Cal Moore Season 2 Episode Seven


Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

I walked across the large green garden. The soft winds blew the grass that was nicely cut, but soon it would be overgrown in the world that was the future and didn’t seem like the good change we needed was going to happen anytime soon
There were only a few army guys around. Ones that I could see. I overheard them talking about things that I really wanted to understand but seemed too scared to touch. Too scared to see the wider scale.
How was it really?
How much of the world had collapsed in the wake of this deadly virus?
They spoke about how major cities were crumbling. With each passing second somebody
Who they thought was dead
was coming back to life and killing innocent people
Eating innocent people
They carried on talking and spoke about hospitals and how they were being overrun with these things all over the world and what people thought was just a common cold in households
It wasn’t
It was the disease that was  transforming the human race into the creatures that I had witnessed right in front of my very eyes. It just hadn’t started properly yet. It was just getting warmed up. They then spoke about their families
How they missed them
How they wanted to see them
Hug their wives
Make love to their wives
Kiss their children goodnight
They were in this shit hole fighting what they thought was a lost cause
A fight they can’t win
They had lost many and they were losing more
   “How long shall we wait?” One said
He was young, tall and strong, he held his gun tight whilst he looked at the the older man in front of him, who, was smaller, but looked more menacing, he was also tired, I could see it in his eyes.
   “As long as it takes, it’s too dangerous at the moment, there’s more of them and way too few of us”
I passed them all
All the words that gave me vibes that I didn’t want. Non of the words they spoke brought anything into a positive.
Just more nightmerish images
More pictures of these things
I slowly walked toward Mason who didn’t even aknowledge me one bit. He just looked into space. I knew what he was thinking and I knew he didn’t want me there, but I had to be there.
I had to
I slid down the tree and sat next to him, but not too close and not too far. Just enough to let him know I was there if he needed to talk. It was quiet for awhile. All there was to hear were the leafs on the trees shifting in the breeze and the words in the background from the soldiers. I looked around in deep thought.
Thinking of what to say
I spotted my dad coming down the driveway with Ray and into the house where mom stood to greet him. The house was large and modern.
We was obviously in a rich area, but not so rich anymore.
   “I don’t want to talk,” he said
   “You don’t have to”
   “Then why’re here?”
   “Can’t I sit next to you?”
   “You can, but I don’t want to have a conversation”
   “Like I said, you don’t have to”
It went quiet again. I looked around some more and decided to stare at the windows of the house. I took my gaze upwards and spotted Hannah gazing out at one of them. The windows were large. Like a church, but with no patterns. She looked like the rest of us.
I looked at her, but she didn’t notice me. She then turned and walked away from the window. Probably to her little brother.
   “I saw everything,” he finally spoke
It came suddenly
I had lost all hope of him saying anything
And then
He did
And it was a pleasure to hear because I was starting to believe that he was lost
That I had lost my friend for good, but now he was getting it off his chest. He didn’t let it burn him inside. 
   “You don’t have to, bro,” I said
   “No, no I want to, just let me talk,” he told
Still… he didn’t look at me
Still… I could’nt see his eyes that I knew were teary
He was facing away from my eyes, but hearing his words was enough
   “It happened right in front of me, I saw it all, Cal, I saw it all, my parents being eaten in front of my eyes and all I could do was scream in the back seat, I heard there cries, I heard everything, from the biting, the crying… everything and I… I did nothing”
   “There’s nothing you could’ve done, Mason”
   “I want them back, I want them here with me, I can’t live without them bro, I can’t, I’m alone now with no family”
   “You have us”
   “No!” He shouted, his face was a picture of anger, frustration and sadness all rolled into one, “I’m alone, what’s the point in being alive”
   “You don’t mean that, please, Mason”
He stood up and walked away. Leaving me sitting there by the tree. I wanted to follow him
Something told me not to
Something told me it would only make it worse. I breathed in deep and felt the symphathy I was feeling for him and it was strong
And then
I thought
If that’s how I felt
How would he be feeling
Then I knew he couldn’t be left alone. I had to watch his every move, because if I didn’t. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be those things that would kill him
It would be…

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