Teddy Baker Season 2 Episode Eight 

Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, outside Wales

We were in the middle of nowhere now and we had left it all behind us. We had escaped. From the edge of madness. We had managed to hold on tight and climb back up onto the mountain where we were about to fall from. It was a long way down. A ten second drop and at the end of that drop were the heads that would tear you apart 
If you fell. But, we didn’t fall. We were still there catching every breath that was 
Impossible to catch. 
Looking at each other in shock.
We had survived
We were still alive
I knew one thing. Deep down Inside of me and it was growing bigger and bigger. What ever this thing was… it was just getting started.
   We had gathered enough space between them and us, I needed a breather, “Stop stop”
I loosened my grip and let Jack and Lianne take a few steps a way from me. I was out of breath and so were the others. Trees surrounded us now with lots and lots of greenery. We all fell back on to the trees. Lianne stayed standing. Looking left and right. Apprehension written all over her innocent face. Her face a shadow of once was a happy face. A face that was always laughing.
A face that once played games in the garden with a friend or on her own. Letting her imagination run free. A face that was never going to be sad… until now.
Jack was different though. He was a subdued character that never shared with us. Talking wasn’t his strongest attribute. He was clever
A kid beyond his years. A kid that was interested in things no other kid his age would’ve been interested in. Smiling was rare with him. 
He grinned sometimes. Sometimes he’d laugh at weird stuff like how he didn’t notice what was wrong with the computer he was trying to fix
How he’d ask me or his mother to give him a hard question and the question we gave him was too easy. You know. Stuff like that. He always wanted his mind stimulating. 
   Elijah was shaking, in disbelief, “horrible, so horrible, this shouldn’t be happening”
   “Elijah,” I said
   “This is fucked up, what the hell is going on?”
He looked at me. Looking like a child who was just about to be punished by his father.
   “Calm down,” I told
I didn’t want my children to feel any worse. I didn’t want my children to be swallowed into the hole that was below us. At the moment we were on the edge of it and we needed to slowly walk away and that meant to keep calm. 
   “How can I calm down?” he cried, he got up, put his hands on his hips and looked up to the sky, “they were defenseless, we could’ve done something”
   “No, you could’ve done something, I’m not risking my families life”
   “I miss mine,” he began to cry into his hands, “I can’t survive this, I want my family back, my mum, my dad… my sister”
   “Get a grip, they aren’t coming back, you have to deal with that”
   “What if I can’t, what if I want to die, if this is how the world is going to be, what’s the point?”
I thought about it for a breif moment. A brief moment where I took a glimpse into the future of the world and what I saw
I saw fear. My children frightened in every moment. Every moment we lived we were living in a puddle of blood. I saw my children running with me doing my best to protect them
Sooner or later something would’ve happened where I wasn’t able to protect them anymore. 
I was either killed away from them where they would’nt have seen a thing. OR. I was killed trying to protect them and they would see me getting shredded by the hands of those things.
It wasn’t worth thinking about
That wasn’t going to happen 
We were going to stay alive no matter what! 
I got up on to my feet and tried to think
Think long
Think hard
Think until I came up with something that would’ve led us away from the chaos that was far but wasn’t. I needed a solution. 
Lianne came and sat beside me. Her head was planted on my shoulder whilst Jack stood away from me. He sat down in the middle playing with plants and sticks. Uprooting them and breaking them in two, three and four.
The stem and the rest of the plant dead in a second. Just like everything else was soon to be.
   “I will get you out of here, sweety,” I told her
I watched Elijah crying into his hands and I watched Jack playing with the plant he’d just killed. The difference was phenominal. Nothing seemed to have bothered him. I had to talk to him. He had just killed somebody. Surely deep down inside it was eating at him. 
   I got up and walked over to him and sat down beside him, “hey,” I said, “What you did back there, you saved your dad’s life, so don’t ever think that was the wrong thing to do, because it wasn’t, we’re family and family look out for each other, we’re in this together son,” I put my hand on his shoulder, “I love you son, I will always protect you, both of you and I will do anything, and I mean anything, to keep you safe… I will give my own life for you”
He got up and walked away without saying a word. I looked at the floor and noticed something. A word shaped by the twigs on the ground
It said…

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