
No way was I going to fucking lose her
“Evelyn?” I sobbed, “oh my god, Evelyn can you hear me?!”
“Dad?! Where’re in the square, the army have blocked it off, we’re safe, but I need to come and find you, where’re you?!”
“No! Stay where you’re, I will reach you, don’t move, I’m coming…! Evelyn?!”
“Please dad, hurry?!”
The call ended
Only one thing on my mind
One thing left to do
Get to them
I quickly picked up the pace
Walking turned into jogging
With a quick flip of the coin and with me being on the losing side
A cry and a burst out of nowhere
A body came crashing down
“Aaaaaaah!” He shouted
From the top floor he crashed.  Right in front of me. I gazed upon him. He twitched, looked at me and stretched his hand out toward me. A silent cry for help. Then he was gone. His neck was dripping with blood and so was his shoulder. Gaping holes
Bite marks
In both of them
A familiar sound was then heard.
A roar that punched holes through my spine.
A scream
A roar
Then many shot out from out of nowhere. Their quickness was frightening. My eyes widened and the only thing I could do was run.
Run like hell
Run for my life

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