Rhonda Gedling Season 2 Finale 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Hindegate, Colorado

April 14th 1996

   “Get off her!” I begged
I jumped onto his back and felt the rage and fear erupt through to my hands and through my voice. He was tall and slim and he had his hands around my sisters throat. She was fighting, but she was choking also. 
   “Get off her!”
I was just a child
Just twelve years old when I witnessed one of the worst things or the worst thing that any child could ever witness. Their sister being forced to have sex with their so- called- fucking- boyfriend. I tried to choke him. Tried to wrap my hands around the fuckers throat but he wasn’t letting go. We were at his house and nobody was around. Nobody around, but me. To try and stop the worst thing happening to my beloved sister
But I was failing massively. I was too weak to do anything. He was too strong. 
   “Cain, stop, please stop!” She begged 
   “Shut the fuck up!” He told and slapped her, he slapped her so hard and I felt it all, the pain, the tears that trickled out of her
   “Get off my sister!” 
I bit him on the neck and he screamed in agony.
He grabbed me by the hair and tried tossing me off, but it didn’t work. I held on for dare life. I tried scratching him and biting him again. 
And then
His head came back in full force and knocked right into my face. I was on the floor. In a daze. I looked up with foggy vision and tried getting up. My sister fought for her dare life.
   “Please stop!”
I watched Cain, with his back turned, slap my sister in the face.
   “Shut up!”
I was rugged
Slow at rising to my feet to try and stop it once again. I looked around for a weapon. I looked back at the two of them. He was tearing at her clothes. I suddenly heard a rip. I looked again and it was her shirt. He was stripping her of her clothes. 
   “Elaine!” I cried
I ran up again in desperation. I hit him as hard as I could. Pounding him and pounding him hard with my small fists all over his body.
   “Leave my sister alone you fucker!”
He turned
I struck him hard in the face. His head went to the side from the impact. He came back quickly and grabbed me by the throat and I attempted to strike him in the bollocks. He grabbed my foot and hit me in the face and this time, I wasn’t getting up.
   “Rhonda!” She shouted 
I saw him turn and go back to my frightened sister. She had risen to her feet and she was fighting once again. 
And then
I blacked out 
   I woke up again and he was on top of her. Pressing himself on to her. He tore off her trousers and I saw her face looking over at me. 
Her eyes filled with fear and they leaked her tears. She was a statue. She was bruised to hell. 
She had given up
   “Yeah, you stop fighting, feels good don’t it,” he taunted
I began to cry also. I had woken up to a worser nightmare. 
My sister
My beloved sister was being raped right in front of me. 
I tried getting up with my jelly legs. I tried desperately to rise back up. 
   I saw her mouth move in silence, “help me”
I looked around for a weapon once again and saw a baseball bat buried in a pile of trousers and shirts. My mind raced with many sickening images. Images a twelve year old girl shouldn’t be imagining. He wasn’t focused on me at all. He was too busy having his way with her. I finally got to my feet and stumbled toward the bat. I glanced at it. Moved away all of the shit and clenched it. My eyes were wide and all they saw was red
Tunnel vision
Nothing else but my rage and my weapon of choice. To bash the living fucking daylights out of this monster. I stumbled over to him and as I reached them. He looked over to me and smiled.
   “Fuck you little girl,” he said
   “No, fuck you,” I said
My sister then rose up and bit him on the neck. He screamed and as she rolled away. I let the bat rain down on him. I screamed out in anger. He tried to protect himself by holding up his arms and unfortunately. 
With his legs he swiped my legs from underneath me and I dropped to the floor. The bat was out of my hands and it was free to use. My sister grabbed it and wasted no time in blasting him with it, but he was too strong for her also. I had to get up and help and so I did. I rushed to my feet and booted him straight in his bollocks. He bellowed and collapsed to his knees. The blow was sickening and now
He was kneeling in front of my sister. 
   “You don’t have the balls”
   “Don’t I?” She said with a tremble
The thud was brutal. The bat flew round and clouted him in the jaw. 
He dropped 
And again
And again
She hit him until I had to stop her
   “Sis!” I said, “we have to go!”
She finally came through and we left an unconscious- bloody- Cain on the floor


We had been travelling for weeks now. Sticking to silence. Feeding and refueling when we could. It was tough and we were close to death many times. Many sleepless nights haunted us followed by exhausted mornings and I knew that more were soon to come. I couldn’t sleep because of the main reason that we didn’t know what was out there, Mom didn’t have it hard though. Her snores could’ve been heard a mile a fucking way. She laid there on the bed whilst I sat there staring out of the window in the dining area. Nothing but black stared back at me of course. I could’nt fucking sleep so why even try? I took the torch and gun and went outside and breathed in the air. I was on high alert. My ears like aerials, trying to listen for any unwanted guests. 
   “Maybe I should just… leave her,” I said, “No?” I looked up into the sky, I was talking to her, in my mind, “What do you mean no?!”
   “Who on earth are you talking to?” A male voice appeared   
   I jumped and turned the torch on, pointed the gun his way and a scruffy oldish looking man became visible, “what do you want?” I asked
I shook, I was fearful. He put his hands up and I noticed the main thing I needed to notice. He was wearing a prison uniform. It was bright orange and baggy. He had long frowzy hair and he was quite tall and slim. 
   He smiled and gently spoke, “Before you say anything, yes, I was prisoner and yes, it was my fault, but the little prick deserved it, kids never listen to their parents anymore, but hey ho, he ain’t my problem anymore… I’m going to tell you what I want and what I want is this,” he stepped closer, “Give us your wonderful RV or pull down your panties little girl and I will show you how a mad man rides the horses, your choice?”
I couldn’t focus. I looked around and noticed a few other men standing there. Each one had a sick smile on their face. 
   “Come on I haven’t got all day, what’s it going to be little girl…?”

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