Rhonda Gedling Season 2 Episode Eight

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, outside Colorado

The gun had fired and my world stayed dusky. My eyes still dark from the moment I thought I was going leave this world. 
My eyes 
Still closed 
And when I heard the shot I thought I wouldn’t be able to open them again.
I could still hear. I could still hear the snippets of wind around me. I could still hear my mom’s voice and I could also hear the man crying. I opened my eyes and it felt like I was reborn. Like I was  thankful, but I was also slightly dissapointed that I wasn’t dead. That I had passed on from the horrendous world. Like I had made a step to seeing my sister again. Like I was about to knock on the door that had my sister behind it. 
My everything
The only person who I actually loved, but it wasn’t meant to be; I opened my eyes anyway
And then
I knew
I had to carry on. I had to save this man who was trying to end his own life. 
   “You didn’t do it,” I said
   “No,” he said, “no I didn’t”
   “Why?” I asked, “why didn’t you?”
   “Because I’m not an arsehole, now turn your ass around lady and let me be, before I change my mind”
   “I can’t do that,” I told, “I’m not leaving you alone”
   “You don’t even fucking know me,” his anger showing, “lady, leave me alone, you don’t need to be here, I am not your problem, do you understand?” he slapped his palm on to his chest, loudly, “THIS. IS NOT. YOUR. PROBLEM!”
   Mom’s hand touched my shoulder, “Lets go, Rhonda”
   “Get off me,” I told, “let me do this”
I put my hands up. My face showed sympathy
I felt like I had to do it. To save this man from what ever was inside of him that was making him do it. 
   “What’s your name?” I asked
   He held the gun in one hand and let it hang there, like it was asleep, like it was waiting to be woken up, “Gordon,” he said, it was a big effort for him
   “My names Rhonda,” I said
   “I don’t give a fuck who you’re,” he said, “you have no fucking idea what’s just happened to me, you just turn up and think you can solve a problem that you can’t see, you can’t see it and you won’t be able to because you do don’t understand!”
   “I lost my sister,” I said, “that’s a problem that I can see and right now I’m trying to stop somebody else from dying, somebody that I saw whilst I was driving down here in need and that person is you, Gordon”
   “I’m sorry about your sister,” he said, “I’m sorry about everything, about how this world is turning into shit, but you telling me that won’t…” he turned around and went quiet
   “Won’t what?” I asked
He didn’t say a word. Which made me think. 
That gun shot?
The blast I had heard earlier? 
That must’ve been the reason why he was smothered in blood?
I breathed heavily and walked into the RV. Something didn’t feel right. Something had hit me 
As I walked into its body. I looked right and saw the drivers seat with the long road in front and the blue skies with the desolate surroundings. 
I looked left at the dining area, kitchen and, bedroom, which was tinted in blood
I looked at the floor of the bedroom and saw a man’s body facing the ceiling
   “Holy shit”
I Iooked on the bed.
Three bodies were laid down Side by side
Facing upwards. 
One woman and two young girls.
I put my hand to my mouth and felt my heavy breaths rebounding from my palm. I walked closer and saw holes in their heads with a pistol placed at the end of the bed. 
   “My god,” I spoke
   “We were attacked,” he suddenly spoke from behind me, “they were bit, all of them, I tried to save them, but I could’nt, we managed to get away and thats when I noticed that they’d been bit, I had to do it, I could’nt let them turn, I could’nt let them turn into one of those things”
   “You did the right thing,” I said
   “Did I?” He doubted, “they’re dead because of me, I’m their father and husband, it’s my job to protect them and I didn’t”
   “You said you tried”
   “Not hard enough”
He grabbed the gun from the end of the bed and looked at it. 
   “They were my little girls,” he said, “so young and beautiful, had their whole lives ahead of them and then bang, it was taken away”
   “They wouldn’t want you to kill yourself, they would want you to live on,” I explained, “my sister hasn’t long been dead, 
   “How did she die?”
   “She was stabbed, right in front of me”
   “I’m sorry”   
   “Don’t be, it isn’t your fault,” I said, “she turned into one of those things later on and I had to shoot her and ever since then I’ve wanted to die, each time I think about ending my life I think of my sweet sister, I think how she would’ve wanted me to carry on and thats the only thing that’s stopped me from ending it”
I looked to the floor again at the headless body
   “Who was that?” I asked
   “My dad,” he told, “he was an arsehole”   
Things went silent
   “Thank you, Rhonda” he said, “your words have helped, can I have some time alone with them?”
   “Sure, just give me the guns”
He gave me the guns. I walked out  into the sun’s hot stare and saw mom standing beside the car.  
   “Is he alright?” She asked
   “I hope so”

Time went on and I went back inside to see if he was ok.Tears rolled down my face
I had found him laying on the bed 
Facing upwards
Just like his wife and two little girls
He had cut his throat with a knife that was now on the floor coated in red. Next to his father. His hand hung on the edge of the bed.
   “Fuck,” I spoke
I spotted a note on top of a small dresser. I picked it up and it read
            Thank you Rhonda
            May you stay living

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