Teddy Baker Season 2 Episode Three


Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, Gatewick, outside Wales

“Daddy, what was that?!”
I looked around and saw my children standing and staring.
On the stairs
Both scared
“Stay there, kids”
I walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. A young looking guy stood there. Every second his head turned.
He was watching his back
What was he looking for?
What had happened?
I thought things over and over
He banged on the door
“Whats taking you so long?!” He cried, “open the door please, they’re coming!”
I looked over at my son.
I knew what he was thinking
I knew what he thought I was going to do
Let him stay out there
Let him suffer with the fear in his voice
I did the right thing
I couldn’t put my children through that again
And opened it. He piled into the safety of the house and fell to his knees in a heap.
I closed the door and locked it. I looked out of the window.
What was he talking about?
Where were they?
I got in front of him, “Whats happening?”
“We had to get out of there”
“Chippingham,” he told, “we were told to stay in our homes, they told us we’d be safe, but it just happened so quick,” he broke down in tears, “we tried to leave, but there were too many, then… my dad sacrificed himself so me, my mum and my sister could escape, we got in the car and all I could do was look back at my dad, the car ended up breaking down outside Langston and then they… they just came out of nowhere, I watched as my mum and sister were torn to peices! The only thing I could do was run, until I found somewhere safe to hide, I was running for my life for hours” he stood up and faced me, a tall young man with broard shoulders, “I thank you for opening the door,” he held out his hand, “I’m Elijah”
I shook it, “Teddy and these are my children, Jack and Lianne”
He waved
Jack casually waved back
Lianne, shy, stood behind him
“I must’ve lost them,” he said, “they would’ve been here by now”
Danger was around the corner. I felt it. I felt it big time. My heart felt like a bomb had detonated.
“How many were there?”
“I’m not sure, I didn’t look back, I could’nt”
“You’re safe now, sit down and ralax”
“Can I… can I stay?”
Could I trust him?
Could I let a man who I’ve never known live with me and my children?
I wanted to say no. I felt a voice.
An evil tone
Circling me and waiting to strike. I had to get there before it did
“Yes, you may”
He smiled in relief and tears fell down his youthful face.
“Thank you so much”
“No problem, are you hungry?”
“Yeah, I am… thank you”
“Help yourself”
I looked out of the window.
Nothing there
The whole place seemed subdued.
Like it should be. Just how I remembered it as a child.
“Be ready, Teddy,” I uttered

Pure- utter- darkness surrounded me. I was in my bed. Stars shimmered outside along with a full moon.
Kids were in bed
Elijah slept in the bed my dad once rested in.
I went to move
For some reason I could’nt. I was stiff. Body was impossible to lift.
Like a bag of sand
A train
My heart began to quicken. I could hear it.
Feel it
Taste it…
The apprehension I felt was unbearable.
I tried to talk, but the words never left my head, “who’s there?!”
I could’nt even breath and I could’nt even blink. I was being suffercated
By a ghost of fear.
“Who the fuck is there?!”
I could only think of the words, but I could’nt say it.
The creek sounded close. It sounded like it was coming from within the blackness
Where ever it was. It was in there.
Or was I just losing my mind. With all thats happened in the past days.
What I’ve commited
What I’ve seen
Had it boiled over?
Had it all finally got on top of me?
“Get out of my house,” I thought
“Uraaagh,” the noice went
The voice was deep and it sounded old.
“Leave me alone”
From out nowhere. What ever was making the noise appeared. It was my father
It used to be. His skin was pale.
He was…
He was naked.
It came at me. Its skin hung from its rotting corpse as the moon shone through onto it
Like a spotlight
Somebody was letting me know that my time was up.
A terrifying message
He pounced on me and he began tearing into me.
I could see it all happening. I screamed in silence as I watched…
Watched this savage beast eat me alive
I woke up

I sat up in a sweat. Panting away as the images from the horrible dream haunted me.
“Jesus christ,” I said, “get a grip”
I got up.
It was early morning. The sun was bright, shining through my window. I walked toward the window. Looking over at the large field where I used to walk Franky. I heard something.
Cries for help
Where was it coming from?
What was happening?
“Teddy!” I heard
I rushed over to the door
Opened it
To see a panic- stricken- Elijah standing there.
“What’s wrong?” I asked
“There’s loads of them, there’s”-
I walked passed him and looked out of his window that overlooked the street.
“Holy fuck,” I said
He wasn’t wrong
Many infected were outside
Breaking into homes
Causing chaos as people were crying for help.
“What do we do?”
I looked at him
Deep in thought
A snap decision
I made up my mind
“We have to go,” I told

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