Teddy Baker Season 2 Mid- Season Premiere 

Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, Bromley, outside Wales

We had to hurry
We didn’t have time to blink twice
Across the fields were the beasts from hell that were yearning to end our lives. Shred us to bits with their disgusting teeth
Their grotesque mouths with piercing eyes above them
They were dead
And we were going to be if we didn’t hurry the fuck up. 
I could see it 
I could see it all
The cold- dead- hearts they had fuelling them with every step they trood.
No way were we going to end up like them
Not now, I thought
I brushed passed her and she tried to stop me
She sat beside her husband. She tried to grab me and I shoved her off.
   “Don’t you dare go into our home!”
It was a fact that I didn’t give a fuck. I couldn’t care less if we… I
Shut the door on them and they would’ve ended up being dinner for the demons. 
   “Kids, lets go!”
I looked round and saw Elijah trying to help them.
   “Get off him!” She told
   “I’m trying to help”
   “What’re you doing?” I asked
   “This isn’t how it works,” he told, “we can’t just leave them out here, we have to help bring them inside”
I gazed at my children. 
And they gazed at me
Especially Jack
The two of them were sitting in a
dark cave with illuminated drawings of me killing people were on them
And they were sat down
Staring at every single one like a film in a cinema
And they were…
Shaking their heads at the drawings. I had to get them back onside. I had to give them something good to look at.
Bring them a torch in the dark
   “Ok, kids get inside now!”
   “You get away from him!”
   “What’s happening over there?” A man from across the road had come out of his home, he didn’t look happy, he was quite large and tall, a build to cause a problem, “who the fuck are you?”
   “This doesn’t concern you,” I said
   “The hell it don’t,” he said, he began crossed the road, “I don’t know who the fuck you’re, but I don’t like what you’re doing, move aside now”
   “Sean, he has a knife!”
   “He can try and use it,” he said
His frame suggested he could bench press a lot of weight. His large bold head that the sun shone off suggested he would pack a mean headbutt. 
His shirt was tight 
It showed the muscles he had
Big and mean
That’s what he was
   “Stay back,” I told, “you need to get back inside, you don’t want to be out here, trust me”
He looked at Jack and his face changed into a worried look
   “Frank, what the fuck”
I was ready for him to hit me. I was ready for the big fist he had to swing my way.
   He looked at my knife again and he clicked, the small simple brain he probably had in that large muscle body of his had finally realised, “you motherfucker!”
He came toward me and I launched the knife toward me. He grabbed me and clouted me straight in the face. I collapsed to the ground. I was now looking up at the big man.
I now needed somebody
And that was Elijah to get his ass into gear and help me out or this guy was going to kill me.
He was on top of me. Every hit I could feel on my blocking arms. The force of each hit came through and hit me in the face 
Each time
My guard was broken everytime 
The knife was gone. It wasn’t that far away.
Far enough to not be able to grab it. 
And then…
From out of nowhere
His face changed from seeing red to seeing pain. His punches weren’t being pulled anymore. I wasn’t in trouble anymore. He was still on top of me, but he was still.
Back straight 
And then he fell on top of me. I moved him off and saw my son standing there with the knife
The same knife
His daddy’s knife
   “Jack,” I said
He didn’t say a word. He had rescued me. Lianne stood close to her brother.
Looking like a shadow of their former selves. The art they were looking at in the dark cave. They had looked at it for far too long
And now
The influence could be seen
They had seen me doing these bad things and now it was normal to them
Was it?
Was it normal?
   “Give me the knife, Jack,” I told, I had to take it off him because he had froze.
Life drained away from the ‘CRIME’ he had just commited. Everybody was in shock with what they had seen, but time had ran out. Time had been swept from under us with only a little bit of carpet left.
They were here
Running straight toward us
   “Get inside!”
I grabbed my kids and looked over at Elijah trying to help the old man get on his feet, however it wasn’t happening. 
He wasn’t succeeding
   “I can’t leave them!”
I was stuck in a circle that had roads going away from it each way I looked. Each held an answer to an action that was available to me, but there was only two roads that I could take.
Go back and help?
Leave him to the savages?

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