Cal Moore Season 2 Episode Two


Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

I looked back at the horror
The picture
That wasn’t yet finished
But the result of it was predictable
The monstors had broken down the fences
Our protection
Our only way to a normal life had been shatterd and now they were heading straight for us.
“Jeffrey, we need to get out of here!” Mom shouted
“I know!”
In the time it took us to take a breath. They were getting closer
And closer
With each blink of an eye
With each- terrified- look that was exchanged
And with each shaking hand
We all saw
The same outcome.
The engine came into life.
“Jeff!” Ray came to the side of the car, “lets knock this gate down together!”
My dad nodded.
“Less talking, more doing!” Mom stressed
“Yes maam!” Shouted Ray
Whilst they were talking I couldnt help but watch on as these creatures that spelt
Were closer than before. We all realised the danger
We had too
And the cars shot off in a blink. Each blink
The page had a new paragraph
Each blink
The page had new words
That had the power to change a life
But the last sentences were about to be written. The cars drove at an enormous speed and the land outside flew passed. I felt my whole body being pulled into the seat as I felt the apprehension within me.
I looked at Hannah
She looked looked at me
Was in his own little world. Staring into thin air, but deep down inside
I knew
He felt the moment we were in.
“Hold on!” Dad told
The fense was coming up. In the short space of time I had. One thought was on repeat through the whole thing.
With my eyes closed
My hands clenched on the chair in front
Please, please lets get through this
“Jesus,” dad said
I looked and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like the word hope had been took away from me and been replaced with misery. The car lights shone their beams and many of the monsters were at the gate and many more made it possible for the word
To conclude the paragraph.
“What’re we going to do?!” Dad asked
“Go left!” Ray told
“Hold on!”
I held on tight, but the force of the turn made me fly into Zach and Zach into Hannah. The ride turned into a bumpy one. I looked behind and saw the cars, but there were only a few left. I panicked for a second.
Where was he?
Where was my best buddy Mason?
The car he was in appeared from behind another car.
I still wondered where the other ones were. I looked on and noticed
In the distance
The cars that were long gone
Left behind
They had been surrounded by the monsters and that
I knew
Spelt the end for them
“Dad!” I cried, “theres some that’re still back there!”
“They’re gone son, we have to save our selves, if we go back we’re dead!”
“You dont know they’re dead!”
“I do!” He told, “we’re getting out of here!”
I looked at Hannah and saw the picture in her eyes.
She felt the way as I did underneath all of that emotion. I knew it, but the one emotion that stood out from all was relief. She was relieved to have found a safehaven.
A group of people
That would look after her
Watch her back
And her brother’s
“This is for the best,” she told, she put her hand on my shoulder, “your dads doing the right thing, we, are doing the right thing”
Maybe we were
Maybe we weren’t
But it was too late anyway and the huge fire of remorse set fire inside of me.
Why should I be safe?
Why should I be the one to get away?
I kept looking back and the last stare saw the left- behind- cars disappear in the distance.
Into the darkness
I thought about the faces that were lost because I remembered each car that everybory drove.
All of them in the slide show.
“Maybe,” I said, “but tell that to them”
“Hold on!” Dad told
We smashed through the fences. I watched on as we sped into them and with the impact of both cars at full speed. It caused the fense to go on top of the cars.
The impact took me forward and back. Jerking my neck back and fourth. I held the back of my neck in pain.
“Argh,” I moaned
We had made it out
Just about. We were away from the beasts of the night and on into the unknown. With what was in front of us
And nothing but the lights from the cars to show us the way.
Thats all we had
Where were we going to go now?
Was the question
The one thing on my mind at the time
On everybodies mind
“You guys ok?” Mom asked
“Yeah im fine,” I said
“Me too and so is Zach,” Hannah told
I looked behind me as we left our home in the distance. All that I saw was bleakness and a shade of red
That was running into our lives. This was reality now and we were in the open. Diving into something that we didn’t fully understand. The one thing I did understand was that these things were out to kill.
“Holy shit!” Dad cried
The car then skidded and
A body
Then collided with the window with brute force. The car then skidded to a halt
In shock…

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