Teddy Baker Season 2 Mid- Season Finale

Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, Bromley, outside Wales

The ground was lush and green
Thick, and I wished it would’ve lasted forever
The same field I had always walked or ran around on as a child
Times I would never forget
I was running for a different reason. It wasn’t the running around innocent children did when they had thought up a game from their colourful imagination.
It was the running I had to do to save myself and my children.
Deep down inside. I wished the saying that the greener the grass, a better day will be waiting around the corner, was true.
It wasn’t
No fucking way it wasn’t
We ran across the field with each anguished breath
Each rushing step sending us closer and closer into the plan I had in mind

All I could sense
All I could hear
Were the screams of innocent minds being tortured
Torn to peices
They weren’t leaving me and they weren’t going to leave any time soon.
   “What’re we doing?” Elijah asked
   “Getting the hell out of here”
I panted 
Panted a way
Into the darkness we were running into and hopefully were getting out of. The plan I had was
I hoped
Was going to do just that
   “There,” I pointed
Elijah looked at me
Tried to work out what I had planned
Tried to work out what I was trying to do
He knew I wanted to get out of there, but he was trying to work out how
   “Are you with me on this?” I asked
   “What are we doing?” He questioned
   “We need a car and we’re going to take one”
   “But you have a car”
   “We can’t go back there, if we do we’re dead, those things will be here soon so we need to hurry”
   “We can’t just take one”
I got in his face. His large body towered above me, but our eyes told different stories and I felt the fear within him
The darkness I possesed
Was the darkness I crushed him with which burnt the hole threw him and that hole was going to give me the answer I wanted
“I am getting my kids out of here no matter what, don’t you get in the way, you’re either with me or you aren’t, which one is it?”
   He nodded, “ok”
   “Take my kids away from here, I don’t want them to see this”
   “What’re you going to do?”
   “Make us safe again”
   He began to take the kids away, “daddy”
   “Go with him, I’m fine,” I told
I walked purposely toward the garden where the car was. The area was wonderful.
Houses stood proud
Houses where you knew the people who were in them lived a high life or near to one.
Gorgeous cars in the driveways were like diamonds shining in the lovely weather.
Gardens were in immaculate condition where the children would run around in the perfectly trimmed grass
It was a happy place
A family place
A place where you could’ve walked around with a smile and no cut throat worries would’ve ruined your day
The front door opened and an old man walked out dressed smartly.
   He stood there angrily and said, “this is private property, get out”
   “That isn’t going to happen”
   “Thats not your decision, either get off my property or I will phone the police”
   “I don’t think that’s going to happen either, what is going to happen though,” I walked up to him, deadly eyes gazing his way, eyes I knew that would get me anything I wanted, evil, insane, a dark mind, “you will give me the keys to your car and I will gladly take it and you won’t get hurt”
The man was well kept. A brave face he had with an old hardened body that looked like it had been through some shady alleys. A body that looked like it could look after itself.
What mind did he have?
I didn’t know
Maybe a stone one?
Maybe a bloody one?
Maybe a foggy forest where you couldn’t see as far as arms length?
A white puffy one that had an angel living on it?
I didn’t know
I had no fucking clue and I did not fucking care
But what I did know is and what I did care about
I needed that car and I was going to get it no matter what.
   “You aren’t taking my car and you sure ain’t hell going to put fear into me where you think I will give you anything you want”
   “Thank you for your cooperation”
The knife was still in my hand
My hand was now clenched
My mind was now oozing fuel toward it
And it was now a case of which side of myself was going to come out
The dark
The light
   “Frank,” a female voice said, she then came out and in an instant she saw the knife and put her hands onto her mouth in shock, “who are you and what do you want?”
   “Margaret, go inside”
   “I just want your car,” I told
   “Get away from us, or I will phone the police”
   “The police aren’t coming, only dread and horror, a changed world that is happening right now and will soon be at your door step”
   “I don’t give two shits what’s happening, either get off my property or I will phone somebody that will kick your ass, that knife isn’t scaring anybody, I’ve dealt with worse people than you”
   “I don’t think you have,” I told
I tried to hold it back
I tried to
I didn’t want to cause harm and I didn’t want to bring the dark side back out. All I wanted was to threaten the old man and have him give me his damn car.
With him being too stubborn With him being too proud to let his life come before his pride
He was only digging himself a deeper hole and I was going to be the one
To drag him into it.
   I walked close, “listen old man”
He then pulled his hand back and struck me on the jaw, I wobbled.
Dazed and confused
Anger took over. I stared him down and I watched him holding up his fists. He was ready and so was I.
   “Go inside Margaret, phone the police”
I walked; stone faced, toward him, but he didn’t back down. He threw another blow and it hit me once more, although this time, I kept moving forward.
A sick smile came before him
He threw another
I grabbed his fist
Took the knife
And drove it into his stomach. His face said it all. The life that he had left was now on fast forward. It was raining blood.
His blood
Now it was only a matter of time before his world was nothing but a black hole. I stared into his hateful eyes as he stared at me in disgrace. Pain was now cemented all over him.
No escape
The car was now mine
   “Please, don’t hurt my wife”
I blinked and it was like I switched again. He fell to the floor and I looked forward.
   “Give me the keys”
   “Teddy!” I heard
I looked around and saw Elijah and the kids running toward me.
   “They’re coming!”
   “Give me your fucking keys!”
   “Give him the keys, Margaret,” he told
It looked like for a second she was going to back down. Like the whole plan was going to be accomplished.
   “You can go fuck yourself,” she told
My mind was racing now.
I had to think
The clock was ticking

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