Rhonda Gedling season 2 Episode Two


Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Motel Liz, outside Colorado

It was close. The whole thing. What could’ve turned into a disaster. A violent spew of gore that wouldve made our worlds alot worse.
Well theirs
Not mine
It ended up being a rescue. The crack whore didnt want to raise a fist
Or anything
To my sister. She cried out in pain at the sight of her walking toward her. The way Elaine walked. Dragging her feet across the floor clumpsily. Her- dead- self getting closer and closer as time went on.
“Rhonda, I can’t do anything!” She cried, “help me somebody!”
She was a mess
Both of them
The sounds of her grunting and the sight of her reaching. Elaine caused mom to fall over Ricky’s dead body.
Then Gary shook himself into sense and stepped forward to help.
Then I stepped forward and moved him aside, “I’ll deal with this”
I breathed in deeply and prepared myself for more hurt. For more heartache
For more tears
What I was going to do was going to expand the time it took me to, ‘heal,” even though healing was unreachable anyway. I knew I had to get it over with. I could’nt let her be like this. It wasn’t her. It was something else.
I grabbed the gun from the floor and pointed it at her, tears poured down my once flooded cheeks, “I’m sorry”
I went to shoot.
I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t pull the fucking trigger. I had frozen in time and time was now about to kill me. The corpse that was once my adored sister was edging nearer and nearer. Deaths door was upon me.
Her lifeless eyes
Her souless body
All she wanted was my blood. I had to grasp that and use it as a weapon.
“Rhonda,” mom said
She spoke a few more words but I couldnt hear her. It was like her voice was caught in the wind.
The freezing- cold- wind that had frozen me.
With fright
Again, I had to attempt to come back to life. To melt the fright that had frozen me. Mom could be seen racing to my aid.
I put my hand up to say stop, “No… let me,” I told, “I love you,” I said to her
That was it. The bullet was let out of its cage and into her head and in a heap that made my heart pound harder. She fell to the floor.
“I’m sorry,” I cried
I dropped the gun and fell to my knees and crawled toward her.
I begged for forgiveness
Even though she was practically dead. I still felt like I had killed her.
“Rhonda,” mom said, “Rhonda I’m”-
“Just leave it mom…” I looked at her, “please”
“I just wanted to say thank you”
“For what?”
“I couldn’t do it”
She turned and walked away.  The others left me also. I was left alone with my sister.
Just me
And her
Like it also had been.
“I will always keep you in here,” I I took her hand and placed it on my heart, “I’ll see you again one day”
I hugged her and kissed her on the forehead and rose to my feet.
What was to happen next in the world I had to get to know? I did think about committing suicide
Dont get me wrong
I was considering it big time.
I thought about my sister and how much of a selfish bitch I would’ve been.
I wanted to see her again
I wanted to hold her
Kiss her…
I heard footsteps, “you alright?”
I looked around and it was Gary.
“Yeah… I’m gonna have to be”
I looked back at her. Laid her down on the floor and rose to
my feet. Looked down at her in dispair. Grief weighing heavy on my shoulders
I knew
It hadn’t hit me fully yet.
“What are we going to do with her and the others, we can’t just leave them here”
I looked at the others. Disgust could be seen being written on my face as I looked at them.
A man who I assumed was a nice- gentle- man who wouldn’t hurt a soul. A man who wouldn’t lay his hands on a woman.
I was naive
Stupid to ever think that.
And then his brother
A man who I assumed was just a robot he cotrolled. I could’nt care less for them. The number was low. The number was zero

After hours of getting my head around things and after hours of trying to place my feet back on the ground to tell myself
This wasn’t a dream
And NO
Your sister isn’t coming back
I realised that we had to do something and that thing was to bury her and give her a send off that she deserved. Thats the best I could’ve done for her.
Gary and I helped dig the hole for Elaine whilst the others watched on. With each moment that passed by. With each plunge the shovel made into the ground. Looks were exchanged between mom and  myself. Not looks of hate, but looks as if we were in a rare place where we could feel the same thing
Hate still lurked in the background.

The shovels were put down and Gary and I slowly went to lower my sister into the graze.
“Wait,” mom said, “just one last kiss”
She walked up to her and placed her lips onto Elaine’s forehead.
“I’m sorry,” she told, “I’m sorry I was never there for you, but I will always love you and I hope you realise that”
I watched her gaze sorrowfully into Elaine’s closed eyes and continued to lower her in.
I climed up out of the grave
Looked down at her
And watched her body slowly dissapear inch by inch with each pile of dirt.
Her face could still be seen and until it dissapeared I made sure I said, “I love you sis”

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