Cal Moore Season 2 Finale 

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City California

July 10th 2014

It made my day. Seeing him again. In the flesh. His laugh. The jokes we shared together. The jokes that he told, but they weren’t even that funny, but they were stupid. That’s what made me laugh. He had just come back from his holiday in Florida and I had been bored ever since he had left. 
Nothing to do
Nobody to talk to
Nobody to visit 
Nobody to hang out with
Now he was back
Right in front of me, telling me the stories that had been created in Disney Florida. He was so happy. That’s what I loved about my best pal, Mason. His smile was contagious. Contagious enough where if I was in the gutter. He would help me out with a smile. 
   I watched his mouth move and the motions in his hand whilst we sat on my bed with the PS4 on pause, we were playing Soccer, “it was so cool, the dolphins were amazing and the beach, bro, everything about the place was amazing, like, everything was amazing, you need to go there bro, get your mom and dad to take you, you won’t regret it”
   “I wish I could’ve gone too”
   “We should go, if your parents don’t don’t take you, me and you should just go”
   “Yeah, like that’s ever going to happen”
   “We’ll just sneak on to the plane, or, sneak into somebodies suitcase”
   “You’re such a moron”
   “I know, that’s why we’re friends right”
   “Yup, because you make me laugh”
He carried on talking and I carried on listening. 
   “I wish it was that easy, to just go places, you know like, France or something”
   “In what way, like a blink?”
   “Yes, or a click of the finger, instead of spending ages flying, I don’t like flying, I always think we’re going to crash and thats not a nice feeling”
   “It’s pretty rear that planes crash”
   “But, what about all the terrorist stuff that’s been happening, I mean, it could happen to anyone right? So that’s why I’m saying I wish it was easier to get to places instead of being thousands of feet in the air or something”
   “You can go on boat?”
   “It takes too long”
   “There’s a lot more stuff to do on a boat though”
   “Do you mean a cruise ship?”
   “Yes, that’s what I meant, it’s like a floating city, they’re amazing, I went on one a few years ago with my parents and cousins, they had an arcade and a shopping mall in the middle of it, thats how big it was, it also had a theatre”
   “Wow, you’re so lucky”
   “I know right, I could’ve lived there, I didn’t want to come back home, homes boring compared to that”
   “I know, I didn’t want to come back home either, well, I did, because I missed you, but I didn’t at the same time if that makes sense?”
   “Yes it does, I felt the same, I’ve known you all my life, so I’m bound to miss you”
   “We’re best bros and thats never going to change”
    I shook my head, “no, no it won’t”
    “Bros for life?” he said
    “Bros for life” I said
The sun blazed outside and set our street a light with its glaze. The sun peeped through the window and you could feel the scorch. The game was still on pause and the conversation still flowed. My bedroom was the same in a way, but only a few things had changed through out the two years.
   “Lets finish this game off, do you fancy chilling at the mall later?”
   “That’ll be cool, I’m bored shitless here”
   “I wonder if my dad would forgive me for nicking one of his beers”
He stroked his chin and looked up at the ceiling.
   “I think he’d kill you”
   “It’ll be worth it though, I’ve tasted it before, I had some on holiday, he let me have a bit”
   “Really, I’ve asked my dad, but he’s always said no”
   “That sucks”
   “He always says when I’m older”
   “How much older?” He asked
   “He never says, he just always says, when I’m older and thats it”
   “Do you know where he keeps his beer?”
   “In the fridge”
   “Really? My dad stores his away somewhere, but only the good stuff, has your dad got that?”
   “Probably, but I’m not going to ask”
   “My dad loves his whisky and rum, I bet he has loads of it. 
   “I won’t even dare and ask mine”
The conversation finished and we began playing the game again. I was winning by two goals. He was Manchester City and I was some team called Derby. We played rock paper scissors and whoever lost got Derby and I
   “boys!” Mom shouted, “Dinners out!”
   “Coming!” I answered, “race ya,” I told
We put the game on pause once more. I got up and ran toward the door and out into the coridoor. He then tripped me up and I fell and watched him look back at me
laugh and smile
Whilst he ran to the finish line
   “You cheated!”
   “No rule book!” He said

Present time-

The flash lights circled us
Everybody’s breathing was heavyweight. Each breath felt like it wasn’t enough to fill up our panicking lungs. Our hearts were going crazy. They were like rockets. Taking off and spiralling out of control. 
It felt like at any minute now
At any dark- unforgiving- moment
That my heart was going to jump out of my mouth and onto the floor.
Our hands to our mouths or hips
Our eyes propelling left and right and our ears on alert. 
Tears then sprouted from my shocked eyes. 
It had hit me
My friend 
My dear best friend was on the floor. With dried tears on his cheeks curled up into a ball and flashlights upon him. He tried to save me because he wanted to see his parents again. I then looked around at a towering man that stood behind me. Flashlights shone on to him. He wore a black  shirt and his hair was in a ponytail. He looked quite old and his eyes told no tales. His oozies hung from his large hands and on his wrist, a tattoo was shown saying
       We live, We die, we LIVE…

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