Graham Jackson Season 2 Mid- Season Premiere 

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

My old body and mind rushed through the tight spaces the panicking crowed had to offer. Only short spaces occurred in a small window and I had to squeeze through them. I told Evelyn to try her best to fight the tide that was all over the place.
   “I’m coming, Evelyn!”
I breathed and kept my strength 
I pushed through it. 
Energy running low
Anxiety draining me
But I had to stay strong
I reached her with struggling breath and grabbed her and the kids and we put all of our strength into forcing our way through the crowd
Just me and them 
Nobody else mattered 
We were going to get out of there and I was going to do what ever it took to get them away safely. If it meant me risking my own life. I was ready to do so. 
   “Keep going!” I begged
Our arms and shoulders did the rest of the talking. Forcing our way passed panicked faces. Hearing screaming at the back of us
That only meant one thing
The infected had gotten into the crowd and it was only a matter of time until the virus reached us. I looked around for anything
Any doors
Any alleys 
Nothing at all
   “Shit,” I muttered
We carried on and kept my eyes focused to the front with glances over at Evelyn and the kids from time to time
   “Don’t slow down,” I told, “we’re close”
The road we ran on was closed in. Busses that were stationed made it harder to move around because of the small amount of space. The buses couldn’t move because of the waves of people. Everything was cramped
The crowds were squashed on the narrow road. Each second a body rammed into us with a scream and from time to time. A child could be seen running with their hands grasping their parents. 
Their faces
In a state of shock
It was suffocating. 
Nothing more than an atomic bomb ready to explode. Nothing more than a scream in my head wanting to let itself out. But, I could’nt scream. 
I couldn’t cry
I couldn’t beg
I couldn’t stop and stare at the nightmare all around. I had to get my family out of there. I had to.
I just
   “Daddy!” I heard 
I looked to my right and saw a family get destroyed. One of them had gotten hold of a man close by. 
I looked behind me
I saw them
All of them
Prowling through the crowds of hopeless people. 
The police
The army
Were all over the place. Guns went off in apprehension. Firing at will. In hope. But, there were too many of them. The words that were written on the face of the living. With each one I glanced at. It was the end for them. It was the end of everything we knew. 
I felt it
Deep in my veins. Cursing through every part of my body. A rush of blood to the head which caused a dizziness. 
I saw her 
Her face a picture of fear. That face again prompted me to acting out what I had to do as a father and grandfather.
Get them the hell out of dodge
It was looking darker by the minute. The crowd had been penetrated by the infected.
A tormenting feeling in my stomach
People being ripped apart all around and it was just a matter of time until they came for us. 
It was inevitable 
Anything could happen
No rules applied now
It was then I knew that our glass had been cracked and soon the hands of these disgusting creatures would be clawing at us. We were surrounded by bodies. Screaming coming from all over the place.
An infected here
An infected there
Then some were looking at us then running over. 
   “Fuck,” I said, “run!”
   “I’m right behind you, go!”
The kids cried. I caught there eyes and my heart burst with emotion when I saw the looks on their faces. 
The infected
Were getting closer as we ploughed through with all our might into where the living still ran. I didn’t want to look behind me. Not this time.
   “Keep going, I’m still here!”
We were close
And closer
I heard something and looked up into the sky and saw helicopters. I looked forward and saw more of the army and police appear. 
We were saved
We were going to be rescued
We were going to be taken away from all of this
A sudden knock back in focus allowed an infected to dive on to me from the side and knocked me into the window of a building beside me
   “Keep moving!” I demanded, “get the kids out of here!”
It clawed at me
A huge chunk of its neck was missing. Blood gunging out of it. But
What once was a man that probably had a family. 
Was nothing more than a creature that couldn’t feel no pain. I pushed it away. 
Gouged at its eyes and felt the blood from them seep onto my hands.
   “Aaahhhhhh!” I cried
It still came at me, but it was blinded. It clumpsily grabbed for me. I punched it hard and it toppled into the moving tide of anguish. 
Sometimes you saw the living
Sometimes you saw the dead
Mostly the living were heard screaming in agony
Cries tearing into my head
I moved forward fast and caught glimpses of Evelyn. 
She was fine
I would be too
I powered through and reached her just in time. The army came in and began taking them one by one.
We didn’t look back
We just kept moving forward away from the madness and probably into more of it

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