Cal Moore Season 3 Premiere 

​Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

We were back at the house now

In the living room

And we listened to the man who had saved one of our own.

We couldn’t believe the story that he had told us. The unknown man who was now a saving grace to us.

To my best pal


If it weren’t for his heroics in gunning down the diseased then Mason would’ve just been another death in a long line of them.

We listened long and hard to the hell that he had walked through.

Every word he said was like a waterfall of emotions

“This group has been going for a long time, it has a website where people can sign up, but once you become a member that’s when all the bad shit starts, all the dark corners that they reveal to you, right in front of your eyes,” he continued, he paused first then restarted in leading us down the path, “they call themselves The Committed, a group of people around the world who believed the dead will one day rise to cleanse the world from it’s sins and when they do, they will help them fight the living and a new world will be born, a world with no sins, a world reborn and they believe that this new world will be better”

“Thats fucking insane,” spoke Ray

“Why the tattoo?” Asked Dad

“They believe that once they’re dead, they’ll be reborn into another world for doing their duty”

“So what’s your story, how did you get into this?” Mom asked

“I lost it all, everything, family, money, I was homeless with no hope, just another man who fucked up in his life and nobody had time for him, my family hated me, my wife moved away and my grown up boys told me to go fuck myself”

“What happened?” A soldier asked

“I was an alcoholic and a gambler… a coward, so I turned to this”

“Why?” Mom asked

“I was bitter, angry, just at the end of the hill and nothing but a drop was at the end of it, basically I couldn’t give a crap if I died, I just… didn’t care”

“How do you help them?” A soldier asked

“Fight the living?”


The soldier looked on curiously and concerned.

Hatred hissed silently in his look, but fright lurked also with

what the man, who we now knew as Israel, revealed to us. It was horrifying. It wasn’t just this disease we were fighting. It was deranged people who sounded like they were prepared to face anything


Being the main thing

“They lure hoards of these things to a safezone, some chain themselves to the fences, some just let them eat them, it doesn’t matter which one they choose, the diseased will always sense the living behind the walls”

Something then clicked

Everything clicked

From his tattoo, to the collapse of my home and to the mysterious figure that handcuffed itself to our fence

That was one of them

This committed group had destroyed our home and left a lot of death in its wake.

“That’s what happened to us,” I said

“You saw one?” He asked

“Yes, they handcuffed themselves to the fences and when the infected finished with them, they began to tear down the fence, we had to get out of there fast”

“Thats what they do, they destroy lives and they don’t care,” Israel said, “as long as they finish what they started”

I pictured it once more in my mind. The devastating scene playing out and all that was at the end of it was blood.

My neighbourhood

My home…


“The whole world is collapsing,” a soldier said, “this disease, what ever it is, nobody can get away from it and nobody can seem to find a cure, it’s a monster”

“All we can do now is survive this,” Ray told, he stood up, his face stern and his shoulders broard, “Stay together, fight together, I’ve been fighting all my life, from my bitch of an ex wife, her fuckboy brothers, all three approached me once and let me tell you something, I didn’t go down without a fight,” he got up from his seat and walked to the center, “now I’m not trying to be some hard nose bastard who wants you to think he’s not scared of anything because I am, I’m not going to lie, I’m shitting bricks that could be larger than the empire fucking state, but let me tell you this, these people, I will fucking kill them if I catch one, we will fight to survive and that is a fucking fact and it looks like that’s what we’ll be doing from now on”

It did seem that way

The world was falling

Still was

And still is

The whole world shattered


The only thing that was left to do was group together and be as one.

Hannah stood up, her young beauty and bravery showing, her brother stayed seated, reading, ignoring everything around him, “then we shall fight, that’s what we’ve been doing anyway right?” She said and carried on, “I know I have and I will always be”
Weeks of hearing nothing

Weeks of dismay and darkness

All that we heard and saw were the soldiers popping off those things from time to time that walked around aimlessly outside of the gate to our big- used- to- be- rich- family- home. Mason and I, along with Hannah and Zach, sat in a large bedroom. A window overlooked the vast garden with a few soldiers talking on it.

‘Is it me, or is it starting to feel a little unsafe here?” Mason said

“It’s unsafe where ever you go,” told Hannah, “It doesn’t matter where you’re, we all know that this thing is everywhere”

“So, we’re doomed anyway?” Mason spoke

“Like Ray said, if we fight, we survive, that’s it,” she told

“That’s what we’ve got to look forward to now, fighting, surviving?” Mason said

Hannah looked at us both, Zach as always, ignored us, “the way this is going, it looks like we’re going to have to get used to it”

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