Graham Jackson Season 2 Episode Four

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

After so many steps
So many turns
I felt my legs screaming
But, the pain was worth it
We had got there
And I Prayed they were still there
Waiting for me with open arms
Each face smiling
Happy to see their daddy and grandpa
Happy to witness waking up from the fucking nightmare we were in
They were all large hopes of course
There wasn’t going to be any smiling
Any laughing
Any shouting daddy daddy or grandad grandad or anything. Those days were dying out
Being murdered in a world that was a seriel killer
it wasn’t people I was suspicious of anymore. It was what this new world had install for me and my family around each corner we stepped on.
“Hopefully they’ll be waiting for you,” he said
I breathed in and out, exhausted from the trip, “thank you,” I gasped, “thank you so much”
“Go, you need to hurry”
“I want you to come with me, I’d love a man like you by my side, I have a feeling this won’t be the only time when I need a crazy fucker like yourself”
He shook his head, “that ain’t going to happen, a crazy fucker like myself needs to be a crazy fucker that helps more people”
I didn’t get the guy, “you saved me and I’m grateful and I want to show you that, please, come with me, I have a place where you can stay”
“Thanks, but no thanks, I’ve taken too much from this world, it’s going to take a thousand rescued bodies to pay it back”
“What did you take?”
“Lets just say I was a fucking prick, now go, you’re wasting time”
He turned and walked back into the tormented world. A guy who was supposedly bad, but in my eyes, he had just saved my wrinkly ass. I had a lot to thank him for. I wanted to repay him.
Repay him with everything I had. I wanted him to stand by my side and fight what ever this beast was.
“Ok, get it together,” I told myself
I looked at the crowds of people. Armed police and the army stood by. All were gazing at me in a dark way.
“Stop!” One said
“Please, I need to get to my family”
“And we need to check if you’ve been bit”
“Fuck you!” I told, “you have no idea what I’ve just been through to get here, so move aside, or I’ll move you!”
I started storming toward them. Eyes fixated on the prize.
The area behind them
Where my family would be
“We have the guns, I wouldn’t if I were you”
“I’m not stopping”
I continued walking forward with a purpose. I was going to bulldoze my way right through them whether they liked it or not. I was going to get to my angel and my grandkids and no man, woman or thing was going to stop me.
“Sir, I’m in no mood to deal with this shit,” the middle one said, a big bold army man with an icey stare
“Get the fuck out of my way,” I told
The guns suddenly lifted
“Get down!”
I ducked
Looked behind
And saw many of the crazed lunatics coming our way. Now that their attention was focused on them. I ran through them and felt a hand grab me.
“Hey!” I heard
I turned
And bombed the man in the face
and watched him fall into the officer beside him. I couldn’t believe what I had done, but there was no time to feel anything at that moment. I had to get to them…
I looked everywhere. Directing my gaze in every direction
“Evelyn!” I shouted
I ran around like a maniac. Unfamiliar faces everywhere
Barging into each other including myself.
All going in the same direction.
Desperate to get away from the area
Anger and frustration switched on the switch. I felt myself wanting to do harm to someone. I was ready to pound the floor with my fists.
Close to giving up
Close to losing my mind where the only thought was that they were dead.
“I’ve lost you, I’m sorry I let you down”
“Hey mister,” I heard, I looked up and a young woman stood beside me, “you do realise you have to get the hell out of here right?”
“I’m looking for someone,” I told
“She’ll be in the safe zone”
“Where’s that?” I asked
“Victoria center, just follow the crowd, she could be in it,” more gun shots were heard, “now I don’t know about you, but I’m getting out of dodge”
“Thanks for the help”
“No problem old man!”
She ran away
Away from the crowds and dissapeared. I looked at the crowds of panicked people. It was wild in there
Absolutely manic
The authorities tried to control it, but they were failing. Unfortunately
I knew
She was in there somewhere and I had to find her. I rushed toward the crowd and pushed passed whoever was in front of me. I used my height and build to my advantage and moved aside who ever was in front.
I was desperate
And in no mood to be slowed down
I moved more bodies out of the way and suddenly heard a child- like- voice scream out in pain.
“Hey you!”
I looked back and saw a huge black muscular guy with crazed eyes and clenched fists rush toward me.
I wondered what was wrong with him. Until I saw a young boy flat down on the floor with a woman helping him up. It was obviously his son.
“Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean”-
He was standing right in front of me now.
Face to Face
Eye to eye
But something wasn’t right
I looked down and saw a knife pointing toward my stomach
Was already on it
“You will be fucking sorry”

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