Graham Jackson Season 3 Episode Two 

​Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

I checked up on Preston that night. I thought he could be doing with a solid shoulder to maybe pour some of his thoughts onto. I walked passed the girls room and into his and saw him staring out of the window at the night. He was quiet. After all the time of knowing him. This was different. It was strange to see because he always seemed so, well… mischievous


   “Hey, kid”

I wanted a reaction. He didn’t like being called kid. I felt like I could maybe crack the ice before entering, but it didn’t work. He didn’t answer me, so I just let myself in and walked to his bed and sat down. He had his back turned to me staring out of the window.

   “It’s been months, I think we might be ok at some point, maybe we could take the dogs out for a walk together if you want?”

I waited for an answer, but again, I didn’t get any. All I got was the words of nothing and the wind outside. Still though. I waited for the boy to talk and I was going to wait for as long as it took


I knew 

It was going to take some time

   “I felt like shit the other day, I have a lot of regrets in my life, being a wrinkly old man that is, sometimes I think back to my wrongs and”-

   “I don’t need a pep talk,” he told

   “Then what do you need, you should know I’m here for you, I will always be here for you”

   “Why?” He asked

   “What do you mean, why?” 

   “Why do you care for me so much?” He said, “I mean, I’m not your son, I’m not family or anything, why do you care for me?”

   “Hold on just a second, Preston,” I said, “What ever it is you’re feeling, it isn’t real, what ever triggered this about me, I will tell you this,” I put my hand on his shoulder, he still had his back turned to me, he still stared into the night, “you’re like the son I never had, do you understand? I’ve always wanted a son to protect my daughter if anything happened to me, but that never came true for me until now, ok, you aren’t my biological son, you was never born into my family, but that doesn’t stop me from loving you at all, you’re here with me, understand? You’re here… with me… with us”

It went quiet again and I didn’t say anything for awhile. I just let what I said sink in to his mind. I wanted him to know how important he was to me


To me and the rest of the family

He was something that I needed. 


He was the one thing I needed. I wanted a future man to grow strong and protect my granddaughters if anything happened to myself or Evelyn.

He was the key to a future without myself and my angel.

   “Think about what I said,” I spoke, “What I said was real, not fake, these were true feelings coming from my heart, everything I said… I meant, but only you can determine what I truly meant to you”

I got up and walked towards the door. I didn’t want to leave him in such a way, but I felt like I had to. I felt like I had to let him think things through. He knew who he was. Who knew where he was, but he didn’t know who was around him and how much we cared for him. 

I reached the door 

   “Graham,” he spoke, like a whisper

   I had my back turned, but I turned to face him, “you wanna talk about it?”

   He nodded, “ok”

   “Good, I respect that”

   “Just shut up and listen,” he told

   I put my hands up, “Ok ok, go on shoot”

   “I was adopted when I was nine,” he explained, “my mum and dad gave me up because I was a big problem to them, always getting into trouble, in an out of schools, I didn’t last long in any of them, I was a little stupid shit, those were my dad’s words, he hated me, they both did, I was a horrible son to them and in the end they just gave me up, unlike my brother who loved me more than anything, he was always there for me, whenever I needed anything he was there by my side to talk to me and give me what I needed, whether it’ll he money or a birthday present, he was there…” he stopped and sadness seeped out, “my mum and dad hated him also, he was like me in a way, but he left home when he was Eighteen, so it was rare that I saw him, they hated him coming round, so he stopped coming round and I had to go to him, he was trouble, my mum and dad always said, but I’ll never see him again anyway”

   “Why?” I asked

   “Last thing I heard, he had died in a car accident”

   “I’m sorry about that”

   “It’s ok, I still see him from time to time”

   “In your dreams?” I asked

   “Kinda, I mean he’s not real or anything, but I see him hanging around here”

I frowned 

   “What does he look like?”

   “Slim, kinda bold, pale, crazy looking, but they always say, never judge a book by its cover”

   “Strange,” I said

   “What is?”

   “I saw the exact same guy hanging around too”

   “Did he look like what I just said?”

   “Yes… yes he did”

   “So he’s not dead?” He asked, a smile glistened 

   “If its him… I guess not…”

Teddy Baker Season 3 Episode Two

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK

I walked around the forest

The trees surrounded me



My mind chilled

Just the way I liked it. There was no other way I wanted this to plan out. It was me. My kids and Elijah. He was a close friend now and I knew I could trust him. The sky was blue with a few scattered clouds that I could play with. I imagined them into faces or animals. Something I hadn’t done for a long time. I smiled and sighed and carried on walking to nowhere. I was walking around. Nothing to do really. Just a simple stroll with me, myself and I. I looked around and watched the leafs fall from the trees. I watched them slowly make their way to the ground that was already flooded by them. It was a beautiful sight. Such a beautiful morning for a stroll. 

   “It was all worth it,” I said to myself, “everything you did led us to this… no regrets”

Hell yeah it was worth it. Fuck everybody else that got in my way. Fuck them all. They deserved what had come to them. The knife that’ll forever be stained with blood. 

The weapon I chose to fight with.

It was their lives that the knife I carried had ended


And the pillow of course 

   “Maybe we could make a life here,” I said, I walked until I reached a spot where their was a large space of grass and no trees, the trees surrounded the space and a cheer sat in the middle of it, “nice to see you again my friend”

I walked over to the wooden chair and sat down and faced something. That something was a body. That body was a man that had tried to attack me not long before then. His body sat facing me in a distance in the middle of the tree. 

   I stared at it, I always did ever since the incident happened, “you tried it,” I said, “you tried to kill me, you tried to sneek up behind me and end me, but I didn’t let you, I knew…” I walked over to him, the dead man was a man who looked a little younger than myself at the time, probably in his late twenties, early thirties, what ever it fucking was, “I knew you were there, I heard you, all I wanted to do was be surrounded by the leaves and the wind, but you…” I grabbed him by the hair, lifted his head up so he could look at me, kinda, “you had to ruin that for me and this…” I pointed at his sliced neck and the dried bloody river that had ran down it, “this is what happened and it’s your fucking fault”

I got back up and walked over to the cheer and sat back down to stare at him once again. I then closed my eyes and listened to my surroundings. 

   “You tried to kill me,” I said, I looked down at the ground, “I had to do it, I just had to, there was no getting around it”


I woke up early. The air was fresh and there were no signs of any meanings to run and leave the place we were in. It was a good place.

A quiet place

And I wanted it to be made into a happy place

I wanted to live there with them.

I left my kids asleep and Elijah, who would do anything for me now, was awake and keeping an eye on the kids for me as I went out on my long walk. The walk was an eye opener for me. It had showed me how safe the place was. How a life was able to grow in that place and move freely. At least then there wasn’t going to be anyway trouble.

   I nodded, “Yeah, we’ll stay here, build a life, grow our own food, kill anybody that tries to disrupt us, these days, anybody can do anything”

I spoke to myself because I felt sometimes I’ll get a path of sense to walk on…


The sun shone bright, but the cold still beat it back. I then stopped and looked around at the beautiful surroundings that were now in my view. A large circle of green with no trees. The trees stood around it. I stood in the middle looking at the sky. 

Breathed in 

And I breathed out

A smile then came and everything was all washing away.

Something then disturbed me. I looked back down and around.

   “Who’s there?” I asked

I looked behind me and a man then appeared from out of the trees. He walked slow. His eyes set on me. 

Nothing else

Just me

   “Only me,” he said

   “Jesus Francis ,” I said, “you scared the shit out of me”

I was on guard. Something wasn’t right. The way his eyes were. The way he beamed a hole through me. I wasn’t going to let my guard down any time soon that’s for sure.

   “Just wanted to see how you were”

   “I’m fine my friend, just taking a nice slow walk you know, get my mind off things, you know how it is”

   “Sure do,” he told, “After all, I’ve had a lot of shit to think about, don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for what you did, I really truly am, if it weren’t for you, we’ll be dead”

He was a tough rugged looking guy. A little bit smaller than Elijah, but he was still big. I had to be smart and quick about things if anything were to happen. 

   “Listen, what happened back there, it wasn’t easy”

   “No it fucking wasn’t,” he piped up, “not when it’s family, I saw what you did, I saw you walk away”

   “John was unstable, I have kids, I can’t allow it”

   “Yeah…” he said, deeply, walking up to me, “you have kids, see how you like it”

He revealed a pen knife. He came at me and in an instant. His neck was sliced wide open. He fell to the floor. Blood was like a hose pipe with a finger on it. 

   I bent down to his level, “Nobody, and I mean nobody, threatens my fucking family!”

His eyes wrote pain. His hand tried to stop the bleeding, but all he got for his efforts was a big slice of fuck all. 

    “So you don’t turn, I’m gonna stick this fucker in your head, say hello to the prick upstairs, if he lets you in”

I drove the knife deep into his skull and heard it crunch. I took it out. Looked back at him and grinned.

   “Goodnight nurse”

Rhonda Gedling Season 3 Episode Two 

​Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Hindegate, Colorado

He had killed him

Just like that

Like it didn’t matter to him

And this is what he said first as I watched with blood on my mouth and the ear on the floor to the right of me

   “After all this time,” he spoke, grinning, “After all this time of wanting to get rid of you, I finally have an excuse”

   He was in agony, “What… what do you mean boss?” X spoke

   “Boss…?” He said, “Hmm, I like that, I like that a lot, you’ve never called me that before, finally kissing some peachy male ass then?”

   “I, I’ve always respected you”

   “You’ve just got your ear torn off by a fucking woman,” Murphy said, “you call that respect?”

It was intense to watch. It was a guessing game that I loved playing. I was thinking about all the grotesque ways this disgusting little man could die. All the ways Murphy

His boss

Could end his little insect of a life. 

   “You see that door,” Murphy said, “Shhh, have a listen”

It went quiet for some time and nothing was heard. 


The grunting started. The screams started. It all started to grab my mind and make me think of the worst.

Where were we?

Where had they 


Taken us? 

It was horrible to listen to and the little man that I now knew as X was shaking at the routes. 

   “I, I hear it,” he stuttered, now holding his ear, tears trickling

   Murphy smiled, “good, because unfortunately, your their next meal”

I got my wish. The way this poor excuse for a man’s life was going to end was going to be the worst way possible. Just the way I wanted it.

   He began to panic, “wait, no, no, this is all wrong, this is a joke right?!” 

   Murphy looked at him, “Yeah,” he said softly, “it’s a joke”

They all began to laugh

And then…


A mean look then crossed Murphy’s face and then a loud thud echoed as he cracked him right in the face with a hook. X collapsed and Murphy laughed once again.

   “Get rid of him,” he told, “I’ve never liked this little prick”

Two of his men grabbed X

Opened the door

And chucked him out.

I got a look out and saw a highway crammed with cars and the infected. X stood up wobbling at the knees and cried for his life.

   “Please!” He begged

   “Come any closer and I’ll shoot you down,” Murphy told

   “Please, I’ll do anything, please!”

   “Anything huh?” he asked


   “Let Rock fuck you up the ass!”

   Rock’s face wasn’t impressed, “really boss?”

   “Nothings gonna happen,” Murphy told, “I just wanna hear what his answer is”

His sick humour shone. He was an animal and didn’t give two fucks. His grin was evil as he teased X at the door.

   “They’re getting closer, you better make up your mind!”

   “Ok ok, I’ll do it!”

   “Good lad!” He said, “come on down contestant number one!”

He began to walk forward and then a sudden turn. Murphy pointed his gun and shot him straight in the knee and watched him fall. His scream was high as he collapsed in a heap. 

He held his knee


Screaming some more

Rolling left to right, left to right 

   “I told you not to come any fucking closer!”

   “We need to go soon, Murphy,” Rock told, “soon they’ll be too close to escape”

He nodded


And faced X once again

I knelt and faced the window once again and saw the infected

Some were now running towards him. Closing the distance.

   “Let’s go!” He shouted

   “Please, boss!” X begged, “Please!”

We began to move and he got up and hobbled after us for a long period. His face going from bad to worse. 

He then broke down until his energy was nothing but crushed dirt. 

They had caught him

And they tore him a part in the distance

   “Ouch,” Murphy said, “if you listen closely, you can just hear his tiny little girly screams”

I looked over at Mom. Both of us wanting nothing more than to kill all these bastards that were in front of us. 

Especially him

Especially Murphy

   “Where are we?” I asked

   “Haven’t you even tried looking out of the window?” He asked 

I glared at him and he came over. Staring a hole right through me. He raised his hand and wiped the blood off my mouth.

   “My wife’s a fan of that vampire shit, you know, Vampire Diaries?”

I shook my head

  He picked up the ear that X had dropped, “Every woman loves it, it’s how I look at the world, people, weak people… as vampires, because they suck every ounce of blood out of you”

   “Why haven’t you killed me yet?” I asked

   He sniggered, “because you’re too fun to have around, I like the company, can’t be doing with a sausage party all the time now can we, we need some pussy with the dogs”

He had a way with words 

I must admit 

The man was pretty darn sexy

But being the man he was and the picture he was in

Himself surround by a bunch of dead bodies that he had killed or probably ordered to be killed 

I was going to kill him

I wanted to kill him

I had to kill him

What he had done to myself and my still- hated- mother


I still hated her, but it’s the principle

He still did it

It doesn’t matter if you hate them or not, you wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. If it wasn’t for all of that. I would’ve thought the man was worth something in life. Too bad people turn into wild beasts from time to time. Especially in the middle of the world collapsing 

   “How about round four boys,” he said

  One loosened his trousers, “Good, I was getting kinda bored”

   “Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon,” he assured 

Again I wondered

Where the hell was this guy taking us…?

Cal Moore Season 3 Episode Two

​Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

It was silent 

Dark once again 

Needless to say

The popping off of the infected still sounded

I laid in bed bored out of my brains, still thinking about the past and how much fun Mason and I had. All the walking around freely we did. All that was now gone of course. 


All we did was lay down and stare at the damn walls whilst talking to each other

   “Israel,” Mason said 

   “What about him?” I asked

   “The Committed, them people he spoke about, do you think…”

   “Do I think what?” 

   “Do you think they’ll find us?” He said

I thought about it. I thought about it long and hard and the truth was.

Deep down inside


I had a bad feeling, but that was normal. The whole world was a bad feeling. I sighed and turned to my side to face Mason who stood at the window. 

   “Do you?” He asked again

   “I don’t want to say yes, I want to say no”

   “Then say yes,” he told

   “Thats what I’m feeling”

   “So you think we’ll die?” He asked

   “No, I… I think that we’ll get out” 

   “They didn’t get out”

It went silent and I heard him sobbing. I walked over to him and put my hand on his back. I let the silence wash over us for a while and then I’d speak. I just wanted him to know that I was there for him. 

We all were

   “We’re here Mason,” I assured, “we’ll always be here, like I said to you before, we’re family, you have us”

   He reached down and grasped my hand, “I know bro… I know”

   “Me and you all the way,” I said

I stood next to him and stared out of the window. Two soldiers walked below us speaking in a low tone. We listened closely.

   “It’s nasty out there,” one said, “do you think the other camps survived” 

   “My wife and kid are in the one in Denton, last time I heard, they were fine, they have everything up there”

   “And the others?” The other asked, “I just have a feeling that there’s just too damn many of these things”

   “They’re coping, I think, we’ll see soon, we can’t stay here forever”

   “Mickelson said that reinforcements will arrive one day to help us, then we can leave to get to an established camp, so we have to wait until they get here, that’s what he said”

   “Let’s just hope this place will hold out that long, those things are growing in numbers”

   “Fingers crossed they hurry their arses up, I don’t fancy fighting my way out when there’s a herd of them”

There words. There every single word made me think long and hard about what I had said earlier to Mason. When he asked me earlier, do you think we’ll die? 

The answer


Grew stronger because the soldiers below didn’t seem too confident. 

   “Wow, even they’re struggling,” he said

I went and sat back down and stared up at the window once again. 


I stared at my once- happy- friend that could make anybody laugh at any time. It didn’t matter what moment it was in, back then anyway. 


The responsibility was on the other foot. I had to do it for him, but the moment was too much. Laughing seemed to have ceased to exist. The joking around and the brotherly love that we both shared. The light that it once held was now a darker colour.

   “I think everybody is, it doesn’t matter who you’re or what you do, you’ll find it hard to believe that the world will go back to the way it was”

   “Makes sense,” he said

I got up and walked out. Leaving Mason in the room. The house had many bedrooms. It was a large house with a vast garden. Candles were scattered to light the house up. Many of the doors were closed accept one. I looked in and it was another bedroom. A couple of candles were scattered. 

   “Please… no,” he murmered, “please, I can’t… I… I can’t”

I was curious. My mind ticked with questions. I knew who it was now


I walked in and listened to the words that escaped him. 

   “Israel,” I whispered

   “No,” he said, “No, you can’t, you can’t, please”

He was asleep. 

He twitched 

He moved 

His face showed sadness 


As the candle flickered near me.

   “Just leave me, leave everything, I’m not meant for this,” he said, “No, no, no”

I went to walk out and he awakened

   “Please, stay,” he asked

I stopped and thought for a second.

   “Please, talk to me”

   I turned, “ok,” I said, I saw a chair and sat down, “about what?” 

   “Life, how was life for you kid?” He asked, “you know, before all of this?”

   “Ok I guess, school, I had good friends, one friend is still here, he’s like a brother to me, we did everything together, there was never a dull moment, we went everywhere”

   “You need good friends, especially close ones, people you can trust, being alone is the worst thing in the world, ever, trust me, I know”

   “He has to stay with me, but I’m worried about him”

   “Why?” He asked

   “He lost his parents, they were killed by the monsters and I’m afraid he might kill himself”

   “I know how he feels kid, I do,” he told, “sometimes I wish I were dead,” a tear ran down his cheek, “I probably won’t be the one who does it though”

   “What do you mean… the infected?”

   “No, the Committed, when they find me they’ll come for me and they’ll kill me and if they find me here, they’ll kill all of you to…”

Graham Jackson Season 3 Premiere 

​Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

She moved in the end

Her fingers slowly flickered



Was coming back

She was turning

And all I could do was look at her and shake my head and think about the past times. We had a few memorable memories that anyone would look back at and laugh, but the most important ones of all. She made my angel feel very welcome in her family. She was a kind and generous old bird that any man my age, younger and most certainly older, would want. My emotions were unlocked and I let it run down my face. It was yet again one of those moments. One of many moments that had passed me by. I felt like I was suddenly getting used to them. 

Like it was creeping in


I was preparing myself for what was to come in a world like this.

   “You’ll need this”

I looked around and saw Preston standing there with a knife

A sharp knife

   “I could do if you want?” he asked

   “No… no I’ll do it”

   “Aim for the head,” he said, “I had to do it once”

She was hissing at me. Slowly rising from the water. She was reaching for me with the dead eyes like the others. 

No life inside

No soul inside

No kindness 


Just pure evil that wanted to rip me apart limb from limb. That wasn’t her. That wasn’t her at all and that’s what I had to keep telling myself…

I had to do it

She growled at me more and rose higher and higher. I stood up and watched her and felt more tears trickling down.

   “You have to do it,” he said, “be quick”

Bruno barked at it as it slowly risen. 


I drove the knife deep into her skull and I felt my heart sink and her head crunch. She collapsed suddenly in a heap in the bath. It was over.

No more


The dust had settled and she was now put to rest. I felt the huge weight weighing me down, but I had to try and think. Try and think positive that what I did was for the best. 

That wasn’t her

That wasn’t her



   “You had to do it,” Preston said

   “I know kid”

   “Call me Preston, not kid”

   “Sorry Preston”

   “This looks like it’s going to be something we’ll have to start getting used to,” he spoke

Bruno sat there looking at me crying. He knew what had happened. He knew that we had lost her. 


She was at peice. 

I walked downstairs along with Preston and Bruno and into the living room. They all sat there with Jesse and Elvis. Evelyn looked my way and I looked at her. 

I nodded at her and she got up and hugged me. 

   “Why is this happening?” She asked

   “I don’t know,  what ever it is, we have to get through it… together”

I looked at the girls and Preston who looked out of the window and I knew…

I had to be strong for them all
The world we were now living in was looking like it was going to last forever. 

Or maybe

Nobody knew really. Nobody knew if there was a master plan where the government would just blast this thing out of the water and everything would just be like the way it was.

Nobody knew anything

All we could do was sit back and watch our world fight this epidemic. 

   “It just happened so fast, I just can’t believe how things have changed,” Evelyn said

   “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine, we have each other and that’ll be all we need,” I reassured

I looked over at Preston and walked over. It was dark out now. Cities all over the world


The ones that hadn’t crumbled,

probably had a curfew now, because we did. We weren’t aloud out when the darkness came. The army had now taken control, Martial law. 

   “Hey, you alright kid?”


   “Huh, sorry Preston, forgive me”

   “It’s alright and I’m fine, are you?”

   “As fine as I can be, yeah,” I said, “whatcha thinking about?”

   “My mum and dad”

   “You couldn’t do anything”

   “I know, I know I’m just a kid, I know I’m not big and strong like you’re and I know I had to save myself, but… that doesn’t stop me from feeling it you know, feeling bad, feeling like it was my fault”

   “Thing is, especially in this world, parents, families, will do anything to save their own, especially in the situation you were in”

   A tear rolled down and he slapped it away in anger, as if he hated to cry, “fuck them, I didn’t need them anyway, it wasn’t like they were my real parents”

He walked away and walked upstairs. I looked outside again and saw an army vehicle with a few soldiers go by. The streetlights were still on thankfully, so complete darkness hadn’t took over us just yet, but it felt like our world

The floor underneath our feet

Was being held up by dominos

Any second

Any second now

Anything could happen outside the walls we hid behind

   “We need to watch him,” Evelyn said

   “He’s ok,” I told

   “After what happened last time?” She mentioned, “Just keep an eye on him”

   “He came back, that’s all that matters”

   “Not when you think he’s dead, it’s too dangerous out there, that’s why there’s a curfew”

There were quarantine zones. Many places where you couldn’t go into because the authorities were clearing a lot of the infected out. Making sure it was safe for the public. There were plenty left and this illness was still spreading. People were collapsing from time to time. Being sick on the floor then vomiting up fucking blood. I had seen it many times when walking the dogs. 


It didn’t matter how many they killed. The illness was still out there turning more of us into these things. No wonder why the curfew was in place. I carried on staring out the window and saw a young lad walking by casually. I stared at him and he suddenly stopped and waved with a smile.

He held a hatchet 

   “Who’s that?” Evelyn appeared by my side

   “Some crazy guy who has a death wish”

The lad then walked away calmly and I couldn’t help but think.

Who was this guy?

Teddy Baker Season 3 Premiere 

​Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK

You know what it is right? 

Try and understand what I’m saying. 

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and felt like you didn’t know that person? 

Where you thought you saw it move or blink when you were standing still?



Well for the ones that said no, you’ll never understand what it’s like to be in control of your actions and then suddenly not having control. It’s like having another being inside take over and outgrow you

The real you

The person that is supposed to be in damn control

Thats what I was feeling now, it’s not like I didn’t have that feeling before


The feeling was a lot larger than when it was born and now it was growing stronger and stronger.


My feelings for my other half were changing
It was early morning now. I stood and looked in the mirror in the bathroom. What I saw was me, but it wasn’t me, it was him. The other guy.

   “In this world,” I said, “the world we now live in, I’m glad I have you by my side”

I was beginning to understand why I needed this side, but it didn’t stop me from fearing it. It was nothing but a dark path of blood that I was following and the other half was leading me down it, but strangely and this is the part that didn’t make any sense… 

I felt like he already had something planned for me. 

I looked around the bathroom. It was nice, cute and small. An onsuite bathroom and it still had everything in it. From the man’s stuff to the woman’s stuff on the sink and the cupboard was still open. It was decorated well, other than the bloody hand prints on the walls, floor and the dried up puddle of red next to the hand prints. I found myself looking at the stains and thinking what could’ve happened to the poor family that was living there?

   “So much for a suburban life style”

I looked in the mirror once again. I looked rough. 

I stroked my face and splashed cold water over it to try and wake up. The day was new. A new day of survival was upon me and I had to be ready. 

I knew… 

I had to be


I slapped myself in the face four times and breathed in deeply and stared at myself. I nodded and walked out and shoved my clothes back on. Unfortunately the man that lived there before was a giant, so I had to wear my clothes again.

   “Let’s go,” I said

I walked out and looked into where the kids were sleeping. I stared at them for awhile as they slept. A large double bed sat in the middle of an extravagantly large bedroom. A big TV hung off the wall and a laptop sat on a nicely polished desk that overlooked the lovely scenery outside. Nothing but trees and greenery. 

Heaven in hell basically and I thought to myself.

I hope this place lasts 

   “Hope you’re in a better place,” I said softly 

I walked out after a long stare. I was glad that they were in dream world and out of reality for a short period. I made my way downstairs. It looked like a beautiful morning in the subdued lands we were in. 

No sound of nightmares 

But I knew it was waiting to show it’s ugly head at some point. It was only a matter of time.

   I saw Elijah in the living room. His big and tall frame looking out of the window. His broard shoulders filled the space they were in. He stayed there for a few moments as I walked by.

   “I’m sure I Just saw something out there,” he told

   “Where?” I asked

   “Lurking in the trees”

   “As long as it doesn’t come any closer then things will be fine”

   “It might”

   “What is it anyway?” 

   “I don’t know, something, just… something”

The living room was comfortable. A big corner sofa stretched far and an unlit fire was facing it. 

It was fancy

The whole thing 

I looked at the wall at a big picture. The whole family was on it. 

All smiling 

All sharing the same happiness like families should

All dressed smartly

Life looked pretty darn good for them 

   “Too bad,” I said, “all good things come to an end at some point”

   “What?” He asked

   “This picture, they all look so happy”

   He came over and looked at it, “It’s what I miss the most,” he said, “but we can’t do anything about it right?” 

   “The only thing we can do now is live on,” I told

   “Do you think it’ll ever stop?” He asked 

   “It might, it might not, either way I don’t give a fuck, either way, I’ll cut through anything to keep what is mine alive”

I walked into the kitchen and looked around.

Luckily there was a bit of food left to last us for awhile. 

   “We might need to start being careful at some point,” I told    

   “Daddy!” I heard

I dropped everything and ran upstairs. Elijah ran with me just behind. I ran in panting and saw Jack standing over my little girl with a tear rolling down his cheek. 

   “I was trying to save her, like you said, you said it to me, you saved grandma and mum, she can’t live in this world it’s not safe”

My heart thumped

I walked into the middle of them. Jack was now behind me as I held Lianne in my arms.

   “You can’t do this,” I looked at him, “we have each other and that is safe enough,” I put my hand on his shoulder, “with me and Elijah, nothing will happen to you, any of you”

   “Mum wants her back, it’s safe there, nothing will happen to her”

I picked Lianne up and she hugged me tightly.

I stayed strong

I had to…

Rhonda Gedling Season 3 Premiere 

​Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Hindegate, Colorado 

I was nothing but a big mess

I layed there on the pull out bed in the living area naked after they all had their fucking way with me. I had to be strong. I felt like I had to hold back the tears. That’s how I felt. Why should these guys watch me falter to the edge. 

I looked at him and he looked at me. It wasn’t a staring contest. It was more like him putting more of the fear into me.

Letting me know who was boss

Who had the most power

The more vicious side 

His eyes were evil, sick and twisted and his face suddenly grew a smile. 

He then spoke to me

In a nice polite manner 

Strange really

   “Sorry that had to happen,” he said, “people sometimes need to feel inferior to drop to their knees, I’m not a horrible person, I just do it to get what I want and then I’m nice when I get what I want, people always look for a leader and when that leader comes, they have to accept how much of a prick they’re going to be, man or women, pussy or dick, it doesn’t matter, just like in prison, take these guys for instance, they didn’t have anyone to follower, no leader, no nothing, well”-

   “You killed him, Murphy,” a man said, a big guy who was bigger than them all, a tall black muscular man with big arms and a low voice, he was the guy that went first, “You killed him gurd”

   “Thats right Rock, I did kill him, because he was such a shit fucking leader”

   “You’ve killed a lot of people?” Mom asked, she came out of the bedroom in her underwear, a man slapped her on the backside, the man that did it was a fat looking old bastard who looked like he wouldn’t be able to pull a dog on heat, the fat fuck, she was bruised, a little banged up, I saw her and a tear ran down my cheek, I had to listen to her being ravaged until the quiet came, it just brought back way too many memories.

   He looked over, his smile disappeared for a short time and then came back, I was worried for a second, “nope, they killed themselves, I killed a few in prison, but they only did it to themselves in the end, you don’t do that, you don’t try and intimidate the intimidator, that’s a fact, I was just minding my own business and when you get backed into a corner, you’ll do anything to get back out into the open and that’s what I did, fortunately I had a little something something to protect myself with, to bring those fuckers down, thanks to my man Rock over here”

   “And now you’re going to kill us?” I asked

   He looked over with a shocked face, like I offended him, surely he couldn’t blame me for thinking that, but he looked like he did and then his shocked face unraveled into a straight one, “I understand, really, I do, I mean I’ve killed a few people in my time and to be next to a person like myself must be a bitch to deal with, so yeah, I understand”

I laid there and looked down at my body. My naked body was just there


like it wasn’t mine.  

Like it was laughing at me

Telling me how dirty I was

How pathetic I was 

To let these grotesque men put there hands on me and do what they did. I was dirty…

I felt dirty

I felt…

I felt like I wanted to shoot myself and put myself out of my misery. 

   “Don’t cry little girl, something like this was bound to happen one day…” He tilted his head, “the way you’re looking at me,” he stood up and walked across to me, “I know you hate me and I know you dream of killing me, but you have to get this inside your head…” he came in close, “that shit is not gonna happen”


No it wasn’t 

Well not at that moment. I made it my personal target in life to end his. I saw the film play out in my mind of me completing the task. Me ripping the pricks balls off and putting them in his hand whilst he screamed and begged on the floor

And then

Walking a way and leaving him there to be eating a fucking live by the dead ones. I would watch on and laugh as it happened from a distance. An evil grin would cross my proud face and I would then walk away satisfied. 

   “Who hasn’t had ago yet?” He asked

   “I haven’t,” one said, sitting down in the dining area looking out of the window at the passing by scenery, we had been driving for a long time, but I didn’t know where we were, “It’s about time I got my turn, you guys go on forever”

   “Then come on down X, you may have your go”

He was a small skinny runt who had a front tooth missing. I saw it when he smiled and rubbed his hands together. He came at the side of the bed and Murphy got up and stopped him.

   “Be gentle now, she’s probably a little sore from all the hammering she’s been getting”

   “Don’t you wanna go?” I asked him, “You scared or something?”

   “I’m married honey,” he told, “even till this day I’ve promised to not do such a thing, but these guys are all welcome to it”

The little bastard excitedly pulled down his pants and pulled off his shirt to reveal his boney body. He pressed his dick on to me and came in close

A little too close though

I tore off his ear in a second with my teeth and spat it out on to the floor. He screamed and dropped to the floor. Crying his little mouth out. I didn’t care anymore. The only thing I saw now was deep hate for these fuckers in front of me. I thought it would’ve made Murphy and his guys angry or shocked at least, but what came next made me realise what I was up against…

Cal Moore Season 3 Premiere 

​Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

We were back at the house now

In the living room

And we listened to the man who had saved one of our own.

We couldn’t believe the story that he had told us. The unknown man who was now a saving grace to us.

To my best pal


If it weren’t for his heroics in gunning down the diseased then Mason would’ve just been another death in a long line of them.

We listened long and hard to the hell that he had walked through.

Every word he said was like a waterfall of emotions

“This group has been going for a long time, it has a website where people can sign up, but once you become a member that’s when all the bad shit starts, all the dark corners that they reveal to you, right in front of your eyes,” he continued, he paused first then restarted in leading us down the path, “they call themselves The Committed, a group of people around the world who believed the dead will one day rise to cleanse the world from it’s sins and when they do, they will help them fight the living and a new world will be born, a world with no sins, a world reborn and they believe that this new world will be better”

“Thats fucking insane,” spoke Ray

“Why the tattoo?” Asked Dad

“They believe that once they’re dead, they’ll be reborn into another world for doing their duty”

“So what’s your story, how did you get into this?” Mom asked

“I lost it all, everything, family, money, I was homeless with no hope, just another man who fucked up in his life and nobody had time for him, my family hated me, my wife moved away and my grown up boys told me to go fuck myself”

“What happened?” A soldier asked

“I was an alcoholic and a gambler… a coward, so I turned to this”

“Why?” Mom asked

“I was bitter, angry, just at the end of the hill and nothing but a drop was at the end of it, basically I couldn’t give a crap if I died, I just… didn’t care”

“How do you help them?” A soldier asked

“Fight the living?”


The soldier looked on curiously and concerned.

Hatred hissed silently in his look, but fright lurked also with

what the man, who we now knew as Israel, revealed to us. It was horrifying. It wasn’t just this disease we were fighting. It was deranged people who sounded like they were prepared to face anything


Being the main thing

“They lure hoards of these things to a safezone, some chain themselves to the fences, some just let them eat them, it doesn’t matter which one they choose, the diseased will always sense the living behind the walls”

Something then clicked

Everything clicked

From his tattoo, to the collapse of my home and to the mysterious figure that handcuffed itself to our fence

That was one of them

This committed group had destroyed our home and left a lot of death in its wake.

“That’s what happened to us,” I said

“You saw one?” He asked

“Yes, they handcuffed themselves to the fences and when the infected finished with them, they began to tear down the fence, we had to get out of there fast”

“Thats what they do, they destroy lives and they don’t care,” Israel said, “as long as they finish what they started”

I pictured it once more in my mind. The devastating scene playing out and all that was at the end of it was blood.

My neighbourhood

My home…


“The whole world is collapsing,” a soldier said, “this disease, what ever it is, nobody can get away from it and nobody can seem to find a cure, it’s a monster”

“All we can do now is survive this,” Ray told, he stood up, his face stern and his shoulders broard, “Stay together, fight together, I’ve been fighting all my life, from my bitch of an ex wife, her fuckboy brothers, all three approached me once and let me tell you something, I didn’t go down without a fight,” he got up from his seat and walked to the center, “now I’m not trying to be some hard nose bastard who wants you to think he’s not scared of anything because I am, I’m not going to lie, I’m shitting bricks that could be larger than the empire fucking state, but let me tell you this, these people, I will fucking kill them if I catch one, we will fight to survive and that is a fucking fact and it looks like that’s what we’ll be doing from now on”

It did seem that way

The world was falling

Still was

And still is

The whole world shattered


The only thing that was left to do was group together and be as one.

Hannah stood up, her young beauty and bravery showing, her brother stayed seated, reading, ignoring everything around him, “then we shall fight, that’s what we’ve been doing anyway right?” She said and carried on, “I know I have and I will always be”
Weeks of hearing nothing

Weeks of dismay and darkness

All that we heard and saw were the soldiers popping off those things from time to time that walked around aimlessly outside of the gate to our big- used- to- be- rich- family- home. Mason and I, along with Hannah and Zach, sat in a large bedroom. A window overlooked the vast garden with a few soldiers talking on it.

‘Is it me, or is it starting to feel a little unsafe here?” Mason said

“It’s unsafe where ever you go,” told Hannah, “It doesn’t matter where you’re, we all know that this thing is everywhere”

“So, we’re doomed anyway?” Mason spoke

“Like Ray said, if we fight, we survive, that’s it,” she told

“That’s what we’ve got to look forward to now, fighting, surviving?” Mason said

Hannah looked at us both, Zach as always, ignored us, “the way this is going, it looks like we’re going to have to get used to it”

Graham Jackson Season 2 Episode Nine

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

We shouted
He turned
We drove faster
And we shouted again
“Kid, over here!”
The decision was made to save this kid from these things.
The infected- grotesque- beings that were now threatening our way of life.
Our freedom
What once was a world where
You could say
The grass was greener on the other side.
The grass was getting darker and the roots were dying.
“Please, help me!” He begged
“Come on, hurry!”
They were close. I got out the car and got behind him as he pelted toward the car.
“Dad, what are you doing?!”
“Get him in the car!”
I was out of my mind.
Most probably
I was drawn into saving the kids life that I didn’t think of what the outcome was going to be.
The outcome…
But, surviving by just the skin of my teeth and with a few more mental scars.
That was always going to be the answer from now on. Life was now limited.
Limited from chances
Limited from life
A blink of a bloody eye with a cannibals teeth lurking. Lurking in the grey skies.
“If something happens to me, get out of here!”
“That is not going to happen!”
There were two of them and they were coming in fast. Storming toward me with their violent bellows. Two young men. Both looked like they would cause me some damage. I Clenched my fists hard and gazed at them harder. My muscles got ready and my mind quickened. Rummaging through every image that I wanted the outcome to be.
Standing over them with my life still intact.
“You’ve got this old man,” I said
With the kid in the car and me standing in front. No way were these disgusting fucking creatures getting anywhere near my family or that kid.
I looked back and Evelyn gazed at me, “get in the damn car!”
It was too late. I was already within their reach.
Were they in my reach?
I put my fists up and clattered one right in the face. The noise was like thunder. The clatter was sickening. It’s vile body dropped to the floor and I quickly turned to the next one. It through itself at me. Its heavy load made me fall and now it was on top of me.
“Shit,” I said
Now I was thinking. She was fucking right. I should’ve got into the damn car. I grabbed hold of its throat
With both hands
My old bones and limbs squirmed crazily and my mind was hastily drawing up a plan of desperate action.
“Dad!” I heard
“Get out of here!”
“No, I’m not leaving you!”
“Go, now!”
I heard the car take off and I breathed in and out. Realising I was now
On my own
It’s bleeding eyes dripped onto my face and it’s mouth dripped blood on to my shirt. I could feel its gaze tormenting my body and mind into submission. I could see the animalistic path it was on.
The death
The chaos
The lives that were going to be destroyed or had been.
I shook out the image and quickly moved my face left and right trying to escape the dripping blood from its eyes. I clenched my hands tighter and felt the bones in its neck.
It’s voice was more of a choking sound now and then it snapped within my grasp. It’s full weight fell on top of me. I quickly rolled it off with a wince. My bones like old metal.
Struggling to cope
I quickly got up on to my feet
“Argh,” I moaned and
I got ready for the other one, but ready I wasn’t. It was already there. Right in front of my eyes.
I was weary
Trying to regain my strength
“Bring it,” I gasped
It came at me
A few feet away
I looked on in shock as I saw my daughter knock it flying up into the air.
She opened the door, “get in!”
I did what I was told and moved my arse. I looked and it was getting up.
I was in and we were away. I looked in the mirror and watched it getting smaller and smaller into the distance. It was still running, but it wasn’t going to catch up.
“Don’t do that again, please,” she said
“I’m sorry,” I gasped, “I thought I could take them”
“You could’ve been killed and then what?” She asked, “I need you here, with me, not out there acting like a hero”
“I will always try and protect you and the kids, always and that’s not going to change”
“Can I at least get a thank you?”
“Thanks, you saved my ass, I love you Evelyn”
“I love you too dad”
“Thank you for saving me,” I heard
I looked in the mirror and saw the boy looking at me. He looked tough for his age. Rough around the edges. His hair was scruffy and his eyes looked like they had a few pages to turn. He was young, but he wasn’t.
“No problem kid,” I said
I was about to ask for his name
“Before you ask, my names Preston and I’m twelve”
His confidence made me smile, “Hi Preston, I’m Graham, this is my daughter Evelyn and these are my granddaughters, Katelyn and Michelle”
He smiled, “nice to meet you all”