Cal Moore Season 2 Mid- Season Finale


Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

We surged through the chaos. Through the infected that had surrounded us. Many of them being crushed by the truck Hannah was driving.
And finally
With deep- heavy- breaths
We had now cleared the path and now I was searching with speedy gazes in the car Mason and his parents were once sat in
That my best buddy had survived. It didn’t take me long to notice that he had survived. Curled up in the back seat in shock
It also didn’t take me long that my best friends life had been massacred
For good
A changed life
A path that was now bloody and teary. His parents were a picture of the changed world. Of what was to come. Mason was in the back seat sobbing his heart out whilst his parents were at the front being eaten by the monsters.
They had obviously broken through the windows and grabbed them. Hannah got out and shot them dead and we laid eyes upon the dead bodies of Mason’s parents. Torn limb from limb from the savagery of the insane, but it wasn’t over. There were more and we heard them coming from a far. I got out of the truck
Pulled the car door open
And reached out my hand toward him
“Mason, we have to go buddy”
“I can’t, just leave me”
“Mason, you know I won’t do that”
“Just leave me!”
A hand grabbed me and I jumped. My dad was behind me. Emotion tearing through him.
“Holy crap,” he said, “Mason, come with us please”
“I’m not leaving my parents”
“You have too”
It had to be done. We just had to do it. We grabbed him and pulled him out of the car.
He fought us
Kicked and punched
Crying a river with each squabble
“No!” He bellowed
“You can’t bring them back Mason, we have to go now or we’re all dead,” Hannah told
Ray was in the distance with everybody else. Waving to us to hurry. We ran with Mason who was motionless. His eyes indifferent to the world now.
“Hurry!” Ray told
We ran as fast as we could whilst hearing the screams of evil getting closer.
“Get in the damn car!” Mom begged
Inch by inch
Centimetre by centimetre
We could sense their evil getting closer to us
We rapidly got in the car and so did everybody else. I looked at Mason who was nothing more than a cold mountain with nothing growing on the top of it. Winter was now forever going to be within him.
I looked at him
Gazed at him
And felt the anger and sadness building up inside of him and I asked myself
Was the anger aimed at me?
Was the sadness aimed at me?
Then I realised
Of course the sadness won’t be aimed at me
It could be the anger. The way he spoke to me and looked at me. It got me thinking that it could be aimed my way.
“Mason I’m”-
“Don’t talk to me, please”
“I’m sorry”
I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to tell him how much I was sorry and how much I loved him. What I would do for him to make him smile? He was my friend. My best friend and I could’nt believe the shocking changes that had happened to the world.
To him
To all of us
The infected were closing in. We burst forward with the rest of the cars at the side of us and headed to the right. Away from the infected that were coming from the left.
“Keep going, don’t stop, we need to get as far away from here as possible,” mom said
It was all just a gigantic mess.
The majority of the streets we passed had cars smashed into one and other and bodies roaming aimlessly around.
“Oh god,” dad said
We were heading off deeper into darkness. Each turn we made the headlights lit up something new that was disturbing. One thing I can remember. One true thing that will never leave my mind. The largest one that will forever leave a stain. Is a child crawling crawling with only half of its body remaining across the road. That’s when the car swerved. That’s when we lost control
That’s when we crashed into another car
And thats when the world went black for a moment

My world was black
My world still darkened by the sudden flick of the switch
But, I could now hear the sounds
The sounds that sounded like screams and after those screams came the firings of guns. I tried to open my eyes, but I could’nt
I tried and tried again and finally I managed, but all I could perceive was a blur.
“Is everybody ok?” Dad asked, pain in his voice
“I’m fine”
“I’m fine”
“We’re ok”
A fist then exploded through the window and grabbed me. The face I saw was frightening. It was one of them.
An infected
A large man with dead skin and bloody eyes. It screamed and I could’nt move and then it was gunned down
Blood splattered against the window
It’s face slid down the window. Moments later it all went silent.
The atmosphere subdued
No sounds
No gunfire
No nothing
“What’s happening?” Mom asked
My eyes came in full focus now. I saw men outside carrying weapons with army outfits and many dead bodies around them. Some of them checked the bodies and some of them checked around them
All of them holding flashlights
“All clear!” One told
“Check the cars”
“Hey hey, over here!” Mom shouted
Their footsteps rushed toward us

I woke up to an empty room. Nobody there but myself and my thoughts from the night before. I got up and walked toward a window that gave off a welcoming sight.
A blue sky
No clouds in sight
And a crowd of people walking freely with many buildings around and in the backdrop. A large- solid- gate sat there protecting us.
“Wow,” I said
“Beautiful isn’t it?”
I looked around and it was my mom. She looked different. She looked relieved and safe and so did I. The way the place looked. It looked like a fortress.
“Where’s Mason?” I asked
“He’s around, he said he wanted to be alone, so we let him be”
“And the others?”
“Around, I will take you to them, this place is brilliant”
We walked out of the room and into a long coridoor where others stood with friends and families
Parents and children wandered around and after the long look I took from the window. I felt a warm feeling inside that was growing
I felt safe
I felt relieved
And a smile was growing inside

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