Teddy Baker Season 2 Episode Two


Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, Gatewick, outside Wales

I pushed him away
Each time
He came back
Each time
My son cried at the sight of his grandad.
Lunging forward everytime he sat back up after I pushed him away. I took my son and slowly guided him to the door.
He stood behind me
Shaking in fear
I felt his hand shake in my grasp
I tried to hold my dad
This thing
Back with one arm
It was getting more and more difficult each time.
With each shove he just kept coming back for more
“Dad!” Jack cried
He came toward me again. I grabbed him
By the neck and pushed him toward the bed and held him down.
I looked at my scared son, “get out of here, now!”
I put all of my strength into holding him down and released everything onto him.
Each punch
Each collision
Caused me to rethink everything
Every moment
Every smile…
Flashing by within my mind. I kept going and going and going. I didn’t stop.
I could’nt stop
I stared into his perished eyes
With every emotionally- filled- hit
A drop of my tears died in his vacant skin
“Ahhhhh!” I cried
A vicious combo until there was nothing left. Until the face of my souless father was nothing but a bloody mess.
The blood of my once- was-  father
By me
I breathed heavily, he was’nt moving, “stay down,” I panted
His skull was caved in. Nothing was left. I couldn’t recognice the face anymore. He moved once more and the final blow was made.
He was’nt moving anymore
I fell back and backed away into the wall, “please… no more”

The sun was now beginning to peep and after a thousand thoughts.
I took the decision
And began to dig the hole that I never thought I’d ever be digging.
The hole that would be the residence of my father’s rotting corpse. A corpse that once held the heart that I cherished along with my mothers.
It had turned black, but I would always remember it as a beating heart of loving red.

The hole was complete.
I looked down at his body
Knelt down
And said…
“Be one with mum pops, I love you both, until we meet again”
I grasped his body and rolled him into the hole.
One final push
One final look
He was in
I began to bury him.
With every bit of earth I threw into the grave from the ground I once ran around on as a child. I felt my heart sink a little deeper. Deeper into the black hole
That was slowly converting the world I lived on
The lights hadn’t turned off just yet
But I felt the time drawing closer and closer. Dawning upon us.
I looked up at the window and saw Jack looking down. The image that he saw was probably different to mine.
I had killed somebody else he loved
Destroyed another vital relationship.
What I saw was a situation that needed to be dealt with.
My father
Wouldn’t have survived in this world. A SLOW. A WEAK. A DEFENSELESS MAN. In the twilight years of his grand- old life. The only thing I could do and I hope you would’ve done too.
Is save him from the chaos.
Letting him join his wife
My mother
With a smile on his face holding her hand once again
“I have never been a religious man and you know that, I know grandad was and I know you were, but I hope, if there is a heaven, you’re seeing mother, smile father… smile”

I Looked up at the light sky
Wiped the sweat off my face
and breathed.
“I hope you two have fun together, like we used to, the long walks in the fields with franky the dog, never a day goes by where I don’t think about those days, but the thing you have to remember and never forget is, these kids are my life, I did what I thought was right and thats what you both taught me… as long as I’m breathing, nothing, and I mean, nothing, will happen to them”
I walked back inside and exhaustion took over me
I knew
I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I did what any normal person would do when they knew they wouldn’t be able to sleep.
Turn on the TV and zone out.
“Lets see whats happening around the shit hole”
Nothing was different
Nothing had changed
The same old stories
The same old bloody ink
The world- wide- epidemic had taken its toll and was becoming uncontrollable. Every major city in Europe now was a victim.
The pictures of those cities spelt
And many more across the world were crumbling. Quarentined zones that were shown were nothing but a horror show. Bodies upon bodies being dragged by loved ones who wanted to protect them and people in white body suits wanted to test them or get rid of them.
Kids lying next to their dead mothers or fathers
I kept watching. To prapare myself what was to come.
It went back to the studio, an oldish man waited to speak with the anchorwoman, “so, what do we know about this dreadful disease?”
He began quickly, his voice low and creaky, “well what we do know is this, the virus works in two ways, one way, is that if you get bit by an infected, you will then develop a high fever and the body will begin to vomit repetively until the virus has fully taken control, when the virus has taken control, thats when all control is lost, the second, is more complex, when you die, you will eventually come back, but it wont be you, its another form of the infection”
“I heard that when somebody gets bitten, they run around like deranged lunatics murdering who ever they see, but when somebody dies without being bit, they come back, but they walk around, they dont run,” the anchorwoman said
A bang on the door made me jump to my feet.
“Help me, somebody!” I heard

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