Rhonda Gedling Season 1 Episode Nine


Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, 26/07/2016, Motel Liz, outside Colorado

I looked on. She was there. Right in front of me. Ricky stood staring into my mind
Asking me
Telling me
Not to say a word. I couldn’t just say anything surely. I couldn’t just  fall out of the present and pretend it didn’t happen.
I was shocked
At the fact that she had been there all along.
Life ending…
If she’d escaped then that’d be curtains for us all.
A painful ending

He quickly closed the door and his hands were suddenly on my shoulders pleading with me.
“Please understand,” he took me by the hand, but I didn’t want it, I pulled away and followed him outside, “please understand that I can’t tell anybody”
“If she escapes, then what?” I asked
“She won’t, she can’t”
“But what if?”
“That ain’t your problem,” he told
“It is my problem, it’s everybody that’s staying here’s problem”
He screwed his face up and planted his hands on to his face. Frustration showed
Now something had to give. He couldn’t just keep her there. Ok, she was tied to a radiator, but it only takes one mistake, right?
No lives should be risked
It was now or never.
For him…
I moved toward the door and he stopped me, “Where are you going?”
“First, I’m going to tell everybody to leave, then, I’m going to tell the police and then, I’m fucking leaving”
I knew he didn’t want me to go. The man had the hots for me, so of course seeing me leave would’ve twisted his balls and took them right off. He hadn’t had sex for quite some time and now he had me. A woman that was suddenly his bed pal.
He was loving it
He was enjoying it
But losing me earlier than he intended was something he didn’t want
“Please don’t,” he said
“I have to leave at some point”
I went to walk in
“I watched the news,” he spoke, “more cities have fallen”
“It ain’t going to work,” I said
I went to walk in again
“New York,” he revealed, “its where you live right?”
“It hasn’t,” I said
“You’re right,” he walked close, “it hasn’t, but it’s starting too, the news mentioned Hamsford, now it’s spread across to many more areas, it’s getting worse Rhonda, could you afford to go back, or would you rather stay somewhere that’s out of the way… like here?”
I thought for a long period.
My home
My castle
My small kingdom
Had fallen to this disease. I had nowhere to go now. That’s what I thought.
I could go back and risk it. I could go back and run along with the scared crowd.
The sheep
Flowing through the motions of panicky moments and sooner or later. The crowd you’re with. It only takes one person to become infected and then that’ll be it. That’s what my home town was doing now.
Had changed into
Living a life of unpredictably and bad fucking feelings. Leading a life of following orders.
Where to go?
What not to do?
Only two things on your mind, when will it take me?
When will it fuck my life up?
“What is it with you?” I asked
“I could say the same thing”
“You’re safe here”
I was bewildered. I tilted sideways.
“I’m not safe, you have one in your fucking room”
Anger showed, “that’s my mother”
“Not anymore it’s not,” I warned, “What those things do, what I’ve seen them do,” I shook with fear thinking about it and my voice shook too, “its horrific”
“She won’t escape, trust me on that”
I tried to walk away. I wanted to do something. I was desperate now. Not just for me.
I was scared for everybody
My sister
The other visitors
The… the little girl
He grabbed me as I tried to walk away and I jittered. I swiped his hand away and looked him in the eyes.
“Don’t grab me again”
“Don’t tell anybody”
“Try and stop me,” I said
I walked quickly away and I didn’t look back. Everything was racing.
My heart
My breathing
My mind
I couldn’t think straight. I felt angry
But at the same time. A small part of me, which was growing, understood what he was going through. I walked into the toilet and locked myself away.
Just me
My thoughts
“It’s his mom, but you can’t stay here, it’s too dangerous, I’ve… I’ve got to understand, no, no I don’t have to understand, it’s too dangerous,” the toilet was small and there wasn’t enough room to maneuver, I looked in the mirror and begged myself to see a picture that was worth looking at, “you have to get out, you have to do something”
I stayed in there a little longer. I grabbed myself and shook some sense into my soft ways and turned into a rock. I couldn’t risk anything. Not like the way things were. Anything could happen and I didn’t want to be there when it did.
I had to get out…
I had to get everybody out
They needed to know
“You can do this girl,” I said
I walked out and Ricky was right there. He was watching me.
“Please Rhonda,” he said
“If you don’t do anything, I will”
“Please don’t”
“I’m sorry,” I said, “but if you were in my shoes, you’d do the same”
He then grabbed me and slammed me against the wall.
He had changed.
I looked down and he revealed a knife.
“Not one word,” he told

Graham Jackson Season 2 Mid- Season Finale 


Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

The redness of the knife
The dried blood
He had obviously killed before and it looked like I was next on his list
I looked at the knife and into his eyes.
They were in a craze
He was’nt blinking
They pierced my skin, then my rib cage then straight into my heart. Punching gaping holes into it. Breaking down the walls that I thought were solid before this catastrophic incident occurred.
They had been weakened weeks before because of the shit tap being on full blast and landing on all of us
I realised
I needed to wake up and fight back this fear. I didn’t have time for this shit. Although, I understood why he was so angry at me. Getting into a fight just wasn’t my priority though. I didn’t want to cause damage to the guy and I didn’t want to make his son and wife or girlfriend watch.
His missus begged him, a slim young black woman looking jaded like the rest of us, “Jevan!” She cried, “leave him, he didn’t mean to!”
“This fucker knocked down my son, Tanya!”
She grabbed him by the arm and tried pulling him away, “the hell off me!” He told
He pushed her away.
“Listen, I didn’t mean to do it, just let it go and we can all walk away”
“I’ll be the one who’s walking away”
He went for me
A sudden reaction made me move to the side away from the bloody knife.
“I need to get to my family!” I told, “I don’t want to fight you!”
I begged him
Urged him
Threw as many words at him as possible that I thought would make him think twice at what he was doing.
His son
His missus
Looked on as he repeatedly attempted to strike me down
“Jevan please, your scaring Dion!”
“Listen to her, you don’t want to do this!”
“Who the fuck are you to tell me what I want, huh!”
He went for me again
This time it was closer
My hands were raised to show how much I didn’t want it.
I dodged him again and this time. I cracked him one from the side. He wobbled
He looked at me
And rage shone through even more
He smiled, “Is that it!”
His pace accelerated. He was coming at me once more. He swung for me.
I dodged him and straight after he caught me with a right hook. It landed with a boom.
And like a fuzzy TV screen
My reception died for a moment
The big fella was on me.
He had knocked me down. Now he was pushing the knife toward me.
“Jevan, stop this madness!”
She pulled on his broard shoulders and did the best she could.
She pulled
And I tried pushing the knife away
“Daddy!” His son bellowed
He was seeing the whole thing. The poor little guys dad had lost it. All he could see was the madness that the world was painting for him.
His dad
Trying to kill another man
Whilst his mum begged him
“Jevan, your son!”
I pushed against his power
Blood rushed through me and my heart beat battered against me
from within
I was battling
To match his power
To contain the brute force his large arms had
I felt every anger within him
I could feel that the man who I now knew as Jevan had a sorrowful past
A past that involved many mountains
I could feel that…
I had to find the energy from somewhere to get this much younger man off of me. I dug deep and used it to push the knife away.
I exploded “Awwrrrgghh!”
I rammed my head forward and felt it crash into his.
Two times
He was dazed and his eyes were unfocused. He was weakened.
I pushed him off me.
Got on top of him
And switched
In a blink I saw a deep red
I just kept going and going with everything I had until the emotions ran back into the glass
“Stop please!” I heard
I looked up
Rose to my feet and moved to the side
Breathing heavily I realised the picture I was leaving behind. The tears that were being shed. Mother and son standing there holding each other scared next to their loved one.
“I’m sorry,” I told, “I really am, please forgive me”
I turned around and let the stones from the past bounce off me. With each stone came guilt and with each guilty moment left me with an image and I only had one answer for it.
It had to be done
The man was going to fucking kill me
I ran forward and got back to the matter at hand. To find my daughter. To find my grandkids. I was still a little dazed, but I could’nt let that hold me back as I walked through the murky crowd.
Each person
Man, woman and child
Held onto something dearly.
Whether it was a parent, child, husband, wife or a bag with sentiment tucked away. I weaved my way through it
Demanding that the path I laid would lead me straight toward them.
I cried out once again, “Evelyn!”
I looked, rapidly, shooting my gaze from area to area, “Evelyn?!”
“Over here!”
I focused hard into the crowd of terror and noticed
In the distance
My angel waving crazily in the midst of it all. A smile washed upon my barren face and aloud a  slight moment of happiness
A second window where the sun shone outside
“Wait there, don’t move!” I told
I heard…
The level of panic had suddenly risen to the sky. I felt the intensity clench my body and mind. I looked around and saw everybody that was once behind me rushing to get in front.
Each face told a story
Each face pushed passed me in desperation. Squeezing through what ever gap they could find. The panic on the kids faces
Being held tight by their mothers or fathers
And then…
A gap appeared where I could seek the answer
I realised what they were running from…

Teddy Baker Season 2 Mid- Season Finale

Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, Bromley, outside Wales

The ground was lush and green
Thick, and I wished it would’ve lasted forever
The same field I had always walked or ran around on as a child
Times I would never forget
I was running for a different reason. It wasn’t the running around innocent children did when they had thought up a game from their colourful imagination.
It was the running I had to do to save myself and my children.
Deep down inside. I wished the saying that the greener the grass, a better day will be waiting around the corner, was true.
It wasn’t
No fucking way it wasn’t
We ran across the field with each anguished breath
Each rushing step sending us closer and closer into the plan I had in mind

All I could sense
All I could hear
Were the screams of innocent minds being tortured
Torn to peices
They weren’t leaving me and they weren’t going to leave any time soon.
   “What’re we doing?” Elijah asked
   “Getting the hell out of here”
I panted 
Panted a way
Into the darkness we were running into and hopefully were getting out of. The plan I had was
I hoped
Was going to do just that
   “There,” I pointed
Elijah looked at me
Tried to work out what I had planned
Tried to work out what I was trying to do
He knew I wanted to get out of there, but he was trying to work out how
   “Are you with me on this?” I asked
   “What are we doing?” He questioned
   “We need a car and we’re going to take one”
   “But you have a car”
   “We can’t go back there, if we do we’re dead, those things will be here soon so we need to hurry”
   “We can’t just take one”
I got in his face. His large body towered above me, but our eyes told different stories and I felt the fear within him
The darkness I possesed
Was the darkness I crushed him with which burnt the hole threw him and that hole was going to give me the answer I wanted
“I am getting my kids out of here no matter what, don’t you get in the way, you’re either with me or you aren’t, which one is it?”
   He nodded, “ok”
   “Take my kids away from here, I don’t want them to see this”
   “What’re you going to do?”
   “Make us safe again”
   He began to take the kids away, “daddy”
   “Go with him, I’m fine,” I told
I walked purposely toward the garden where the car was. The area was wonderful.
Houses stood proud
Houses where you knew the people who were in them lived a high life or near to one.
Gorgeous cars in the driveways were like diamonds shining in the lovely weather.
Gardens were in immaculate condition where the children would run around in the perfectly trimmed grass
It was a happy place
A family place
A place where you could’ve walked around with a smile and no cut throat worries would’ve ruined your day
The front door opened and an old man walked out dressed smartly.
   He stood there angrily and said, “this is private property, get out”
   “That isn’t going to happen”
   “Thats not your decision, either get off my property or I will phone the police”
   “I don’t think that’s going to happen either, what is going to happen though,” I walked up to him, deadly eyes gazing his way, eyes I knew that would get me anything I wanted, evil, insane, a dark mind, “you will give me the keys to your car and I will gladly take it and you won’t get hurt”
The man was well kept. A brave face he had with an old hardened body that looked like it had been through some shady alleys. A body that looked like it could look after itself.
What mind did he have?
I didn’t know
Maybe a stone one?
Maybe a bloody one?
Maybe a foggy forest where you couldn’t see as far as arms length?
A white puffy one that had an angel living on it?
I didn’t know
I had no fucking clue and I did not fucking care
But what I did know is and what I did care about
I needed that car and I was going to get it no matter what.
   “You aren’t taking my car and you sure ain’t hell going to put fear into me where you think I will give you anything you want”
   “Thank you for your cooperation”
The knife was still in my hand
My hand was now clenched
My mind was now oozing fuel toward it
And it was now a case of which side of myself was going to come out
The dark
The light
   “Frank,” a female voice said, she then came out and in an instant she saw the knife and put her hands onto her mouth in shock, “who are you and what do you want?”
   “Margaret, go inside”
   “I just want your car,” I told
   “Get away from us, or I will phone the police”
   “The police aren’t coming, only dread and horror, a changed world that is happening right now and will soon be at your door step”
   “I don’t give two shits what’s happening, either get off my property or I will phone somebody that will kick your ass, that knife isn’t scaring anybody, I’ve dealt with worse people than you”
   “I don’t think you have,” I told
I tried to hold it back
I tried to
I didn’t want to cause harm and I didn’t want to bring the dark side back out. All I wanted was to threaten the old man and have him give me his damn car.
With him being too stubborn With him being too proud to let his life come before his pride
He was only digging himself a deeper hole and I was going to be the one
To drag him into it.
   I walked close, “listen old man”
He then pulled his hand back and struck me on the jaw, I wobbled.
Dazed and confused
Anger took over. I stared him down and I watched him holding up his fists. He was ready and so was I.
   “Go inside Margaret, phone the police”
I walked; stone faced, toward him, but he didn’t back down. He threw another blow and it hit me once more, although this time, I kept moving forward.
A sick smile came before him
He threw another
I grabbed his fist
Took the knife
And drove it into his stomach. His face said it all. The life that he had left was now on fast forward. It was raining blood.
His blood
Now it was only a matter of time before his world was nothing but a black hole. I stared into his hateful eyes as he stared at me in disgrace. Pain was now cemented all over him.
No escape
The car was now mine
   “Please, don’t hurt my wife”
I blinked and it was like I switched again. He fell to the floor and I looked forward.
   “Give me the keys”
   “Teddy!” I heard
I looked around and saw Elijah and the kids running toward me.
   “They’re coming!”
   “Give me your fucking keys!”
   “Give him the keys, Margaret,” he told
It looked like for a second she was going to back down. Like the whole plan was going to be accomplished.
   “You can go fuck yourself,” she told
My mind was racing now.
I had to think
The clock was ticking

Rhonda Gedling Season 2 Mid- Season Finale

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Motel Liz, outside Colorado

Where were we going to go?
What was going to become of us?
Should we go left?
Should we go right?
Should we stay?
What ever I thought wasn’t going to make things any better. The place we were in was safe.
Out of the way
In the middle of nowhere
No crazy eyed person would know we were there
There was no life there
The food wouldn’t last us
We would’ve had to move on eventually.
We would’ve starved to death which wasn’t something I had planned

The motel was empty and the only people to talk to now was either my mom or myself. I stood and gazed out in the emptiness of the long roads in front.
There was nothing for miles
There was nothing for miles
Either way we were running blind in a path galvanised in horror
“Not what I expected,” I muttered
“Not what I expected”
“I don’t think anybody expected this” She said
“That’s not what I meant”
“What did you mean?”
“I mean I didn’t expect my life to be so fucking shit”
There was a time where I had dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. I would dance as a child in the hostel I was staying at with, Elaine. She would sometimes watch me dance as I waltzed around the room with my eyes closed listening to the music that was either being played or in my head.
She joined in and held my hands. She would pick me up and swing me around the room and we would both smile and laugh.
Was a rare phenomenon for us. We didn’t have much. We had to be happy with what we had and that was each other. Dancing was another form of gift I gave myself everyday. A gift that would get me
Away from the shitty branch we was given to sit on. Now that shitty branch had collapsed and I was hanging on for dear life.
That was nothing more than a muddy endless fucking puddle.
“Moving forward is what we need to do,” she said
“I wanted to be a dancer,” I told, “Elaine and I used to dance around the hostel, thats what we did, every night before bed, we danced and said we loved each other, every night we did that, I used to tell her I wanted to be a ballerina and she used encourage me every day to dance, I gotten quite good at it, I was getting better, but it was hard to get any professional lessons because Elaine hardly had any money to spare, we used to sit and watch classes on the same bench each day and I used to dream about being in there with them, the school was quite posh and it was a privilege to watch how beautiful each girl and boy danced, then…” a tear rippled down, “one day as we sat and watched on the same bench at the same time of day, at four in the afternoon after she finished work, she got up, took my hand and took me inside to dance with them, she had managed to save up the money to get me a lesson, it was the greatest day ever… I was so happy”
“Every day I thought of you,” mom said, “every day I wished I could turn back the clock and hold you both in my arms with a smile, I wished I could talk to you without the feeling of you hating me and me being ashamed at what I had done, at what I had become, I used to dream about being a happy family, dream about all of us sitting at a table having dinner, laughing, having conversations that normal families have, me dropping you off and picking you up from school, your brother growing up in my very eyes, your father never leaving us, everything just being normal with nothing getting in the way”
“But it did, didn’t it”
“I did,” she said, “when your dad left I fell into depression, I was told to get help, but me being me, I was too proud to do that, I thought I could deal with it myself, I thought I could cope with all the shit that was happening, your brother was in the wrong crowd, I had two young girls to deal with, being a single parent got too much for me, so I called upon drugs and then I began dating again, instead of making things better and dealing with things by getting help, I made things worse by dating arseholes, I was alone and felt like I needed to be loved and then…” tears flooded her eyes, “then your brother died and that was that… I collapsed completely”
“Looks like we share the same thing,” I told
“We do?”
“Yes,” I began, “you dreamt of playing happy families and so did I, you wanted it desperately and so did I, least we’ll have something to talk about other than rediscovering the wrongs that led us to this”
“Maybe you’re right, so instead of talking about the what was, lets talk about the what could be?”
“Deal, unless you anger me”
“Fine by me”
Words gave way to silence.
Once more
We stood and stared. Thinking about what to do next.
The answer beckoned
“What do we do now?” She asked
“Lets get out of here”
“Are you sure?”
“There’s nothing for us here”
“But where do we go?”
“We’ll figure it out”

Cal Moore Season 2 Mid- Season Finale


Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

We surged through the chaos. Through the infected that had surrounded us. Many of them being crushed by the truck Hannah was driving.
And finally
With deep- heavy- breaths
We had now cleared the path and now I was searching with speedy gazes in the car Mason and his parents were once sat in
That my best buddy had survived. It didn’t take me long to notice that he had survived. Curled up in the back seat in shock
It also didn’t take me long that my best friends life had been massacred
For good
A changed life
A path that was now bloody and teary. His parents were a picture of the changed world. Of what was to come. Mason was in the back seat sobbing his heart out whilst his parents were at the front being eaten by the monsters.
They had obviously broken through the windows and grabbed them. Hannah got out and shot them dead and we laid eyes upon the dead bodies of Mason’s parents. Torn limb from limb from the savagery of the insane, but it wasn’t over. There were more and we heard them coming from a far. I got out of the truck
Pulled the car door open
And reached out my hand toward him
“Mason, we have to go buddy”
“I can’t, just leave me”
“Mason, you know I won’t do that”
“Just leave me!”
A hand grabbed me and I jumped. My dad was behind me. Emotion tearing through him.
“Holy crap,” he said, “Mason, come with us please”
“I’m not leaving my parents”
“You have too”
It had to be done. We just had to do it. We grabbed him and pulled him out of the car.
He fought us
Kicked and punched
Crying a river with each squabble
“No!” He bellowed
“You can’t bring them back Mason, we have to go now or we’re all dead,” Hannah told
Ray was in the distance with everybody else. Waving to us to hurry. We ran with Mason who was motionless. His eyes indifferent to the world now.
“Hurry!” Ray told
We ran as fast as we could whilst hearing the screams of evil getting closer.
“Get in the damn car!” Mom begged
Inch by inch
Centimetre by centimetre
We could sense their evil getting closer to us
We rapidly got in the car and so did everybody else. I looked at Mason who was nothing more than a cold mountain with nothing growing on the top of it. Winter was now forever going to be within him.
I looked at him
Gazed at him
And felt the anger and sadness building up inside of him and I asked myself
Was the anger aimed at me?
Was the sadness aimed at me?
Then I realised
Of course the sadness won’t be aimed at me
It could be the anger. The way he spoke to me and looked at me. It got me thinking that it could be aimed my way.
“Mason I’m”-
“Don’t talk to me, please”
“I’m sorry”
I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to tell him how much I was sorry and how much I loved him. What I would do for him to make him smile? He was my friend. My best friend and I could’nt believe the shocking changes that had happened to the world.
To him
To all of us
The infected were closing in. We burst forward with the rest of the cars at the side of us and headed to the right. Away from the infected that were coming from the left.
“Keep going, don’t stop, we need to get as far away from here as possible,” mom said
It was all just a gigantic mess.
The majority of the streets we passed had cars smashed into one and other and bodies roaming aimlessly around.
“Oh god,” dad said
We were heading off deeper into darkness. Each turn we made the headlights lit up something new that was disturbing. One thing I can remember. One true thing that will never leave my mind. The largest one that will forever leave a stain. Is a child crawling crawling with only half of its body remaining across the road. That’s when the car swerved. That’s when we lost control
That’s when we crashed into another car
And thats when the world went black for a moment

My world was black
My world still darkened by the sudden flick of the switch
But, I could now hear the sounds
The sounds that sounded like screams and after those screams came the firings of guns. I tried to open my eyes, but I could’nt
I tried and tried again and finally I managed, but all I could perceive was a blur.
“Is everybody ok?” Dad asked, pain in his voice
“I’m fine”
“I’m fine”
“We’re ok”
A fist then exploded through the window and grabbed me. The face I saw was frightening. It was one of them.
An infected
A large man with dead skin and bloody eyes. It screamed and I could’nt move and then it was gunned down
Blood splattered against the window
It’s face slid down the window. Moments later it all went silent.
The atmosphere subdued
No sounds
No gunfire
No nothing
“What’s happening?” Mom asked
My eyes came in full focus now. I saw men outside carrying weapons with army outfits and many dead bodies around them. Some of them checked the bodies and some of them checked around them
All of them holding flashlights
“All clear!” One told
“Check the cars”
“Hey hey, over here!” Mom shouted
Their footsteps rushed toward us

I woke up to an empty room. Nobody there but myself and my thoughts from the night before. I got up and walked toward a window that gave off a welcoming sight.
A blue sky
No clouds in sight
And a crowd of people walking freely with many buildings around and in the backdrop. A large- solid- gate sat there protecting us.
“Wow,” I said
“Beautiful isn’t it?”
I looked around and it was my mom. She looked different. She looked relieved and safe and so did I. The way the place looked. It looked like a fortress.
“Where’s Mason?” I asked
“He’s around, he said he wanted to be alone, so we let him be”
“And the others?”
“Around, I will take you to them, this place is brilliant”
We walked out of the room and into a long coridoor where others stood with friends and families
Parents and children wandered around and after the long look I took from the window. I felt a warm feeling inside that was growing
I felt safe
I felt relieved
And a smile was growing inside

Graham Jackson Season 2 Episode Four

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

After so many steps
So many turns
I felt my legs screaming
But, the pain was worth it
We had got there
And I Prayed they were still there
Waiting for me with open arms
Each face smiling
Happy to see their daddy and grandpa
Happy to witness waking up from the fucking nightmare we were in
They were all large hopes of course
There wasn’t going to be any smiling
Any laughing
Any shouting daddy daddy or grandad grandad or anything. Those days were dying out
Being murdered in a world that was a seriel killer
it wasn’t people I was suspicious of anymore. It was what this new world had install for me and my family around each corner we stepped on.
“Hopefully they’ll be waiting for you,” he said
I breathed in and out, exhausted from the trip, “thank you,” I gasped, “thank you so much”
“Go, you need to hurry”
“I want you to come with me, I’d love a man like you by my side, I have a feeling this won’t be the only time when I need a crazy fucker like yourself”
He shook his head, “that ain’t going to happen, a crazy fucker like myself needs to be a crazy fucker that helps more people”
I didn’t get the guy, “you saved me and I’m grateful and I want to show you that, please, come with me, I have a place where you can stay”
“Thanks, but no thanks, I’ve taken too much from this world, it’s going to take a thousand rescued bodies to pay it back”
“What did you take?”
“Lets just say I was a fucking prick, now go, you’re wasting time”
He turned and walked back into the tormented world. A guy who was supposedly bad, but in my eyes, he had just saved my wrinkly ass. I had a lot to thank him for. I wanted to repay him.
Repay him with everything I had. I wanted him to stand by my side and fight what ever this beast was.
“Ok, get it together,” I told myself
I looked at the crowds of people. Armed police and the army stood by. All were gazing at me in a dark way.
“Stop!” One said
“Please, I need to get to my family”
“And we need to check if you’ve been bit”
“Fuck you!” I told, “you have no idea what I’ve just been through to get here, so move aside, or I’ll move you!”
I started storming toward them. Eyes fixated on the prize.
The area behind them
Where my family would be
“We have the guns, I wouldn’t if I were you”
“I’m not stopping”
I continued walking forward with a purpose. I was going to bulldoze my way right through them whether they liked it or not. I was going to get to my angel and my grandkids and no man, woman or thing was going to stop me.
“Sir, I’m in no mood to deal with this shit,” the middle one said, a big bold army man with an icey stare
“Get the fuck out of my way,” I told
The guns suddenly lifted
“Get down!”
I ducked
Looked behind
And saw many of the crazed lunatics coming our way. Now that their attention was focused on them. I ran through them and felt a hand grab me.
“Hey!” I heard
I turned
And bombed the man in the face
and watched him fall into the officer beside him. I couldn’t believe what I had done, but there was no time to feel anything at that moment. I had to get to them…
I looked everywhere. Directing my gaze in every direction
“Evelyn!” I shouted
I ran around like a maniac. Unfamiliar faces everywhere
Barging into each other including myself.
All going in the same direction.
Desperate to get away from the area
Anger and frustration switched on the switch. I felt myself wanting to do harm to someone. I was ready to pound the floor with my fists.
Close to giving up
Close to losing my mind where the only thought was that they were dead.
“I’ve lost you, I’m sorry I let you down”
“Hey mister,” I heard, I looked up and a young woman stood beside me, “you do realise you have to get the hell out of here right?”
“I’m looking for someone,” I told
“She’ll be in the safe zone”
“Where’s that?” I asked
“Victoria center, just follow the crowd, she could be in it,” more gun shots were heard, “now I don’t know about you, but I’m getting out of dodge”
“Thanks for the help”
“No problem old man!”
She ran away
Away from the crowds and dissapeared. I looked at the crowds of panicked people. It was wild in there
Absolutely manic
The authorities tried to control it, but they were failing. Unfortunately
I knew
She was in there somewhere and I had to find her. I rushed toward the crowd and pushed passed whoever was in front of me. I used my height and build to my advantage and moved aside who ever was in front.
I was desperate
And in no mood to be slowed down
I moved more bodies out of the way and suddenly heard a child- like- voice scream out in pain.
“Hey you!”
I looked back and saw a huge black muscular guy with crazed eyes and clenched fists rush toward me.
I wondered what was wrong with him. Until I saw a young boy flat down on the floor with a woman helping him up. It was obviously his son.
“Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean”-
He was standing right in front of me now.
Face to Face
Eye to eye
But something wasn’t right
I looked down and saw a knife pointing toward my stomach
Was already on it
“You will be fucking sorry”

Teddy Baker Season 2 Episode Four

Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, Gatewick, outside Wales

Every smash
Every cry
Every painful thought
With every dying minute
Dying second
And Dying moment
The urgency behind our every move had to be perfect. Elijah’s face was a story in itself. It was like a revisit to a recent- dredful- past.
“They found me, I brought them here”
I grabbed him, one hand on each side of his face, “Shut up and listen, I know I can trust you, so you’re going to come along with me, we will survive together and we’ll make it together”
“How do you know you can trust me?”
The young soul was all over the place.
His mind
His body
He was blacking out. Getting deeper and deeper into a panicked state and I had to drive him in the right direction.
“Because I let you stay with us and if a time comes where I can’t trust you, then I’ll have to let you go”
“I promise you, that will never happen,” he told
“Good, now help me get the fuck out of here, I have a car up front, so we need to hurry if we wanna make it out of here”
I quickly got straight down to business and went straight to the kids. They were asleep
In heaven
Away from this place
In a world where
That these creatures didn’t exist. Where danger wasn’t about to be around every corner.
I nudged them both gently at a time and said there names in a calm- smooth- voice.
They opened there eyes, “guys, sorry for waking you, but we need to go”
“Why daddy?” Lianne asked
“It’s just not safe anymore, now come on, hurry and grab your things, daddy’s going to do the same”
I quickly walked out. Elijah had his hands to his face like he was trying to block everything out.
“Elijah, look at me, I need you here with me, understand?”
He nodded and I hoped then he was out of it, but I knew he wasn’t. I knew that where he was. All that he saw were the things outside.
The things that chased him
The things that…
Killed his family
And they were now outside ripping everything a part. A safe haven wasn’t so safe anymore and now he had to run once more.
“Come on,” I said, “help me out”
I could hear the suffering that was muffled by the windows. I didn’t need to see them. I knew they were getting closer.
We had quickly got everything we needed
All of us were changed
As you all know, things are never that easy. We rushed toward the door and a sudden bang made us take a step back.
“Please, let me in, please!”
Elijah rushed to the door, “Elijah don’t!”
He opened the door and a child
As young as ten
Witnessed a flash of light
We tried to save him.
We really did
He was suddenly jumped on from the side by the grotesque beasts.
A glimpse of his pain- striken- face and his cries for help were all we could see and hear.
He was torn apart
Limb from limb
“Come on!” I told
The beasts were distracted
We needed to take advantage
We turned and ran toward the back door. I grabbed the kids and held onto them. Elijah ran beside me.
I looked behind and one could be seen heading straight toward us. I picked up the pace. Yanked the back door open and ran toward the back gate that led to the field.
Children in front
With Elijah and I behind them
If anything was to happen. Noway in hell was I going to let them get to my kids first.
I hoisted Lianne over
Then Jack
One after the other in quick succession.
Then Elijah and I rushed over. The field was large and open. Far to run but nowhere to hide. It was a long stretch to the houses in the far distance.
I drew the plan up in my head
The plan was cruel
But it was needed
“It’s gaining on us!” Elijah told
“Get behind my kids!” I told him
He looked at me, confused, “What?!”
“Just do it and keep running!”
He did it
I stopped
And pulled out the knife that I had swiped from the kitchen.
“Daddy!” Lianne cried
“Keep going, Lianne!” I told
I waited for it
A disturbing streak had taken over me.
For my kids sake
I was going to get rid of this disgusting creature
“Come and get me,” I said
I readied myself and clinched the knife. I didn’t let one bad thought take control. It was just me and this monster.
One on one
And strangely
I was looking forward to it. The other side of me. The side that had me kill my bitch of a wife and father. That had taken control
I loved it
I smiled, “come on!”
I could feel the rage
The anger
The emotion
And my strength getting larger and larger with every passing second.
It hit me
It flew straight into me, but I hit first. I had brought the knife straight up and pushed it deep into its heart.
And deeper
It fell to its knees and then on to its back. I pushed it in even more and gazed into the eyes of what once was an adolescent girl.
A girl that probably witnessed her family get slaughtered
“Go to sleep,” I said
She was gone
No more
I got up and breathed in deeply. Elijah stood there with my children by his side.
“Come on, let’s go,” I told


Rhonda Gedling Season 2 Episode Four


Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Motel Liz, outside Colorado

I stood outside
The warm morning breeze gently brushed my cheek
She walked to my side and stood there
I turned and looked into her eyes.
Her tears
The emotion stabbed through me in bucket loads. It flooded every area within me. I was sharing something with her for the first time in years. Something that seemed impossible
A far- away- reach that was too far to grab hold of.
And then
There we were.
My mom and I
   “I’m doing this for her,” I told
   “Thank you,” she said, “What do you feel?”
   “It’ll never be undone, what you did, I’ll never get to a point where I can forgive you, because it’s too deep, but we’re in a time now, it seems, that we’re going to need each other”
   “I feel that too,” she told, “you’re my daughter and I am not going anywhere”
She went to hug me. I didn’t know what to do. To feel her touch
Motherly love
Was something that I had wanted for a long time.
How can I describe it?
I didn’t want it from her. I didn’t want it to be her that was hugging me.
The feelings came from the dreams that I repetitively had not so long before that
Dreams I desperately wanted to be real
All in my head
All in my own little world
Not only did I dream about having a family with a great man who had the greatest smile ever. We had great kids and a great family dinner
Never a dull moment.
I also had dreams of being a little girl again and that girl had a great family also.
A golden family
A family that had a Mom, Dad, sister and a brother.
A mom that wasn’t a drug addict who fed off sex
A dad who didn’t leave when she was two
A brother who didn’t die
And a sister who didn’t rise from the dead
It was all bright and happy
That’s the kind of family I wanted a hug from
The hug came anyway and the touch I felt was surprising
A huge shock
A shock to where I didn’t push her away. I let her hold me in her arms and the long search that I wanted for so long seemed to be arriving on my doorstep
It wasn’t that easy
A sudden flash of her chucking me out of the house and telling me to get lost through away the positivity that I was beginning to feel. My fists abruptly clenched.
I tried to hold it back, but it was too strong to cope with. It took over me once more and the hate for her boiled over.
   “Get off me!”
I pushed her away and walked away.
   “We can’t be this way forever!” She told
I left her behind and she didn’t follow.
I walked back into the motel and saw Gary watching the news. All didn’t look well.
More bad news
On top of more bad news
On top of more, yup, you guessed it… bad fucking news
With all of us being in the middle of nowhere, we were lucky enough to not have it in our faces, but something didn’t seem right with him.
A city popped up
And his face deepened
The president then abruptly appeared on the screen.
His face…
   “To the people of Chicago Illinios and to the many more cities that have been affected by this deadly disease, I have something to say to you,” the president looked deep into the lense, like… like he was looking at us, “What ever this thing is, we’re going to survive it, what ever this thing is, as Americans we’re going to do what we have always done and will continue to achieve and that is… survive and fight. We will not give up fighting until every child has a world that is safe to walk around in again, until every child has an America where they can feel free again. As president I am asking you all to stay safe and get to your nearest safezones and stay put, don’t try and fight these things, let the brave men and women of the American forces do that for you, that is what they do, have always done and will continue to do, I will prey for you all in this dark period… God bless America”
   “More cities,” he said, “do you believe him?”
   I thought deep, “I don’t know, what ever this thing is, it’s destroying us”
   “Feels like it’s getting worse,” he said
   “Where was you driving to anyway?” I asked
   “I don’t know,” he said, “anywhere I guess”
Things went silent. He wasn’t looking at me anymore. He was gazing right through me.
I wasn’t even there. Like a wall had suddenly come between us and blocked our vision.
If not a wall
It was something terrible that was staring back at him
   “What’s wrong?” I asked
   “I could’nt help it,” he spoke, his voice stammering, “I had to get out of there”
   “Out of where?”
   “My home,” he answered, “I went and saw him there, I knew I should’ve listened to my gut, but being the stupid moron that I am I chose to stay”
   “Gary, what’re you talking about?”
   “I haven’t seen my wife since the outbreak,” he told, “I come from Chicago and I’ve been driving around for days searching for the answer to the whole thing, what have I done wrong? Was it me? Was it her? Then this thing started and I had to make a decision… should I go back or let the hate I feel destroy what I worked so hard for?”
   “Are you still trying to find an answer?”
He pondered and I waited for him to open up to me. I watched the emotions in his face change. Like he had found it
But then
He hadn’t
And then
   “I need to go back,” he said, he got up and began walking toward the exit, “it was nice meeting you Rhonda, take care of yourself”
   “Wait!” I shouted, I ran up to him, he turned and I hugged him tight, I felt his arms circle my back, “good luck with everything”
   “You too,” he said
He turned on his heal
Got in his car
And dissapeared into the distance
   “I’m going to have to go too” the woman said, her daughter holding on tight to her hand
   “Where’re you heading?”
   “South, my family are down there, I need to get there before anything happens,” she walked toward me and we both hugged, she hugged mom after, walked away, turned and smiled, “good luck with everything and stay safe”
   “You too… wait,” she turned, “What’s your name?”
   “Katie and this is my beautiful daughter, Dakota”
   “Good luck”
She nodded
And she was gone like Gary
Everybody was gone
Accept for me and mom
Stood in an empty motel
With nothing, but our minds wondering what was next for us
Should we stay?
Should we go?
And if so…


Cal Moore Season 2 Episode Four

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

All I could see were the silhouettes of the evil. Heading straight towards us in such a fast pace. Harold was still outside filling up his tank.
Ray was still shouting. Begging him to get the hell back into his car.
“Harold, we need to go now!”
“Done!” He told
He rushed into his car and within a second. The infected were on top of us.
“Ahhhhh!” I shouted
“Shit shit shit!” Cried dad
One of them was
In a heart beat
On the bonnet. It’s face stared straight into the car.
Then a strong headbutt
Then another
Then another
A crack then appeared.
The window weakened
Weakened until the point where only a few more powerful headbutts would break our protection. Blood had splat against the window. It’s skull was nearly cracked.
No pain was shown
Just crazed eyes determined to get to us. To rip us a part like it had probably did to many more people in its recent- dark- grotesque- past
“Drive!” Mom begged
“Ok ok,” dad said
He was frozen with fear. His body wouldn’t move for a short time until Mom had cried out in desperation.
“Let’s go!” Ray told
One rammed into my side of the car and there were plenty more fighting to get to us.
“Dad, mom!” I cried
I looked at Hannah and she had hold of Zach in her arms.
She stroked his hair
Whispering it was all going to be ok.
“I’m gonna get us the hell out of here!” He said
I looked around and saw the other guys being attacked also. We were surrounded by many. Within many moments, our lives had been on a rollercoaster.
From looking like things were going to be fine.
To looking like we were all going to be ended.
From escaping death
To looking like we were gonners.
“What are we going to do?!” I asked
I looked at Hannah once more who had escaped in her own little world with her brother. For days I had witnessed the relationship those two shared.
It seemed like there was no sharing at all. He was always in his own little universe whilst his she tried to communicate with him.
It seemed she was there with him and she didn’t want to let go of that moment.
“Hold on!” Dad shouted
The car sped forward and plowed through the oncoming infected.
The body on the bonnet had been knocked off. I looked behind and watched the others do the same.
Some struggled
Some didn’t
But for the ones that struggled, I was worried once more that they weren’t going to make it. I looked longer and noticed it was Mason this time around. His car was getting battered. They were all over his car and a sudden feeling of overwhelming sadness had me sobbing.
Hoping that he’d get out of there
Tears shot out in a flash as I witnessed my friends car be piled on.
Upon bodies
Upon bodies
“Mason!” I cried, “dad please, we need to help him!”
He wasn’t going to do it.
He wasn’t going to risk our lives, so I took it into my own hands and dived into the deep end
The deep end of the nightmare that wasn’t going away
The black waters that were so dark you couldn’t see where your next motion would take you
“Cal no!”
“He’s my friend!” I bellowed
I got out of the moving car and rolled along the floor
I winced in a little pain
Got up
And began running blind
Without a plan
Toward my friend
In desperation
“Cal!” I heard, I looked, it was Hannah, “this way!”
I ran with her. We ran toward the truck and not so far behind us were screaming flesh eating bodies.
“Don’t look!” She shouted
She grabbed her gun out and shot behind us. I looked and witnessed two fall, “Keep going, don’t stop!”
“What are we doing?!” I asked
“Saving your fucking friend!”
We reached the truck. I opened the door and climbed into the passenger seat.
One leg still hanging out
Something suddenly grabbed me and yanked me down. Hitting my head and now suddenly dazed. I was unable to react and saw one of the monsters on top of me. He punched me powerfully in the chest. Each impact sent shocks through me. It then grabbed me by the neck and began strangling me. Blood dripped from its eyes and onto my face. It’s skin rotten with holes from bites before.
And then
As it was about to bite me
A shot was fired and it fell on top of me and as it fell. Hannah was seen holding the gun in the truck.
“Took you long enough”
“I had problems of my own,” she told, “come on get in!”
She helped me up and I looked upon the carnage in front of us.
Still dazed
I tried to shake myself out of it and focus on saving my friend.
“Do you even know how to drive this thing?”
“No, but it’s the only shot we have,” she started the truck, “That’s step one, now, lets move this thing, luckily my dad gave me driving lessons before all this happened”
I gasped for positivity as I looked upon hell on earth and as the truck began to move forward. Something was telling me it was too late.
Too late to save my best buddies life.
“Hang in there Mason,” I spoke

Graham Jackson Season 2 Episode Three


Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

We had covered alot of ground
Me and him
Me and the unknown man who had decided to help me get to my family
My angel
My grandchildren
We raced through a tunnel that was pitchblack with doors on both sides.
Behind each door laid one of those things. Thats what it felt like and the question sat on top of me…
It was bound to at some point. The grim world that had seeped into my world had now flooded it. It didn’t matter where I looked now or turned my ear to.
I heard
And seen
One of those things chasing us down. Whether it would be in the distance
Close by with my friend blowing them back down to hell. Whether it would be a defenseless lone man or woman getting caught by one. They were everywhere.
Seeking blood
Seeking an innocent life
Seeking to end somebody
“Turn here!” He told
I followed him left. We couldn’t move forward because there was a load of them in front of us. No way could he have taken care of them all.
“In here,” he said
We went through a back door down an alley. Luckily the place had the light shining through it. He brushed passed me and checked. I joined him and looked in the other areas where he hadn’t checked yet.
The room was large with many doors around.
“Why aren’t you scared?” I asked, “I’ve never been this scared in my whole life”
“What’s the point when it’ll only get you killed?”
“Its only natural”
“To you and to the rest of the world yes, but for me, no”
“Shhh,” he told
He was on alert. His shotgun pointed forward and he moved forward slowly. I kept my ears and ears focused.
Luckily the light shone through the windows, so seeing was easy. It was just predicting, what ever he had heard, was either one of them
One of us
“In there,” he said, “stand back”
He was smaller than me with a smaller frame, but his fearlessness made him stronger.
But in a world that was quickly changing. It could also be a weakness.
He walked toward the door and went to open it, but it wasn’t to be.
“Come on,” he said
We went to walk away.
“Hello!” A female voice shouted
He stopped and walked back.
“Are you ok?”
“No, please help us, my mum’s been bit by one of those things, we hid in here to hide and locked the door, but we can’t seem to get it back open, she’s… mum are you ok? Mum, talk to me please”
“Did you say your mum’s been bit?” I asked
“Yes, she’s not looking too good”
“We need to get her out of there, now,” he told
A thud
A thud against the door
A cry
“Arrrrgh, help me!” She cried
“Hold on!” He told
He then pointed the shotgun at the door and blasted it.
Not once
But twice
The door gave way
And they both came falling out. An older woman on top of a younger woman. The older woman
The mother
Had clinged on to the daughter who struggled beneath her grip.
“Help me!”
She reached out. I kicked the once- was- mother at the side of the head and it fell to the ground. BUT
A gaping hole was left from the skin it had taken with it
He then pointed his shotgun and unloaded it’s deadliness.
The head splattered into bits
We couldn’t get to her on time. A young woman who looked only in her twenties had been taken prisoner from the virus.
She was suffering
Bleeding out from her neck
It had been shredded by her mother’s infected teeth
She cried out
“I don’t want to die”
The cries eventually died out and we were left standing there.
Nothing we could do, but just stand there and think of the things we could’ve done that might’ve saved her.
“Lets go,” he told, “theres nothing we can do, what ever this thing is, it’s taken control now”
“We can’t do just leave her”
He took out a pistol, “its for the best”
Her eyes widened
A tear ran down her cheek
“I’m sorry,” he said
suddenly shot her in the head

He led the way once more. Across a long coridoor and then we looked out of a window.
Nothing there
A crash then made us both jump. A body came flying down the stairs behind us.
Crashing into the walls
“Shit,” he said
A bellow from upstairs.
“Come on!”
He grabbed me and pushed me toward the door. We rushed out up a narrow street.
“Don’t look back!” He told
My phone rang, “Dad!”
“Evelyn!” I said, “I”m almost there, stay put!”
“Daddy, somethings happened, I can’t, hey! Get off of me! Dad, they’re evacuating everyone, please hurry, I’ll wait for you near the fountains, please hurry, I don’t know how long they’ll let me wait!”
The phone went dead. If I could see my own face it would’ve scared me fucking senseless.
Twists and turns
The left of the dark tunnel I was in. Was anything going to go right?
Anything all?
My chest killed. I was in agony. My legs bellowed in pain with every hit onto the ground.
I had to keep moving
With every scrape
With every move on the legs
With every twinge in my joints
The only thing I could
Was of my own daughter and my grandchildren, so stopping wasn’t an option. I was going to get to her no matter what it took
“Fuck!” I cried
“Whats wrong?!”
“Nothing, lets just keep on moving!”
It wasn’t long until another twist of the long nighterish tale came out of nowhere.
Stopping me in my tracks
Making me beg for mercy
The monster came out of nowhere and put me to the ground.
His face
Near mine
The smell of blood
The smell of dying skin
I could see skin in between its teeth.
It roared in my face with blood dripping from its eyes.
I held it back. Mustering up everything I could
My strength
My determination
But, I could feel my energy running low.
A boot came crashing into its skull and it was blown to bits straight after.
He offered his hand and I took it, “They’re all over the place, the square is not far now, lets go”

Cal Moore Season 2 Episode Three


Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

Darkness surrounded us
Apprehension surrounded us
The new world that had picked our world a part piece by piece was making its mark on all of us.
Draining us from strength. Leaving us to starve of hope.
It was hard to think positive when every where you looked. There was a face that spelt worry
A face that spelt
Even though we weren’t even dead. It felt like we were. It felt like I wanted to be.
I watched my dad and Ray check the body out.
I just wandered off in my mind. Nothing was interesting.
Just fear
And more fear
Standing in the way of everything
“I’m going to see, Mason,” I told
“You stay in this car,” mom ordered
“I want to see my friend, mom”
I went to get out and she held me back from over her seat.
“Don’t you even dear”
I went to sit down and straight after. I rushed out of the car with the shouting of my mom behind me.
I ran to Mason’s car and I saw Mason get out of his and run my way in the not- so- far- distance. His silhouette could be seen in the headlights. His mom and dad shouted also.
A few cars I passed
Just to get to my pal
We hugged each other. Both relieved that we could see each other again.
“Bro, that shit was insane,” he said
“I know, did you see it? They didn’t make it”
“I know, I watched it happen”
“Are you alright?” I asked
“Yeah, I guess, other than seeing our neighbours get massicred by aload of zombies, other than that, I’m ok I guess, you?”
“Same, other than the zombies”
“Do you think this’ll ever end?” I asked
“I don’t know, but if it doesn’t, do you know what the posive thing is?”
“What is that?”
“No school baby!”
I gave him a look that made it obvious I didn’t share the same enthusiasm.
“Just trying to have a rare laugh,” he said
“Not really the time is it”
“I guess not”
A Helicopter then flew passed us. High in the sky. Away from it all. Safety was in the sky and I abruptly wished
Like a young boy
I could fly along with the rest so none of the nightmerish creatures could get to us.
“Do you think they know we’re down here?” Mason asked
“No, I doubt that and if they did, I don’t think they’d wanna land”
“Fuck!” Ray shouted
The helicopter then span out of control. From a distance we witnessed somebody else’s life come to an end.
My eyes widened
My heart raced
And my mind also span out of control. We all gasped in utter shock as each second passed. Each second until it crashed and exploded and all we saw were the bright orange flames explode into the atmosphere.
“Holy christ!” Somebody cried
“What else is going to happen today?” Mason said
“Get in the car!” Dad told
“You too Mason, come on,” his dad ordered
The lights of the cars felt like it was our only protection. The darkness was outside and it felt like it had blackened even more with the helicopter crash.
“I’ll see you soon bro,” Mason said
“See you soon”
We gave each other one last look  and we walked back to our cars. Dad didn’t look impressed.
There was no real time to yell at his son who just wanted to see if his friend was alright.
“Lets go guys!” Ray told
We took off again into the unknown- horrific- night. Driving through the roads that would normally be lit up, but because of the power loss in the city. A darknened time wasn’t just a metaphor.
I looked over at Hannah, who cuddled next to her brother who was asleep, “hey,” she looked over, “you ok?”
“You know the answer to that,” she said, I looked away, “I’m sorry, I just wanted to stay put you know, it just felt like that place was safe”
“It was,” I said, “until that person led them all to us, you saw that right, or was I just imagining things?”
“No, I saw it too,” she told
“Good, I thought I was losing it”
“If you was I wouldn’t blame you with the way things are at the moment”
“Where can we go?” Mom asked
“I say we get out of the city,” dad answered, “away from it all, it won’t be as bad out there”
“Are we ok for fuel?” She asked
“Yeah, we’re fine”
“Well, lets just hope the others are”
I stared out of the window and my eyes began to blur.
They were heavy
With a tired mind above them
Feeling like they weighed three times more than I did.
As much as I wanted to stay awake because of the fear of something happening if I fell asleep. Exhaustion took over and all I could do was let it. I let reality fall under my feet and the dream world fall over.

I stared into thin air and let the screams fall over me and through me. Nothing but scenes of fire lighting up my eyes. Everywhere I looked.
Loved ones
Were being killed and I could’nt do a damn thing. I saw my mom and dad being chased by many of them and then I saw Mason be a surrounded.
His  squeals
My families squeals
Echoed nightmerishly in my ears
I was frozen in hell
Until I was woken up
“Cal?” Mom shouted
“Huh?” I muttered
“Nightmare?” She asked
“Yeah,” I looked around, we were at a gas station, “are we ok to be here?”
“We have no choice,” she said, “Harold needs gas”
I looked over and saw Harold filling his car up from a can.
Lit up from the headlights
A middle aged looking uncomfortable outside. He was a quiet guy who also kept himself to himself
Never spoke a word or bothered anyway.
“Whats that noice?” Hannah asked
A turn for the worse then shuck us back into an unsafe feeling. A truck then appeared. It flew through the streets and crashed straight into the building opposite of the gas station.
The truck wasn’t alone. The infected were close by. They came exploding down the street with violent hissing and bellows that never seemed to fail in grabbing your heart and making it skip a beat.
“Harold, lets go, now!” Ray shouted

Teddy Baker Season 2 Episode Three


Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, Gatewick, outside Wales

“Daddy, what was that?!”
I looked around and saw my children standing and staring.
On the stairs
Both scared
“Stay there, kids”
I walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. A young looking guy stood there. Every second his head turned.
He was watching his back
What was he looking for?
What had happened?
I thought things over and over
He banged on the door
“Whats taking you so long?!” He cried, “open the door please, they’re coming!”
I looked over at my son.
I knew what he was thinking
I knew what he thought I was going to do
Let him stay out there
Let him suffer with the fear in his voice
I did the right thing
I couldn’t put my children through that again
And opened it. He piled into the safety of the house and fell to his knees in a heap.
I closed the door and locked it. I looked out of the window.
What was he talking about?
Where were they?
I got in front of him, “Whats happening?”
“We had to get out of there”
“Chippingham,” he told, “we were told to stay in our homes, they told us we’d be safe, but it just happened so quick,” he broke down in tears, “we tried to leave, but there were too many, then… my dad sacrificed himself so me, my mum and my sister could escape, we got in the car and all I could do was look back at my dad, the car ended up breaking down outside Langston and then they… they just came out of nowhere, I watched as my mum and sister were torn to peices! The only thing I could do was run, until I found somewhere safe to hide, I was running for my life for hours” he stood up and faced me, a tall young man with broard shoulders, “I thank you for opening the door,” he held out his hand, “I’m Elijah”
I shook it, “Teddy and these are my children, Jack and Lianne”
He waved
Jack casually waved back
Lianne, shy, stood behind him
“I must’ve lost them,” he said, “they would’ve been here by now”
Danger was around the corner. I felt it. I felt it big time. My heart felt like a bomb had detonated.
“How many were there?”
“I’m not sure, I didn’t look back, I could’nt”
“You’re safe now, sit down and ralax”
“Can I… can I stay?”
Could I trust him?
Could I let a man who I’ve never known live with me and my children?
I wanted to say no. I felt a voice.
An evil tone
Circling me and waiting to strike. I had to get there before it did
“Yes, you may”
He smiled in relief and tears fell down his youthful face.
“Thank you so much”
“No problem, are you hungry?”
“Yeah, I am… thank you”
“Help yourself”
I looked out of the window.
Nothing there
The whole place seemed subdued.
Like it should be. Just how I remembered it as a child.
“Be ready, Teddy,” I uttered

Pure- utter- darkness surrounded me. I was in my bed. Stars shimmered outside along with a full moon.
Kids were in bed
Elijah slept in the bed my dad once rested in.
I went to move
For some reason I could’nt. I was stiff. Body was impossible to lift.
Like a bag of sand
A train
My heart began to quicken. I could hear it.
Feel it
Taste it…
The apprehension I felt was unbearable.
I tried to talk, but the words never left my head, “who’s there?!”
I could’nt even breath and I could’nt even blink. I was being suffercated
By a ghost of fear.
“Who the fuck is there?!”
I could only think of the words, but I could’nt say it.
The creek sounded close. It sounded like it was coming from within the blackness
Where ever it was. It was in there.
Or was I just losing my mind. With all thats happened in the past days.
What I’ve commited
What I’ve seen
Had it boiled over?
Had it all finally got on top of me?
“Get out of my house,” I thought
“Uraaagh,” the noice went
The voice was deep and it sounded old.
“Leave me alone”
From out nowhere. What ever was making the noise appeared. It was my father
It used to be. His skin was pale.
He was…
He was naked.
It came at me. Its skin hung from its rotting corpse as the moon shone through onto it
Like a spotlight
Somebody was letting me know that my time was up.
A terrifying message
He pounced on me and he began tearing into me.
I could see it all happening. I screamed in silence as I watched…
Watched this savage beast eat me alive
I woke up

I sat up in a sweat. Panting away as the images from the horrible dream haunted me.
“Jesus christ,” I said, “get a grip”
I got up.
It was early morning. The sun was bright, shining through my window. I walked toward the window. Looking over at the large field where I used to walk Franky. I heard something.
Cries for help
Where was it coming from?
What was happening?
“Teddy!” I heard
I rushed over to the door
Opened it
To see a panic- stricken- Elijah standing there.
“What’s wrong?” I asked
“There’s loads of them, there’s”-
I walked passed him and looked out of his window that overlooked the street.
“Holy fuck,” I said
He wasn’t wrong
Many infected were outside
Breaking into homes
Causing chaos as people were crying for help.
“What do we do?”
I looked at him
Deep in thought
A snap decision
I made up my mind
“We have to go,” I told