Rhonda Gedling Season 2 Mid-Season Premiere 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Motel Liz, outside Colorado

The room was small
Two single beds on either side with a window that showed the night sky in the middle of them. Stars shone slightly behind the light pollution and my sister and I
sat on our beds chilled. 
Staring at each other
Still staring 
We were having a staring competition and none of us were giving in. Eyes watered. Eyes threatening to close
   “Ha!” She said, “I won!”
   “You cheated,” I said
   “How did I cheat when I’m all the way over here?”
   “You always win”
   “Because I’m better”
I was now twelve and my sister was seventeen. She looked tired but at the same time happy. Happy that she was with me. Happy to know her little sister was smiling and playing games with her. 
   “We haven’t danced for awhile,” she said
   “Dancings stupid,” I said, “I’m rubbish anyway”
   “What’s made you think that?” 
   “Nothing, it doesn’t matter”
The room had a sad feel all of a sudden. Once a happy crammed room now was a sad crammed room. 
The sadness had seemed to have seeped in through the tight spaces.
   “Of course it matters, please talk to me”
   “No, it’ll only cause an argument”
   “Who ever has made you think like that they don’t know what they’re talking about”
She was angry. Her body language had abruptly changed from relaxed to uptight. Her fists seemed to be clenching tightly and her eyes were wider than usual.
   “It doesn’t matter, just forget about it”
   “Listen to me sis, if you still want to dance, you dance, you enjoy it and thats all that matters, nothing else, doesn’t matter if you’re good or not, if you enjoy it thats all that counts, but I’ve seen you dance and you’re amazing”
   “Yes, really”
   “You’re my sister, so you’re bound to say that”
She walked over and sat beside me. I bounced up a little when she sat down. She put her arm around me and pulled me toward her.
   “You listen to me and you listen to me good,” she said, “What ever you want, I will make it happen, if you want to dance, I will do anything I can to keep you dancing”
   “But, what if I don’t want to?”
   “Then I won’t argue, but I know deep down inside that you do”
She was right
She was always…
Not a day went by in my childhood where a bit of advise from my big sister always made the skies clear again with no clouds in sight. Never a moment where the grey skies didn’t become a blue again. 
I will remember those words which my sister had spoken which was
   “I will always be there for you no matter what, I love you”
   “I love you too,” I said
She got up. Walked into the small space we had and began to dance funnily. Her laugh was contagious. Her laugh made me laugh and my laugh made her laugh. 
   “Come on get up”
She came toward me
   “Ok ok,” I giggled
I joined her and we danced jokingly around the small space. 
We smiled
Laughed at each other
She could never dance my sister. She could never dance in away you would picture her on a stage or something, but the way she danced made me feel happy. Her humour shone and made me catch the light. 
She was my sun
My star
My moon..
   “Don’t ever let anyone bring you down sis, your life is yours, live it”
   “I will sis, I will”

I sat next to the space in the sun. The space where she laid. I’m not a religious person to be truthful, but when times are hard you do look for some kind of guidance.
You look up
You look up to something that you hope
Would give you advise. Invincible advise that would never collapse on you. Guide you through the unlit path. That was me. I looked up from time to time and wished that something would talk to me. 
   “That’s what you said to me, remember?” I said, “Don’t ever let anyone bring you down,” I caught my breath, emotions heavy, “you were right as always, I learned so much from you”
I got up and took a step back. The breeze
I felt
Lifted my hair up and brushed my saddened face. It was a touch. A touch from somebody I loved. That’s how it felt. Like it was my sister in spirit letting me know everything was going to be ok.
Was it though?
Was tommorow going to be brighter?
Was tommorow going to be a time to be happy again? 
Was it going to be just another nightmare?
   “I have to go,” I said, “I hope you understand that I can’t stay here, I know it’s risky now, I know this disease is spreading, but I have to go,” I bent down, kissed my hand and placed it on the ground where she laid underneath, “I love you sis and I will see you later”
I turned 
One foot forward
And began walking away from her. Away from the place where my life turned upside down.
The motel Liz
Mom was waiting for me. She turned also as I reached. 
   “Did you say what you had to say?” She asked
   “Yeah, I think so… did you?”
   “I guess”
The car doors opened and we both got in. I felt the breeze kiss my skin once more
As if to say
Goodbye sis
The engine started and there I begun a journey to nowhere

Cal Moore Season 2 Mid- Season Premiere 


Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

What was this place?
Where had we ended up?
It was like an empire that was heavenly in a world that was collapsing. People were laughing and having normal conversations as we passed by. I looked at my mom and she was nodding at people as we walked by. 
Like she knew them
I looked forward and other kids my age were nodding at me like they knew me.
   “Who are they mom?” I asked
   “Just people who are finally safe, like we’re”
A strange feeling was in my gut. I felt like I had been there for a long time. Even though it wasn’t possible that I had. It was the first day there and it already felt like I could talk to anybody.
   “Hey Cal,” a girl who looked my age said, maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t, she was dressed in a flowery top and baggy trousers, her hair was brown and in a bun
She knew my name
Maybe I had been there for longer?
How long was I out for?   
   “Hey, err…”
   She rolled her eyes, “Frances”
   “Hey Frances”
I was stuck. Stuck in a place with faces I didn’t know. But, I didn’t care. I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t looking over my shoulder every damn second. 
I was alive
I was showing hope of a smile
No disasters 
No vicious monstors chasing me and threatening to eat me alive
Just nice people saying hello and finding it funny that I got their names wrong. 
It was lovely
It was…
A dream to feel this way again. We walked down many stairs leading to different floors. Each floor had gentle people on them with smiles. Each person looked content and safe and happy.
Nothing more
Nothing less
   “This way, Cal,” mom said
We had hit the ground floor and the doors opened to a beautiful world. The streets were paved with people walking everywhere
I said streets
Not the streets that were destroyed by the monsters
It was like before.
Before the virus killed most of our world and turned it into shit
It felt like it was back to normal. Like they had found a cure and we had just found out about it
   “Mom,” I said, “Where’re we?”
   “Does it matter?” She answered, “Just call it home”
People rode on bikes
People walked around freely
People acted like nothing had ever happened 
People were just…
   “Where is everybody?” I asked 
Her brother
It felt weird not having them beside me.
   “They’re around, don’t worry, they’re safe”
Surely it was only a matter of time until a catastrophe happened. Where aload of infected would come out of nowhere and ruin the dream. 
Destroy everything around us.
They didn’t
Nothing came out to do anything. Just the same giggles and smiling faces that I loved to see. 
   “This way?” She said
The place was enormous. We were surrounded by buildings like coffee shops and fashion stores and not so far away was a shopping mall. The road was a road that wasn’t crammed with infected and broken cars. They were replaced by people on bicycles. Buildings had people pressed up against them. Young couples hand in hand. Hugging each other with no cares in the world. No watching each others backs with grazed knees from falling over trying to escape a nightmare. 
Trendy clothes
T shirts with images on them
They must’ve got them from the stores here because the world was obviously a lot smaller now. 
   “How long have we been here for mom?”
   “What are you talking about?” She said, looking confused, “We’ve always been here”
We passed eateries that had outside tables with waiters coming outside to give the customers their orders. For some reason. I felt like I had to look over to see what they were eating. I kept my eyes on them and saw their orders revealed. They were hands
But not just any hands. Hands that weren’t just laying there waiting to be eaten like food should be. They were still moving. My face scrunched up. I was going to vomit. Puke on to the ground that didn’t feel real. 
   “Why’re they eating that, mom?” 
Because that’s what we do, Cal. We eat the living.
I looked at my own hands and they were missing. Blood gushed out of the spaces where they once were.
Then I realised where they were.
In the mouths of the people I was looking at before. They were eating my hands and I could feel every crunch they made on to them.
I squealed and it wasn’t long before I awakened from the dream.
   “What the hell?” I said, sweat dripped from my forehead and in between my eyes then down my nose, “that was horrible”
I looked around. I was in a living room that was a ruin. It was large and I could tell a wealthy family once lived there before the outbreak. The door opened and my Mom walked in. She looked tired. Like she hadn’t slept at all. I still remembered last night and I was surprised I slept.
   “Hey, you ok? I heard you scream”
   “Just a nightmare,” I explained, “it was weird”
   “Weirder than this?”
   “If I said yes, would you believe me?”
   “No,” she told
   “I thought so”
I got up and walked to the window and observed the surroundings. The garden was large.
Trees in a few places with few soldiers walking around on the grass. A long drive way stretched to the big gate at the end of it. I looked some more and saw my friend Mason. He was slouched beside a tree. Staring at the ground then a flashback appeared. He was never going to be the same again after what had happened.
   “I’m going to talk to him,” I told