Graham Jackson Season 2 Episode Two


Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

I raced down the coridoor. I could see the exit in the distance, so close, but…
The glass pannels on the roof shined a light on where I ran. A light that set a fake feeling.
An ironic feeling where I was running toward the light
To the outside…
To safety
But all I felt was that I was running into more chaos.
More fear
And maybe…
I heard them from behind
The roars
The sqeals
The cries
All sending eruptions of fear up my spine. Fright had grabbed me and brought my legs into a heavier state. I felt them getting heavier and heavier. I was never the athletic type. I was never the one who you’d want to put a bet on winning a race, so running wasnt my strong point.
As we all know. When it comes to the crunch.
Or slow
When shit kicks off. We up our game and thats what I did. I was going to get the fuck out of their either way. I upped the gears and felt the engine burn.
“Come on you old fucker!” I urged
I didn’t want to do it, but I did.
I felt like I had to. I aloud myself a second window to look behind and when I did. I realised the number that was chasing me had risen.
Where had these come from?
How many more were there?
My eyes popped out, “holy christ”

I took a sudden left. I needed to lose them. I needed to find my way to Evelyn. I hadn’t been in Nottingham for long
But luckily
I had remembered how to get to where she was.
“This was a fucking mistake,” I said
A hill was not so far away. I winced at the sight, but I had to climb it. There was no turning back.
If I did…
“Come on you old timer,” I cried, “urgh!”
I pushed myself. Dragging my legs up the hill. Passing many empty buildings that were either smashed in or empty.
A turning point. A voice shouting something. I struggled to make it out
Later on…
I did
“Hey you!”
I looked up and dragged my gaze from one building to the next.
“Hey you, up here!”
I finally spotted him. I huffed and puffed. Each pant sent shocks racing through me.
“Get up here, I’ll let you in!”
He was on a shop roof. It was a safe bet. I had no intention in stopping, but I was running out of fuel.
I could use the help in getting through this unknown path. I didn’t know what was lurking around that darkened corner. If I was to get to my one and only daughter and the little ones I needed to be in one piece.
Friends were needed.
Friends to fight with
To survive with
A shot was fired. He was holding a rifle. The sound echoed around me. I looked around and one fell to ground, then another which slowed a few down behind them.
I was nearly there
Heart racing
Chasing life with every beat.
Edging toward the light
I reached the door and he pulled it open, he stood there with a large shot gun in his hand, “get in!”
He pulled me inside and he walked out.
“Wait, what’re you”-
Huge sounds bombarded my ears. The sound of the shotgun went off.
I looked out and saw him taking each one apart. Heads flew off as they got close to him. I feared for his life
The scary thing was. The thing that got me the most.
He didn’t.

I looked around for a brief period and what I saw was a coffee shop. Tables had been pushed over and chairs were scattered all over the place. Panic was written all over the place. It didnt matter where you were. Fear was going to grab hold of you and kick your ass.

In no time at all. He came strolling back in. Closed the door  with blood stains on his white shirt. A young man he was
Younger than me anyway
He looked fit and well. He had a crazed look in his eyes which matched the style of his shirt. A black skull stared at me from the front and on the back. A question sat there.
A question that made me think: are you afraid of death?
“Yeah,” I whispered
“What?” He asked
“Oh, your shirt”
“The question?”
I nodded
“Are you afraid?”
“I am… I guess”
“Thats not an answer”
He sat down at a table near to the window and looked out. Put his gun down and put his feet up. He looked over at me and watched me think. The man had a strange aura about him. An aura that I was slightly skeptical about. The water wasn’t clear
Did I want it to be?
“I’m scared for my daughter and my grandkids, with every second that passes by I get a chill, I’m not there and I need to be”
“Where’re they?” He asked, “do you know?”
“In the square and I need to get there as soon as possible”
“They’ll be fine,” he said, “they have it closed off, she’ll be well protected”
“Can you help me get there? I could use the help”
“What makes you think you can trust me?” He asked, “you dont know who I am or how I got this gun, I could be a crazy fucker for all you know and also, what makes you think I give a fuck about your family?”
“Because you would’ve killed me already and desperate times calls for desperate measures and you have a gun and you seem to be good at using it”
“I might be binding my time on killing you”
I felt myself boil up inside. I wanted to beat the crap out of him. I wanted to tear him limb from limb.
He had a god damn weapon.
But then…
He laughed, “I’m only messing with you!”
I smiled a weak smile, “funny”
“Of course I’ll help you, I mean I haven’t got a family of my own, fuck it, what have I got to lose, plus, I could use a little more fun”
My phone buzzed in my pocket… EVELYN
“Dad, I tried to get through to come look for you but they would’nt let me passed, I dont know what to do, where’re you?”
“I’m coming, just hold on,” I looked up at my new found friend, “I’ll be there soon”

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