Teddy Baker Season 2 Episode Four

Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, Gatewick, outside Wales

Every smash
Every cry
Every painful thought
With every dying minute
Dying second
And Dying moment
The urgency behind our every move had to be perfect. Elijah’s face was a story in itself. It was like a revisit to a recent- dredful- past.
“They found me, I brought them here”
I grabbed him, one hand on each side of his face, “Shut up and listen, I know I can trust you, so you’re going to come along with me, we will survive together and we’ll make it together”
“How do you know you can trust me?”
The young soul was all over the place.
His mind
His body
He was blacking out. Getting deeper and deeper into a panicked state and I had to drive him in the right direction.
“Because I let you stay with us and if a time comes where I can’t trust you, then I’ll have to let you go”
“I promise you, that will never happen,” he told
“Good, now help me get the fuck out of here, I have a car up front, so we need to hurry if we wanna make it out of here”
I quickly got straight down to business and went straight to the kids. They were asleep
In heaven
Away from this place
In a world where
That these creatures didn’t exist. Where danger wasn’t about to be around every corner.
I nudged them both gently at a time and said there names in a calm- smooth- voice.
They opened there eyes, “guys, sorry for waking you, but we need to go”
“Why daddy?” Lianne asked
“It’s just not safe anymore, now come on, hurry and grab your things, daddy’s going to do the same”
I quickly walked out. Elijah had his hands to his face like he was trying to block everything out.
“Elijah, look at me, I need you here with me, understand?”
He nodded and I hoped then he was out of it, but I knew he wasn’t. I knew that where he was. All that he saw were the things outside.
The things that chased him
The things that…
Killed his family
And they were now outside ripping everything a part. A safe haven wasn’t so safe anymore and now he had to run once more.
“Come on,” I said, “help me out”
I could hear the suffering that was muffled by the windows. I didn’t need to see them. I knew they were getting closer.
We had quickly got everything we needed
All of us were changed
As you all know, things are never that easy. We rushed toward the door and a sudden bang made us take a step back.
“Please, let me in, please!”
Elijah rushed to the door, “Elijah don’t!”
He opened the door and a child
As young as ten
Witnessed a flash of light
We tried to save him.
We really did
He was suddenly jumped on from the side by the grotesque beasts.
A glimpse of his pain- striken- face and his cries for help were all we could see and hear.
He was torn apart
Limb from limb
“Come on!” I told
The beasts were distracted
We needed to take advantage
We turned and ran toward the back door. I grabbed the kids and held onto them. Elijah ran beside me.
I looked behind and one could be seen heading straight toward us. I picked up the pace. Yanked the back door open and ran toward the back gate that led to the field.
Children in front
With Elijah and I behind them
If anything was to happen. Noway in hell was I going to let them get to my kids first.
I hoisted Lianne over
Then Jack
One after the other in quick succession.
Then Elijah and I rushed over. The field was large and open. Far to run but nowhere to hide. It was a long stretch to the houses in the far distance.
I drew the plan up in my head
The plan was cruel
But it was needed
“It’s gaining on us!” Elijah told
“Get behind my kids!” I told him
He looked at me, confused, “What?!”
“Just do it and keep running!”
He did it
I stopped
And pulled out the knife that I had swiped from the kitchen.
“Daddy!” Lianne cried
“Keep going, Lianne!” I told
I waited for it
A disturbing streak had taken over me.
For my kids sake
I was going to get rid of this disgusting creature
“Come and get me,” I said
I readied myself and clinched the knife. I didn’t let one bad thought take control. It was just me and this monster.
One on one
And strangely
I was looking forward to it. The other side of me. The side that had me kill my bitch of a wife and father. That had taken control
I loved it
I smiled, “come on!”
I could feel the rage
The anger
The emotion
And my strength getting larger and larger with every passing second.
It hit me
It flew straight into me, but I hit first. I had brought the knife straight up and pushed it deep into its heart.
And deeper
It fell to its knees and then on to its back. I pushed it in even more and gazed into the eyes of what once was an adolescent girl.
A girl that probably witnessed her family get slaughtered
“Go to sleep,” I said
She was gone
No more
I got up and breathed in deeply. Elijah stood there with my children by his side.
“Come on, let’s go,” I told


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