Graham Jackson Season 2 Mid- Season Finale 


Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

The redness of the knife
The dried blood
He had obviously killed before and it looked like I was next on his list
I looked at the knife and into his eyes.
They were in a craze
He was’nt blinking
They pierced my skin, then my rib cage then straight into my heart. Punching gaping holes into it. Breaking down the walls that I thought were solid before this catastrophic incident occurred.
They had been weakened weeks before because of the shit tap being on full blast and landing on all of us
I realised
I needed to wake up and fight back this fear. I didn’t have time for this shit. Although, I understood why he was so angry at me. Getting into a fight just wasn’t my priority though. I didn’t want to cause damage to the guy and I didn’t want to make his son and wife or girlfriend watch.
His missus begged him, a slim young black woman looking jaded like the rest of us, “Jevan!” She cried, “leave him, he didn’t mean to!”
“This fucker knocked down my son, Tanya!”
She grabbed him by the arm and tried pulling him away, “the hell off me!” He told
He pushed her away.
“Listen, I didn’t mean to do it, just let it go and we can all walk away”
“I’ll be the one who’s walking away”
He went for me
A sudden reaction made me move to the side away from the bloody knife.
“I need to get to my family!” I told, “I don’t want to fight you!”
I begged him
Urged him
Threw as many words at him as possible that I thought would make him think twice at what he was doing.
His son
His missus
Looked on as he repeatedly attempted to strike me down
“Jevan please, your scaring Dion!”
“Listen to her, you don’t want to do this!”
“Who the fuck are you to tell me what I want, huh!”
He went for me again
This time it was closer
My hands were raised to show how much I didn’t want it.
I dodged him again and this time. I cracked him one from the side. He wobbled
He looked at me
And rage shone through even more
He smiled, “Is that it!”
His pace accelerated. He was coming at me once more. He swung for me.
I dodged him and straight after he caught me with a right hook. It landed with a boom.
And like a fuzzy TV screen
My reception died for a moment
The big fella was on me.
He had knocked me down. Now he was pushing the knife toward me.
“Jevan, stop this madness!”
She pulled on his broard shoulders and did the best she could.
She pulled
And I tried pushing the knife away
“Daddy!” His son bellowed
He was seeing the whole thing. The poor little guys dad had lost it. All he could see was the madness that the world was painting for him.
His dad
Trying to kill another man
Whilst his mum begged him
“Jevan, your son!”
I pushed against his power
Blood rushed through me and my heart beat battered against me
from within
I was battling
To match his power
To contain the brute force his large arms had
I felt every anger within him
I could feel that the man who I now knew as Jevan had a sorrowful past
A past that involved many mountains
I could feel that…
I had to find the energy from somewhere to get this much younger man off of me. I dug deep and used it to push the knife away.
I exploded “Awwrrrgghh!”
I rammed my head forward and felt it crash into his.
Two times
He was dazed and his eyes were unfocused. He was weakened.
I pushed him off me.
Got on top of him
And switched
In a blink I saw a deep red
I just kept going and going with everything I had until the emotions ran back into the glass
“Stop please!” I heard
I looked up
Rose to my feet and moved to the side
Breathing heavily I realised the picture I was leaving behind. The tears that were being shed. Mother and son standing there holding each other scared next to their loved one.
“I’m sorry,” I told, “I really am, please forgive me”
I turned around and let the stones from the past bounce off me. With each stone came guilt and with each guilty moment left me with an image and I only had one answer for it.
It had to be done
The man was going to fucking kill me
I ran forward and got back to the matter at hand. To find my daughter. To find my grandkids. I was still a little dazed, but I could’nt let that hold me back as I walked through the murky crowd.
Each person
Man, woman and child
Held onto something dearly.
Whether it was a parent, child, husband, wife or a bag with sentiment tucked away. I weaved my way through it
Demanding that the path I laid would lead me straight toward them.
I cried out once again, “Evelyn!”
I looked, rapidly, shooting my gaze from area to area, “Evelyn?!”
“Over here!”
I focused hard into the crowd of terror and noticed
In the distance
My angel waving crazily in the midst of it all. A smile washed upon my barren face and aloud a  slight moment of happiness
A second window where the sun shone outside
“Wait there, don’t move!” I told
I heard…
The level of panic had suddenly risen to the sky. I felt the intensity clench my body and mind. I looked around and saw everybody that was once behind me rushing to get in front.
Each face told a story
Each face pushed passed me in desperation. Squeezing through what ever gap they could find. The panic on the kids faces
Being held tight by their mothers or fathers
And then…
A gap appeared where I could seek the answer
I realised what they were running from…

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