Cal Moore Season 2 Episode Four

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

All I could see were the silhouettes of the evil. Heading straight towards us in such a fast pace. Harold was still outside filling up his tank.
Ray was still shouting. Begging him to get the hell back into his car.
“Harold, we need to go now!”
“Done!” He told
He rushed into his car and within a second. The infected were on top of us.
“Ahhhhh!” I shouted
“Shit shit shit!” Cried dad
One of them was
In a heart beat
On the bonnet. It’s face stared straight into the car.
Then a strong headbutt
Then another
Then another
A crack then appeared.
The window weakened
Weakened until the point where only a few more powerful headbutts would break our protection. Blood had splat against the window. It’s skull was nearly cracked.
No pain was shown
Just crazed eyes determined to get to us. To rip us a part like it had probably did to many more people in its recent- dark- grotesque- past
“Drive!” Mom begged
“Ok ok,” dad said
He was frozen with fear. His body wouldn’t move for a short time until Mom had cried out in desperation.
“Let’s go!” Ray told
One rammed into my side of the car and there were plenty more fighting to get to us.
“Dad, mom!” I cried
I looked at Hannah and she had hold of Zach in her arms.
She stroked his hair
Whispering it was all going to be ok.
“I’m gonna get us the hell out of here!” He said
I looked around and saw the other guys being attacked also. We were surrounded by many. Within many moments, our lives had been on a rollercoaster.
From looking like things were going to be fine.
To looking like we were all going to be ended.
From escaping death
To looking like we were gonners.
“What are we going to do?!” I asked
I looked at Hannah once more who had escaped in her own little world with her brother. For days I had witnessed the relationship those two shared.
It seemed like there was no sharing at all. He was always in his own little universe whilst his she tried to communicate with him.
It seemed she was there with him and she didn’t want to let go of that moment.
“Hold on!” Dad shouted
The car sped forward and plowed through the oncoming infected.
The body on the bonnet had been knocked off. I looked behind and watched the others do the same.
Some struggled
Some didn’t
But for the ones that struggled, I was worried once more that they weren’t going to make it. I looked longer and noticed it was Mason this time around. His car was getting battered. They were all over his car and a sudden feeling of overwhelming sadness had me sobbing.
Hoping that he’d get out of there
Tears shot out in a flash as I witnessed my friends car be piled on.
Upon bodies
Upon bodies
“Mason!” I cried, “dad please, we need to help him!”
He wasn’t going to do it.
He wasn’t going to risk our lives, so I took it into my own hands and dived into the deep end
The deep end of the nightmare that wasn’t going away
The black waters that were so dark you couldn’t see where your next motion would take you
“Cal no!”
“He’s my friend!” I bellowed
I got out of the moving car and rolled along the floor
I winced in a little pain
Got up
And began running blind
Without a plan
Toward my friend
In desperation
“Cal!” I heard, I looked, it was Hannah, “this way!”
I ran with her. We ran toward the truck and not so far behind us were screaming flesh eating bodies.
“Don’t look!” She shouted
She grabbed her gun out and shot behind us. I looked and witnessed two fall, “Keep going, don’t stop!”
“What are we doing?!” I asked
“Saving your fucking friend!”
We reached the truck. I opened the door and climbed into the passenger seat.
One leg still hanging out
Something suddenly grabbed me and yanked me down. Hitting my head and now suddenly dazed. I was unable to react and saw one of the monsters on top of me. He punched me powerfully in the chest. Each impact sent shocks through me. It then grabbed me by the neck and began strangling me. Blood dripped from its eyes and onto my face. It’s skin rotten with holes from bites before.
And then
As it was about to bite me
A shot was fired and it fell on top of me and as it fell. Hannah was seen holding the gun in the truck.
“Took you long enough”
“I had problems of my own,” she told, “come on get in!”
She helped me up and I looked upon the carnage in front of us.
Still dazed
I tried to shake myself out of it and focus on saving my friend.
“Do you even know how to drive this thing?”
“No, but it’s the only shot we have,” she started the truck, “That’s step one, now, lets move this thing, luckily my dad gave me driving lessons before all this happened”
I gasped for positivity as I looked upon hell on earth and as the truck began to move forward. Something was telling me it was too late.
Too late to save my best buddies life.
“Hang in there Mason,” I spoke

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