Teddy Baker Season 3 Premiere 

​Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK

You know what it is right? 

Try and understand what I’m saying. 

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and felt like you didn’t know that person? 

Where you thought you saw it move or blink when you were standing still?



Well for the ones that said no, you’ll never understand what it’s like to be in control of your actions and then suddenly not having control. It’s like having another being inside take over and outgrow you

The real you

The person that is supposed to be in damn control

Thats what I was feeling now, it’s not like I didn’t have that feeling before


The feeling was a lot larger than when it was born and now it was growing stronger and stronger.


My feelings for my other half were changing
It was early morning now. I stood and looked in the mirror in the bathroom. What I saw was me, but it wasn’t me, it was him. The other guy.

   “In this world,” I said, “the world we now live in, I’m glad I have you by my side”

I was beginning to understand why I needed this side, but it didn’t stop me from fearing it. It was nothing but a dark path of blood that I was following and the other half was leading me down it, but strangely and this is the part that didn’t make any sense… 

I felt like he already had something planned for me. 

I looked around the bathroom. It was nice, cute and small. An onsuite bathroom and it still had everything in it. From the man’s stuff to the woman’s stuff on the sink and the cupboard was still open. It was decorated well, other than the bloody hand prints on the walls, floor and the dried up puddle of red next to the hand prints. I found myself looking at the stains and thinking what could’ve happened to the poor family that was living there?

   “So much for a suburban life style”

I looked in the mirror once again. I looked rough. 

I stroked my face and splashed cold water over it to try and wake up. The day was new. A new day of survival was upon me and I had to be ready. 

I knew… 

I had to be


I slapped myself in the face four times and breathed in deeply and stared at myself. I nodded and walked out and shoved my clothes back on. Unfortunately the man that lived there before was a giant, so I had to wear my clothes again.

   “Let’s go,” I said

I walked out and looked into where the kids were sleeping. I stared at them for awhile as they slept. A large double bed sat in the middle of an extravagantly large bedroom. A big TV hung off the wall and a laptop sat on a nicely polished desk that overlooked the lovely scenery outside. Nothing but trees and greenery. 

Heaven in hell basically and I thought to myself.

I hope this place lasts 

   “Hope you’re in a better place,” I said softly 

I walked out after a long stare. I was glad that they were in dream world and out of reality for a short period. I made my way downstairs. It looked like a beautiful morning in the subdued lands we were in. 

No sound of nightmares 

But I knew it was waiting to show it’s ugly head at some point. It was only a matter of time.

   I saw Elijah in the living room. His big and tall frame looking out of the window. His broard shoulders filled the space they were in. He stayed there for a few moments as I walked by.

   “I’m sure I Just saw something out there,” he told

   “Where?” I asked

   “Lurking in the trees”

   “As long as it doesn’t come any closer then things will be fine”

   “It might”

   “What is it anyway?” 

   “I don’t know, something, just… something”

The living room was comfortable. A big corner sofa stretched far and an unlit fire was facing it. 

It was fancy

The whole thing 

I looked at the wall at a big picture. The whole family was on it. 

All smiling 

All sharing the same happiness like families should

All dressed smartly

Life looked pretty darn good for them 

   “Too bad,” I said, “all good things come to an end at some point”

   “What?” He asked

   “This picture, they all look so happy”

   He came over and looked at it, “It’s what I miss the most,” he said, “but we can’t do anything about it right?” 

   “The only thing we can do now is live on,” I told

   “Do you think it’ll ever stop?” He asked 

   “It might, it might not, either way I don’t give a fuck, either way, I’ll cut through anything to keep what is mine alive”

I walked into the kitchen and looked around.

Luckily there was a bit of food left to last us for awhile. 

   “We might need to start being careful at some point,” I told    

   “Daddy!” I heard

I dropped everything and ran upstairs. Elijah ran with me just behind. I ran in panting and saw Jack standing over my little girl with a tear rolling down his cheek. 

   “I was trying to save her, like you said, you said it to me, you saved grandma and mum, she can’t live in this world it’s not safe”

My heart thumped

I walked into the middle of them. Jack was now behind me as I held Lianne in my arms.

   “You can’t do this,” I looked at him, “we have each other and that is safe enough,” I put my hand on his shoulder, “with me and Elijah, nothing will happen to you, any of you”

   “Mum wants her back, it’s safe there, nothing will happen to her”

I picked Lianne up and she hugged me tightly.

I stayed strong

I had to…

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