Rhonda Gedling Season 3 Episode Two 

​Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Hindegate, Colorado

He had killed him

Just like that

Like it didn’t matter to him

And this is what he said first as I watched with blood on my mouth and the ear on the floor to the right of me

   “After all this time,” he spoke, grinning, “After all this time of wanting to get rid of you, I finally have an excuse”

   He was in agony, “What… what do you mean boss?” X spoke

   “Boss…?” He said, “Hmm, I like that, I like that a lot, you’ve never called me that before, finally kissing some peachy male ass then?”

   “I, I’ve always respected you”

   “You’ve just got your ear torn off by a fucking woman,” Murphy said, “you call that respect?”

It was intense to watch. It was a guessing game that I loved playing. I was thinking about all the grotesque ways this disgusting little man could die. All the ways Murphy

His boss

Could end his little insect of a life. 

   “You see that door,” Murphy said, “Shhh, have a listen”

It went quiet for some time and nothing was heard. 


The grunting started. The screams started. It all started to grab my mind and make me think of the worst.

Where were we?

Where had they 


Taken us? 

It was horrible to listen to and the little man that I now knew as X was shaking at the routes. 

   “I, I hear it,” he stuttered, now holding his ear, tears trickling

   Murphy smiled, “good, because unfortunately, your their next meal”

I got my wish. The way this poor excuse for a man’s life was going to end was going to be the worst way possible. Just the way I wanted it.

   He began to panic, “wait, no, no, this is all wrong, this is a joke right?!” 

   Murphy looked at him, “Yeah,” he said softly, “it’s a joke”

They all began to laugh

And then…


A mean look then crossed Murphy’s face and then a loud thud echoed as he cracked him right in the face with a hook. X collapsed and Murphy laughed once again.

   “Get rid of him,” he told, “I’ve never liked this little prick”

Two of his men grabbed X

Opened the door

And chucked him out.

I got a look out and saw a highway crammed with cars and the infected. X stood up wobbling at the knees and cried for his life.

   “Please!” He begged

   “Come any closer and I’ll shoot you down,” Murphy told

   “Please, I’ll do anything, please!”

   “Anything huh?” he asked


   “Let Rock fuck you up the ass!”

   Rock’s face wasn’t impressed, “really boss?”

   “Nothings gonna happen,” Murphy told, “I just wanna hear what his answer is”

His sick humour shone. He was an animal and didn’t give two fucks. His grin was evil as he teased X at the door.

   “They’re getting closer, you better make up your mind!”

   “Ok ok, I’ll do it!”

   “Good lad!” He said, “come on down contestant number one!”

He began to walk forward and then a sudden turn. Murphy pointed his gun and shot him straight in the knee and watched him fall. His scream was high as he collapsed in a heap. 

He held his knee


Screaming some more

Rolling left to right, left to right 

   “I told you not to come any fucking closer!”

   “We need to go soon, Murphy,” Rock told, “soon they’ll be too close to escape”

He nodded


And faced X once again

I knelt and faced the window once again and saw the infected

Some were now running towards him. Closing the distance.

   “Let’s go!” He shouted

   “Please, boss!” X begged, “Please!”

We began to move and he got up and hobbled after us for a long period. His face going from bad to worse. 

He then broke down until his energy was nothing but crushed dirt. 

They had caught him

And they tore him a part in the distance

   “Ouch,” Murphy said, “if you listen closely, you can just hear his tiny little girly screams”

I looked over at Mom. Both of us wanting nothing more than to kill all these bastards that were in front of us. 

Especially him

Especially Murphy

   “Where are we?” I asked

   “Haven’t you even tried looking out of the window?” He asked 

I glared at him and he came over. Staring a hole right through me. He raised his hand and wiped the blood off my mouth.

   “My wife’s a fan of that vampire shit, you know, Vampire Diaries?”

I shook my head

  He picked up the ear that X had dropped, “Every woman loves it, it’s how I look at the world, people, weak people… as vampires, because they suck every ounce of blood out of you”

   “Why haven’t you killed me yet?” I asked

   He sniggered, “because you’re too fun to have around, I like the company, can’t be doing with a sausage party all the time now can we, we need some pussy with the dogs”

He had a way with words 

I must admit 

The man was pretty darn sexy

But being the man he was and the picture he was in

Himself surround by a bunch of dead bodies that he had killed or probably ordered to be killed 

I was going to kill him

I wanted to kill him

I had to kill him

What he had done to myself and my still- hated- mother


I still hated her, but it’s the principle

He still did it

It doesn’t matter if you hate them or not, you wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. If it wasn’t for all of that. I would’ve thought the man was worth something in life. Too bad people turn into wild beasts from time to time. Especially in the middle of the world collapsing 

   “How about round four boys,” he said

  One loosened his trousers, “Good, I was getting kinda bored”

   “Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon,” he assured 

Again I wondered

Where the hell was this guy taking us…?

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